Vikki storms around her living room ranting about Sharon having her father cremated. She tells Billy she's a heartless wench.

Chelsea and Adam prepare for Victor's quickie memorial at home. Adam muses that Nick and Vikki will want to take Sharon out for this wham bam funeral.

Neil and Katherine greet Nikki at the Club. She says she was up all night remembering Victor, and gripes about getting Sharon's text about the memorial this morning. Katherine promises Sharon won't spoil his memory.

At Crimson Lights, Jack and Phyllis compare notes on getting Sharon's text this morning. Phyllis thinks she included her accidentally, but says she'll go to see the show. Nearby, Lauren comforts Michael, who cared about Victor. They wonder who checked Daisy out of Fairview - it certainly wasn't Sarah or Sheila. Avery appears. They all complain about the quick funeral.

Sharon greets Tucker at the ranch door. He has the paperwork she requested. Sharon grins that it will be a perfect day - she'll bury one husband and get a shiny new one!

At the funeral home, Nick angrily shouts for Sharon and then looks at the urn that supposedly holds Victor's cremated remains. Later, Abby arrives with Kyle and Jack comforts her. Vikki and Billy enter. Jack tells Kyle that he lost more than expected when Victor died. Billy and Nick regret that Sharon didn't give Ashley time to get back. Phyllis arrives. Nick thanks her for coming, an adds that Summer is with Fen outside and needs her. Phyllis heads out and passes Christine, Adam, and Chelsea arriving. Sharon enters with Tucker and smiles wide, thanking everyone for coming. Sharon's white dress sets everyone off. Katherine asks what's wrong with them. Sharon announces that they're getting married after. The service gets underway. Everyone whispers about Sharon throughout. Abby's sure even God thinks Sharon's a whore. Sharon gets up and talks about how great, powerful, and strong Victor was - she'll make it her life's mission to honor his legacy. When Nick gets up to speak, Sharon announces that it's time to go to the ceremony and bury Victor's ashes. She grabs the urn and stalks out! Jack, Avery, Kyle, Christine, and Neil hang back. Jack mutters, "Even I'm offended." In the front of the chapel, Adam confronts Tucker about choosing this as his wedding day. Tucker says marriage is how they keep all their money from going down the toilet. Chelsea asks Adam about going to the gravesite. He says no - today's a joke and he just heard the punchline.

At the cemetery, Sharon says she will always cherish Victor's kindness and then turns to go. Nikki sniffs that Victor deserves much more than a five minute funeral. Sharon shrugs that he'd want them all to move on. Nikki calls her gold-digging filth. Sharon goes and they wonder why Tucker wasn't by her side. Phyllis walks Summer and Fen out and Michael tells Nick he's sorry. They embrace. Abby, Nikki, Vikki, Billy, and Nick stay to speak about Victor. Abby reflects on not always being a great daughter - sometimes she was awful...and naked. Nick says it meant a lot that Victor told him he was a great father. Vikki regrets that they hurt each other. They all leave but Nikki.

Tucker lets Katherine into his office. He asks why she's not crying over the grave of the son she wishes she'd had. She asks what the hell kind of game he's playing and rants about this debacle. He avoids her grilling and tells her she's welcome to join them at the wedding.

At home, Jack pours a drink. Traci arrives. She's thrilled that he's walking and is sorry she missed the funeral. Jack says she's not. Traci notes it was the last piece of her baby. Jack tells Traci what he did, adding that he can't even blame Victor - even dead he's getting the last laugh.

At the Club, Katherine complains to Neil about Tucker being full of himself. Christine spots Phyllis and goes over to tell her Danny is disgusted by what she did. They trade insults. Katherine asks everyone to take a moment to bid Victor farewell properly. As she speaks, Danny arrives and stares at Phyllis.

Chelsea and Adam discuss Sharon's wedding at home. He assures her he's not jealous. He says the only thing that matters is the three of them.

At the church, Sharon readies for her wedding. Tucker appears. He says he can't make the same mistake Victor made and produces a pre-nup. She signs it and they begin. Nick arrives, and Genevieve appears.

At the cemetery, Nikki sobs at the grave that Victor was supposed to come back to her one more time. Suddenly, he appears.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Sharon and Tucker turn to look at Nick and Genevieve. "Let's have a wedding."

Devon tells Neil that if Tucker wants to marry Sharon and piss off the whole town, that's on him.

Katherine and Abby get texts from Nikki asking them to return to the chapel as soon as possible.

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