Jack admits to Abby in the Club that he wishes Victor would come back. She comments on his risky stock strategy. Jack assures her he knows what he's doing. He's confident Victor will return. Abby says he often does the opposite of what people expect. Nearby, Sharon tells Tucker she wants to celebrate Nick and Vikki caving in. Adam appears. She tells him how Nick and Victoria have agreed to support her publicly. Tucker steps away. Adam asks what makes her think he'll go along with this. Sharon doesn't think he has a choice. Adam says she's put her ego ahead of the company and wonders what everyone would think of her cheating on her husband while voting his proxy. She asks him not to side with Vikki and Nick against her. He says she's her own worst enemy, and goes. Tucker returns. Sharon wants to leave.

At Newman, Nick and Vikki discussing lying to the press and try to write a statement in support of Sharon. Nikki overhears and angrily confronts them. Vikki explains they're trying to buy time. Nick tells Nikki she'll have to be part of the show. Nikki is aghast, but eventually agrees.

In the L.A. bar, Victor's nemesis is on the phone plotting. After, he tells Victor to go to warehouse five later. Meanwhile, Gen takes a call from Tucker who wants her to take a picture of Victor on her phone. Gen tries to stop Victor from leaving until Billy returns.

At Fairview, Daisy describes the video of Ricky killing Rachel to Paul. Paul tears up. She tells him it was on Ricky's laptop. Daisy says if he can get her out, she'll testify.

In the interrogation room, Michael debates with Christine about Ronan. Michael says she may want his head too - he invites Lauren in and she spills the truth about the gun. Michael tells her Paul doesn't want to use the information. Christine curses about the ethics around there, and says they need to use this. Paul appears and says they don't - he's got all the evidence he needs. Paul fills them in about Daisy. Lauren doesn't think anyone will believe her. Paul tells them why she took the pills, and that she saw the video of Ricky killing Rachel. Michael arranges for a court order to question Daisy.

At the Club, Jack tells Nikki their divorce should be final any day. She's distracted, and says she's got a terrible feeling about Victor. Jack calls Billy and tells him he's worried Nikki might drink if Victor doesn't turn up. Billy tells him to put Nikki on. She takes the phone and Billy tells her not to ask anything, but he'll text a number and Victor might answer it. Nikki steps away and calls the number.

At Tucker's place, Sharon worries that Adam will tell Nick and Vikki about them. Tucker shrugs that it's his word against theirs. Sharon is suddenly full of doubts about what she's doing. Tucker shows her a photo of Victor hugging Sister Celeste. "This is what your husband's been up to." Sharon muses that he's certainly not pining over her. She's more determined than ever to takeover Newman. Tucker tells Sharon how amazing she is and they have sex.

At Newman, Adam and Abby join Nick and Victoria, who explain about the family supporting Sharon to help the company. Abby's outraged. Adam says Sharon is doing this as a big 'screw you' to all of them - it's personal. Abby says he's right - she won't lie. Adam mocks how they call on him in a moment of crisis, but says he'll consider their proposal.

Paul, Christine, Lauren, and Michael arrive at Fairview. They find Daisy's room empty. The nurse tells them Daisy's mother checked her out.

Back in L.A., Gen tells Billy the bald guy is plotting against Victor. Billy puts him in a choke hold until he tells him where 'Christian' is at. Down at warehouse five, Victor answers Nikki's call and listens. He says her name. Back at the bar, Billy runs outside as an explosion occurs.

Still in the Club, Nikki calls Victor's name into the phone.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Abby appears in the Club and asks Nikki, "Were you talking to Dad?" Nikki says, "Oh, Abby, yes."

Chelsea asks Adam if he and Kevin came to an agreement about Tag 'n' Grab. Kevin appears and says no.

Sharon says to Tucker, "No one's going to take anything away from me anymore. I'm going to see to it."

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