At the penthouse, Nick tells Phyllis he's moving back to the ranch - he just has to tell Summer. Phyllis says she and Summer need him. Nick brings up Ronan and the lies. Michael and Lauren arrive. Phyllis assumes it's about Summer and Fen, but Michael tells them Daisy is alive. He explains she was a patient at Fairview and is now in a coma due to an overdose.

At Jimmy's, Adam and Kevin debate doing a deal with Jabot. Adam thinks they should do it, but Kevin doesn't want to set a precedent by linking to Jabot's website. Cane arrives. Adam asks for Jabot to link back to Tag 'n' Grab, but Cane refuses. Kevin says they get mutual links or no deal. He gets a call and leaves. Adam tells Cane they may be able to come to an agreement.

Chloe sits on the patio with Bobby. Chelsea appears and tells her the dog's peeing on her bag. Lily joins them and Chloe spills about Chelsea's pregnancy which causes tension. When Lily notes that Adam makes Chelsea happy, Chloe implies it's because he's rich. Lily reminds Chloe people said that about her when she was with Chance. Chelsea smirks that she's not the maid's daughter trying to marry upstairs, and leaves.

In a booth at Crimson Lights, Paul nods off and dreams Daisy is there. He asks her to let Michael know he was telling the truth about Ricky. Avery arrives and wakes him. They discuss Daisy and Fairview. She suggests they get a subpoena. Later, Nick and Summer enter and sit down. He confirms he's moving out, but doesn't want Summer to be angry with Phyllis. Summer asks to live with him. He agrees.

At Daniel's place, he and Heather joke about their sneaking around. They make love, and then discuss their situation and Lucy. Daniel says Daisy was a good mom, and Lucy will need a woman in her life. Heather smiles at him thinking that far in the future. He says he's crazy about her. Heather gets a call to meet Paul and promises to return. Michael, Phyllis, and Kevin arrive and tell Daniel that Daisy's alive and in a coma. Daniel wants to see her. Michael phones to get permission. They leave.

Paul and Avery arrive at the Club. Lauren grabs Avery and they discuss Daisy helping Paul. Avery says she has to convince a jury the shooting wasn't premeditated. Paul asks Heather to get him into Fairview. She says she'll try. Heather calls and learns Daniel's on his way there to see Daisy. Paul joins Avery and Lauren at a table. Lauren tells him he never would have shot Ricky if it wasn't for her. She confesses to Avery that the gun was hers and spills the whole story of how he came to have it. Paul protests. Lauren insists she's coming forward.

Kevin returns to Jimmy's Bar to find Adam has signed Tag 'n' Grab to a deal with Jabot. Kevin tells Cane the deal is off. Cane lets them bicker. Adam tells Kevin if it weren't for him he'd be tagging and grabbing by himself in a back room by himself. Chelsea, Lily, and Chloe arrive. Kevin snaps at Chloe. Adam tells Chelsea that child will tank this venture. Lily and Cane discuss the animosity. Adam suggests a united front to Kevin, who refuses. Cane tells them Jabot can't do business like this. Adam tells Kevin he's going to kill the site. Chloe tells Kevin he made fools of all of them. Kevin tells her about Daisy. She's furious that he's only telling her now. She leaves. Lily and Cane smirk about not being the ones with the drama for once. They kiss.

At the hospital, Phyllis waits with Michael while Daniel joins Daisy, who is still in a coma. He tells her that Lucy misses her and that if she wakes up, she'll be part of her life. Daniel exits. Phyllis says Michael left.

Michael returns to the Club after a 911 text from Paul. Lauren tells him she told Avery about the gun and she's not sorry. Paul, meanwhile, refuses to let Avery use the information - he just wants to get into Fairview. Christine appears, "I might be able to help."

At Daniel's apartment, he tells Heather the news about Daisy doesn't have to change things. She tells him he has to stop thinking about her. They kiss. She leaves crying.

Phyllis arrives home to find Summer moving out with Nick. Phyllis tells Summer she doesn't have to go. Summer tells her she did this to herself. Nick agrees. They leave.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Christine tells Paul they're not budging on letting them have access to Daisy. Avery says there is one person who might be willing to go in for them.

Genevieve tells Billy over the phone that Victor left last night. Billy asks if he's coming home.

Vikki tells Sharon that Tucker McCall is a corporate shark. Nick asks Sharon if he's supporting her or out for himself.

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