At the cemetery, Victor opens his arms and Nikki falls into them. Victor says he knows everything Sharon did while he was gone. Nikki says she's about to marry Tucker.

At the Club, Michael, Lauren, Neil, Abby, Kyle, Christine, and Katherine talk about Victor. Abby and Katherine get texts from Nikki to return to the chapel. Nearby, Danny tells Phyllis they need to talk. Daniel appears. Paul and Nina arrive. Phyllis smirks that Christine has had sex with every man there except Daniel. Lauren says she has too. Michael replies, "Great, honey." Phyllis isn't up for Danny's accusations and storms off.

Billy and Vikki spend time with John at home. Vikki cries.

In the church, Sharon and Tucker realize Genevieve and Nick are there. They say vows and are pronounced husband and wife. Victor's voice says, "Like hell you are." Nikki grins beside him. Nick gapes. Victoria and Billy arrive, stunned. Tucker realizes Sharon knew. Victor says Sharon is still his wife, though that will be rectified. Abby and Katherine arrive. Sharon tells Victor he used her, and was with another woman. Victor says she was a nun. He knows Tucker showed her the photo, adding that he paid someone to keep him away. Gen apologizes. Victor orders Sharon to move out of the ranch.

At Newman, Victor catches up with his family. Billy looks tense. Avery arrives and hugs Victor. Victor thanks Billy for being there before meeting the press.

At home, Chelsea and Adam see Victor's press conference on TV. Chelsea is upset that they weren't called. Adam says he's alive - that's all that matters.

At the Club, Michael hollers when he sees Victor on TV. Everyone gathers. Later, Danny apologizes to Paul for 'the kiss' all those years ago. Christine tells Danny she's glad he's there.

At the Abbott house, Jack tells Traci all about what an idiot he's been and all he's lost. Traci reminds him he has the love of his family, his son, and can walk again. Later, Abby arrives and tells Jack, Kyle, and Traci about Victor. They watch the press conference as Victor announces Sharon is out. Jack moans about share prices and tells them he had to sell Beauty of Nature to Tucker. Abby curses Tucker. Jack says Victor won again, but then realizes that he may be able to get the deal nullified.

At Crimson Lights, Neil tells Lily, Cane, and Devon about Tucker marrying Sharon. Devon says if Tucker wants to piss off the whole town, it's on him. Later, Tucker arrives. He tells Devon his marriage isn't happening. Katherine enters and tells them all what Tucker and Genevieve did to Victor. Tucker leaves. They watch the press conference. Everyone commiserates with Katherine about Tucker. She says he's the one who has to live with it.

Gloria tells Kevin at Gloworm, that she's setting up a wedding dinner for Sharon and Tucker. They see the press conference and Glo mutters that's why they haven't shown up. Billy appears and tells Kevin that Victor didn't expose him. Victoria and Nikki arrive and discuss Gen and Tucker. Vikki says no one crosses Dad and gets away with it. Kevin looks at Billy, who tells Vikki that he loves her and doesn't want to lose her.

At the ranch, Sharon gets a text from Abby. "Enjoying your total humiliation." She turns off the TV. When Victor arrives he shows her out. She smiles on the porch. Later, Nikki arrives. He says they belong together and kisses her.

After Phyllis has turned off the press conference, Nick arrives. She says Danny's back, and tells Nick she's happy for him.

In his office, Tucker yells at Genevieve, "I got sandbagged!" She says he deserved it. Sharon shows up and Tucker shuts the door in her face. He warns Gen that Victor won't be quick to forgive.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Paul asks Michael if there was a match to Sheila's handwriting.

Kevin implores Billy to tell his wife the truth. Vikki appears and says if he has a confession to make to just say it.

Sharon opens her door to Doris.

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