At the Club, Abby hears Nikki saying, "Victor are you there?" into the phone. Nikki confirms she was talking to her dad but was cut off. Abby is stunned to hear that Billy gave her a number to reach him.

In L.A., Victor's phone lies on the ground after the explosion. Billy and Genevieve talk frantically in the bar. An injured woman appears as Billy heads back outside. More injured come in, but Victor isn't among them. The bald man comes in and Gen points at him accusingly. Sister Celeste appears with a priest and tells Genevieve something - she begins to sob.

At the Club bar, Cane tells Jack the Newmans are holding a press conference - word is the siblings will back Sharon. Jack muses about collecting his fortune when the Black Knight returns. Jack spots Abby and Nikki, who says she just got off the phone with Victor. She leaves, and Abby tells Jack that Billy gave her a number for Victor. Tucker and Sharon enter. Jack calls his man to buy up every bit of Newman stock he can. Jack and Victor spar while Abby informs Sharon she won't be backing her at the press conference, but will cover it for Restless Style.

At home, Chelsea hears Adam on the phone trying to arrange another meeting with Cane. Kevin arrives and says it's not true they've come to an agreement on Tag 'n' Grab. Kevin and Adam bicker about what it means to be partners. Adam's had enough of his whining. Kevin won't give in to his bullying. Adam wants control over all business decisions or he'll leave. When Cane arrives, Kevin informs him that this will be Adam's call, and he has an idea for software. They strike a deal. Cane goes, and Kevin tells Adam that was vintage Victor. He wonders why he didn't go out to L.A. to look for him. Adam asks how he knows he's in L.A.

In Tucker's bed, Sharon flashes to seeing the photo of Victor. She tells Tucker she's amused at the idea of Nick and Victoria being forced to back her. Tucker suggests they might double-cross her. Sharon isn't worried at all. She says the stock price will start going up which is good for everyone. Tucker sneaks off to phone Sofia and tell her this is just a temporary blip. Sharon and Tucker kiss and she thanks him sincerely, saying her friend Drucilla died and it means a lot to have someone she can count on.

At Newman, Vikki and Nick fret over backing Sharon. Nikki arrives with the news about talking to Victor on the phone. Nick and Victoria reject her idea of announcing it at the press conference. Vikki is shocked when Nikki says Billy gave her Victor's number. Vikki leaves Billy several messages. Abby arrives talking about publicly humiliating Sharon now that they've heard from Dad. Nick and Vikki tell her it's going ahead as planned. Nikki wanders into the corridor and Sharon mocks her. Nikki counters that Victor will come home and wipe that smug look off her face. Sharon shows her the photo of Victor and Celeste. The presser begins and Nick announces that they support Sharon.

Cane and Jack watch the press conference at the Club bar. Jack muses that Nikki's head looks ready to explode. He says it's a bad day for the Newmans but a great day for Jackie Boy.

Chelsea joins Kevin and Adam in the living room and turns on the press conference. Adam says they're all pathetic. Kevin mocks Adam and goes. Adam, looking choked up, tells Chelsea that Kevin's right. "I don't care about my father."

Back at the press conference, Nikki drops the bomb that she spoke to Victor earlier. Billy arrives and tells everyone that Victor's dead. He says he died in an explosion at the harbor in Los Angeles. Nikki and Vikki breakdown. Tucker whispers to Sharon that she has to stake her claim right now. Sharon chokes out that the company will carry on Victor's legacy. Nikki glares. Tucker steps away to order stock bought up. Sharon gets word that she'll have to identify Victor's body. Nikki goes ballistic. Once Vikki and Billy are alone she grills him - when did you find him?

Kevin returns to Adam's house and turns on the television. "Victor Newman is dead." Adam digests the news as Kevin apologizes for what he said earlier. He goes. Adam tells Chelsea he doesn't know what to do.

At the Club, Jack is suddenly in financial trouble - if he unloads every stock he bought it won't cover what he owes. He curses Victor.

In L.A., Celeste takes Gen to a house where Victor is in the bedroom injured. Celeste says the explosion was meant to kill him - she needs her to nurse him. Victor says, "You're not a nurse. You're Genevieve."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jack tells Tucker he's not liquid enough to make his margin call. He needs cash fast.

Vikki asks Billy, "Why didn't you tell me?" Billy says he was trying to work everything out.

In the morgue, the man tells Sharon there's no rush, they can wait for the rest of her family.

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