At Newman, Sharon tells Victoria and Nick her evaluation didn't take three days because there's nothing wrong. She tells Vikki to pack up her personal things - the judge will soon put her back in charge. Nick and Vikki say there's a gap between not needing to be in a mental hospital and running a major corporation. Sharon thinks they need evaluating. Avery arrives and says they need to go to the courthouse for the judge's ruling. She informs Nick and Vikki won't be allowed in because it deals with Sharon's medical records. Once alone, Nick and Victoria speculate about Sharon. Nick thinks if this doesn't bring Victor back, nothing will.

Ronan tells Michael, at the station, that he just got confirmation Daisy's alive - she's been in a mental hospital pretending to be a headcase. Michael says it changes everything for Paul. Michael gets on the phone and learns Daisy took a bunch of pills, but she's in a coma. They're hoping she will corroborate that Ricky was a threat to her and Eden.

At the Club, Nikki confides in Billy that she is worried Victor is in serious trouble - though she hasn't shared that with Victoria. Billy is about to tell her something when Jack appears. Billy tells her he'll pass along her idea to his producers. She thanks him and leaves. Billy tells Jack she wants to set up a tip line. Jack hopes he was blowing her off. Billy gets a call that the judge is ruling on Sharon, and takes off. Jack is about to call his broker, but Nikki reappears. She wants to change his mind about the divorce. Jack says he's wasted enough of his time. They bicker about her devotion to Victor. Jack doesn't want a front row seat to this show - he knows how it ends.

In Los Angeles, Genevieve calls Tucker and says she really feels it's time to bring Victor home. She covers the phone and tries to convince Victor to take time to heal, but he insists on going to his shift. Back on the phone, Gen tells Tucker that Victor was beaten up. Tucker isn't concerned. He says the stock prices will go over a cliff if Sharon is reinstated - then they can bring back Victor and enjoy a payday. While they're on the phone, Tucker gets his final divorce decree. Later, Victor returns and with Sister Celeste. He tells Gen a forklift nearly took her out when she was bringing him food, and it was no accident. Gen tells 'Christian' this isn't worth it - he doesn't have the right to risk the nun's life too.

At Crimson Lights, Tucker leaves Ashley a message about receiving their divorce decree. His phone rings. He looks at the caller ID and sighs - it's Sharon saying she's on her way to court. He reassures her and hangs up. Devon appears and asks if he's alright. Tucker shows him the divorce decree. He says it was crazy to think he could be anybody's husband. Devon knows he regrets what happened. He's sorry for the way things worked out with him and Ashley. Tucker muses that he over-promised and under-delivered. Devon suggests they do something together. Tucker chuckles and takes a raincheck. Devon hugs him. Tucker takes a call from Sharon and asks what the judge said.

At Jimmy's Bar, a man tells Paul that no one would buy him as a killer. Nina tells Paul people believe in him. Paul says it won't make any difference given Ricky's recording. Michael and Ronan arrive and ask Paul what Ricky that lead him to believe he killed Daisy - because she's alive. They fill him and Nina in on Daisy overdosing in Fairview. Paul insists Ricky told him he took care of Daisy - he wouldn't lie to justify shooting him. Nina thinks Daisy will confirm she was afraid for her life when she wakes up. Michael says, "We'll see." Paul tells Nina they have to get to Fairview - Daisy may have confided in someone.

Nina approaches Ronan at the station and begs him not to stop doing his job. He promises he hasn't made any judgements. She says Ricky deliberately set out to mislead him on this one and urges him to trust his gut. He nods and says Paul's lucky to have her in his corner. Nina likes to think he's in Paul's corner too - she asks him to put his stubborn streak to good use on this case. "Deal." As she leaves, Michael appears. They agree they're missing something obvious - maybe Daisy can tell them.

Billy arrives at Newman and tells Vikki that her father humiliated Sharon, now she's out to prove something - he understands how being pissed off at Victor can push someone over the edge. Vikki says Billy has more right to be angry with her dad than anyone, but he doesn't lash out and let it change him. In the corridor, Nikki arrives and confers with Nick, who admits he's kind of hoping Sharon wins this round for the kids' sake. The ruling comes in via Avery on speakerphone - Sharon's back in as CEO. Nikki wishes they could find Victor. Billy steps out and calls Gen. He tells her about the ruling and says he wishes he'd never found Victor. Sharon returns with Avery and starts putting Vikki's things in the wastebasket - she's got work to do.

At the Club bar, Jack gets the ruling and muses that the market still hasn't closed. Jack looks at the stock price on his phone. "And down it goes."

At Fairview, Paul tells an orderly he's an investigator and questions him about Daisy. The man says he could lose his job.

In the L.A. bar, Genevieve calls Tucker and tells him greed is clouding his judgment. He says she'll feel better when she gets her cut. She hangs up and 'Christian' tells her he's going to move on. Gen tells him to take care.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young And The Restless:

Heather asks Daniel, "You're thinking that far in the future?" He replies, "I'm kinda crazy about you."

Nick tells Summer he loves her. She says, "You're moving out aren't you."

Lauren says to Paul, "You never would have shot your son if it weren't for me." Avery asks, "What are you talking about?"

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