Heather joins Michael in the interrogation room and tells him she'll prosecute Phyllis and get a conviction, but her father is innocent and she hopes they find evidence to prove it.

At the Club, Paul tells Christine that Daisy may be his only defense - his whole life might depend on what happens in that hospital. Heather arrives and tells Christine that Phyllis' trial date's been moved up. She wishes there was a witness that saw her behind the wheel. She tells Chris about Ronan being Phyllis' alibi for the night Tim died.

Sharon wakes up in Tucker's bed to a radio report that Newman stock has hit a new low. Tucker assures her she just has to prove herself and things will improve. She toys with the idea of forcing Nick and Vikki to quit, but then decides against it. Tucker tells her if it was Victor, he'd call a press conference and make them sing his praises. Later, Sofia warns Tucker again when he orders her to buy more stock. Tucker tells her Sharon is asking Nick and Vikki to back her - they'll freak out. He tells Sofia to watch those shares and buy.

At Newman, Nick and Victoria worry about reassuring investors. They wish Victor would walk through the door.

Billy is reading Genevieve the riot act in L.A. when Victor enters the bar. The dockworker who ratted on Victor chats with him at the dart board. Billy and Gen bicker about telling Victor his real identity. She fills him in about the dockworkers' situation and Victor's plan. Victor wanders over. Billy tells him he's a journalist and offers to help with his expose. Victor refuses his help. Billy tells Gen he'll get Victor's trust. He gives Victor a smartphone and instructions to use it. Victor's suspicious. Gen tells Billy it was clever. The rat approaches Victor and tells him a guy wants to talk - he should meet him by warehouse five. He then calls someone and says, "He took the bait." Billy notices Victor's gone.

Phyllis runs into Ronan at Crimson Lights. He asks how she's holding up. She says just when she thinks it can't get worse, it does. Nick and Victoria arrive inside, discussing Sharon. Vikki notes he was married to her - what's up with his choice in women. On the patio, Phyllis tells Ronan that Summer moved out with Nick - it's karma according to Christine. Vikki and Nick appear. Phyllis stammers. Nick thanks Ronan for dealing with Summer the other day. Phyllis says it's on her and she'll make it right.

Michael visits Phyllis at home and tells her the trial date's being moved up. They bicker about whether she should cut a deal. He says the people who love her will understand. She asks what about the people who hate her. "Will you dance on my grave?" Michael urges her to tell Leslie everything so she can build a competent case. Later, Leslie arrives and Phyllis tells her all about the hit-and-run and admits Ronan gave her an alibi because he knows she didn't kill Tim.

At Fairview, Paul visits Patty, who throws herself into his arms. Paul talks to a doctor about adjusting her protocol at the prison. Paul tells Patty that Ricky died and it's his fault. He explains that Daisy can help him, but they won't let him in her room. Patty suggests they draw pictures of kitties. Paul is about to give up, but Patty causes a disturbance which allows him to sneak off to Daisy's room. Paul wakes Daisy up. She says, "Paul? Thank god you're here." Daisy tells him Ricky tried to kill her the night of the art gala an she was afraid so she hitched a ride to a rest stop and cut her hair. Then she saw Fairview and made up a name and story. She says Ricky wanted her dead because she saw the video of him killing his girlfriend.

Nick and Victoria return to Newman to find Sharon there saying it was nice of them to show up. She blames all the problems on them, saying they need to help her clean up the mess. She challenges them to prove they care about Newman by backing her at a press conference. Nick says the only way to get the stock price up is for her to step down. Sharon tells them to suck it up - she won't let them destroy her company! Nick and Vikki walk out.

Christine confronts Ronan in the interrogation room about sleeping with Phyllis. Ronan says he wasn't thinking. Christine says he screwed up, but the biggest thing is who he screwed up with. Michael joins them. Christine rants that she wants Ronan debriefed and taken off the case. Ronan shouts that it's not her house. Christine says he'll be lucky to keep his job with the FBI. Ronan walks out.

Sharon returns to Tucker's office and tells him jubilantly that Nick and Victoria caved and backed her - and it's all thanks to him! Tucker looks horrified.

At Newman, Nick and Vikki discuss backing Sharon. Nick says Sharon will get hers when Victor returns.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Paul asks Daisy if she'd be willing to testify to what she saw.

Nick tells Nikki that Sharon demanded the family put on a show, and she meant all of the Newmans. Nikki gapes.

Billy puts the shady dockworker in a choke hold. He tells him it's all going down at warehouse five, but he's too late.

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