At Crimson Lights, Billy tells Vikki his producer just gave him trouble because Restless Style TV's not popping in the ratings. Vikki asks him to talk them into doing an expose on Sharon. He agrees to work on it. Nick appears and says the stock's still dropping. They talk about Jack and Tucker cashing in. Vikki says Tucker may not be reporting his purchases. Nick gets a call - Sharon wants them in her office.

At the bar in L.A., Genevieve tells Sister Celeste she hasn't heard from Christian. Tucker calls and tells her the stock is bottoming out, it shouldn't be much longer. She hangs up. Sister Celeste tells Gen that Christian left to keep her from being bothered. Gen assures her he can look after himself. Billy calls, and Gen tells him Victor left last night and still doesn't know who he is. Billy's upset. She tells Billy if he's upset to end it by telling what he knows.

Phyllis finds Kevin brooding at Jimmy's. They commiserate about their problems. Phyllis is concerned that he confessed to Chloe about the Tim situation. They talk about Daisy. Kevin's offended that she's relieved Daisy is in a coma. The bicker and he tells her to shut up about it.

Paul hugs Christine in the Club. Avery says her timing is perfect. Christine tells them she'll do what she can to get them into Fairview, but her call is fruitless. Avery says someone might be willing to go in for them. Christine calls Kevin. He agrees to text after he sees her. Avery leaves. Chris asks Paul if he still feels he needs to be punished. Paul says he has guilt, but he's helping with his defense. Christine excuses herself and runs into Phyllis leaving a message for Summer that she misses her. Christine gloats that karma is finally getting her. Phyllis calls her a stone cold bitch. They sling insults. Paul appears and tries to diffuse things. Christine promises to finish this in court.

At Newman, Sharon informs Nick and Victoria she will no longer be needing their services. They tell her she can't dismiss them without the board's approval. Vikki says they're not going anywhere. Sharon warns she'll watch their every move. Vikki suggests she watch her new best friend Tucker. Nick says they suspect he's secretly buying stock. Sharon accuses them of playing mind games. Nick tells Sharon he and the girls are moving back to the ranch. Sharon wonders if he's planning to spy on her. Vikki tells her to get a grip.

In Tucker's office, Sofia warns he has to start reporting his purchases - people are getting suspicious. Tucker doesn't want to tip his hand yet. Sofia says he's gambling. Tucker calls it a calculated risk. After, he calls Genevieve to get the latest on Victor, who walks through the door of the bar just then. Gen hangs up. Sharon arrives and Tucker moves to kiss her. She says that's not why she's there. Sharon asks him if he's been buying up Newman stock. Tucker admits it, shrugging that it's a good investment - the stock will bounce back with her at the helm. She apologizes and they hug.

Billy joins Kevin at Jimmy's. Kevin tells him about Daisy and warns it better not end up on Restless Style. Billy tells him to relax and they discuss Victor. Billy admits he's alive - he's seen him. He tells Kevin he left him in L.A. with amnesia. Kevin is upset about getting dragged into another secret and tells him he knows what he has to do.Billy sighs - he has to find Victor and bring him home. Later, Vikki arrives. Billy says he has to go back to L.A.

Kevin visits Daisy in Fairview and says he's glad to see her and hates that she's in there. He says there are questions about Ricky and why she ran, but it doesn't matter right now. He wants them to be brother and sister when she wakes up - he won't walk away. Daisy starts waking up.

Genevieve greets 'Christian' in the bar. He says he's going back to work, but won't protest anymore. After the nun leaves, Gen asks why he really came back. He says he'll fight the bastards on his own.

Avery arrives at Newman where Nick is frustrated about Sharon having to sign off on work. He says they warned her about Tucker and he and Vikki will contact the SEC. He thanks Avery for sticking her neck out to help them. She says she's working for Victor. Nick tells her he and Summer moved out.

Kevin arrives at the Club and tells Paul and Christine that Daisy woke up for a moment, but the staff wouldn't tell him anything she said earlier about Ricky. He says he's decided not to question her and wants them to back off. Paul tells Chris that Daisy is key to his defense - he has an idea.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Phyllis tells Ronan she thought he was walking away. He replies that he's a slow walker.

Paul tells Christine his whole life might depend on what happens in that hospital.

Billy informs Genevieve that if he wants to tell him he's Victor, he'll tell him he's Victor.

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