Phyllis is not amused when Ronan brings Summer and her bottle of booze home. The young lady declares she's going to see her dad and storms out. Phyllis thinks her daughter hates her. She tells the cop that what they had was just lust, not love. He's not so sure. She guesses he wants to protect her and be with her. Phyllis suggests he wants to blackmail her for sex. That upsets him.

Nikki runs into Nick at the club. He's on his way to pound on something in the gym. She guesses this is about Ronan. He tells her things aren't great. They rehash the Sharon story and then have coffee. She's sure something terrible will happen to Victor. He's sure this is all no big deal.

Heather drops in to see Daniel and the baby. She starts telling him the latest about his mom when Summer bursts in to say that Phyllis has been cheating on her dad with Ronan.

Billy drops into Victoria's office at Newman. He sends Genevieve a little text to catch up on the moustache. She worries about her dad. He's reassuring. She sends him off to the club when her brother arrives. They recap the Phyllis situation. He says his wife doesn't trust him because her dad is a jackass. Victoria says even forgiveness has its limits. Phyllis calls Nick to tell him what happened with Summer. His daughter arrives moments later and insists that what happened with the booze was no big deal. He reminds her that alcohol is responsible for Cassie's death.

Billy and Vikki join Nikki at the club to catch up. Victoria says that Billy is her rock. After Vikki leaves, Nikki begs Billy to help her find Victor.

In the bar, some dude warns Victor that people who cause trouble get hurt. Gen and the nun remind Victor of the hopeless situation of the workers. He starts talking about safety laws but he doesn't know how he knows all of the legal ins and outs. The nun warns him that nothing will happen if no one files a complaint. He'll do it. The dude hears this and makes a call. Moments later, he drags Victor back into the bar, a bloody mess. The sister wonders what's up with that. Gen wants to take him to the hospital, but he's not ready to face the cops when he doesn't even know who he is. They ice his injured hand. Sister Celeste suggests that he move on. A nun offers to send him up north but he wants to stay and fight.

At the mental hospital, the doctor tells Sharon he's not ready to let her go. Daisy runs in and demands that Sharon confirm her identity. Sharon does but the doctor leaves anyway. He comes back a few minutes later, sends Daisy away and begins questioning Sharon about her husband. The shrink goes down the hall to chat to Daisy. He admits it might take two weeks before they can let her out. She heads to Sharon's room. Sharon is chewing her fingers and says her 72 hours will be up soon. Daisy asks her to tell Daniel she's there. Sharon shrugs and kicks her out. In the hall, she overhears how a patient escaped when sent to Genoa City memorial. Daisy goes to her room and downs all of the pills she's been saving.

Daniel goes to see his mom. She's hugging Ronan in thanks for his help. The cop heads out. Daniel asks his mom if she is in self-destruct mode. He lectures her until Nick and Summer arrive. After Daniel hears what his sister did, he shakes his head and walks out. Nick declares that Summer is 'beyond grounded' and sends her to her room. Phyllis is glad they are dealing with this together. Nick doesn't feel the same way and accuses her of being a lousy example. She says she's just protecting her daughter. He thinks fear dictates her entire life. "You're always so disappointed in me!" she blurts out. He walks out. Phyllis goes back to lecturing her daughter. She breaks the news that Nick is going away. Summer will never forgive her for that.

Nick meets his sister at the office. She thinks he could use a break. Sharon stomps in. "I'm back!" she declares.

Daniel goes home and vents to Heather about his sister. She gives him a massage. They suck face, unzip and jump into bed. After sex, she tells him he was 'pretty good' at that. He feels sane when they are together.

At Crimson Lights, Ronan gets a call about where Daisy is.

Genoa City Spoilers for Monday on The Young and the Restless:

"Victor isn't safe here. I think it's time to bring him home," Gen tells Tucker.

"The judge is ready to announce his ruling," Avery announces to Sharon and the others.

"I think we should talk about the divorce," Nikki tells Jack.

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