On the patio at Crimson Lights, Ronan tells Nick he thought what he and Phyllis had was just sex, but it's more - she's the one who finally got to him. Ronan taunts Nick about being squeaky clean and not being able to step up. Nick says it's not over.

At the penthouse, Phyllis asks Summer how she heard she was having an affair. Summer counters that she's not denying it - it must be true. Phyllis says it's complicated. Summer squeaks and tells her Fen heard his dad talking about it. She says she wishes she never married dad again. Phyllis says Nick understands. Summer runs into the hall. Nick appears. She hollers that mom's ruined their family again. Nick enters. Phyllis tells him Summer found out because of Michael. Nick says it's her lies that have done this to their daughter. Phyllis says it was actually Ronan's lie and she couldn't make Summer an accessory. Nick's exasperated. He complains that Ronan told him he's totally in love with her. He decides to go to the ranch and says not to expect hm back tomorrow.

Billy stops in on Vikki at work. She tells him she just learned that Sharon isn't the only person she needs to be concerned about. Billy thinks she can fend up any vulture. Vikki says it's her vulture-in-law. Billy realizes it's Jack. Vikki says he loaded up on stock and may be planning a hostile takeover. They flirt with the idea of sex in the boardroom. Vikki says she'll miss this when Victor returns and she has to step down.

In Fairview, Sharon has a nightmare about her baby and bangs on the door to get out. The doctor comes and she describes her panic, saying she's fine now, but is worried it will make him lock her away. He says there'll be no snap judgements based on one bad dream. Sharon tells him he'll tell the judge she's completely sane, saying there is no basis for the claims against her.

Tucker and Sofia discuss Sharon at the Club. Tucker doesn't know what's going on with her and is worried how she'll come out of it. Sofia asks what he's hoping for. He wants her to be sane enough to pass the muster so the stocks will dive again. Tucker takes a call from Gen, who wonders how long this has to go on. He's not paying her to have a conscience. Nearby, Nikki tells Katherine she doesn't understand Victor staying away like this. Jack passes and suggests Victor's with another woman. They mention how great that he's walking with a cane, and Nikki says she doesn't buy Victor being with a woman. Jack says Genevieve's also disappeared. He then goes to Tucker's table to talk about the popularity of Newman stock. Tucker and Sofia marvel at him walking. Jack boasts about buying up shares and comments on Sharon being forced back into Fairview - pretty traumatic for her. Meanwhile, Nikki spots Ronan and asks him about Victor going missing. He says he has to go hit a punching bag. Kay tells Nikki she's got Gen's cellphone number. Later, Kay stops Tucker at the door and tells him she wishes there was a way Nikki could be assured Victor's alive and well.

Genevieve, waitressing at the bar in L.A., asks Victor if he still thinks she's up to something. She insists Sister Celeste is sensing her keeping her guard up because she hasn't had an easy life. Gen says he admires him standing up for the workers. Victor tells her he has a strange feeling someone is waiting for him. Gen suggests maybe this is all part of a much larger plan. Genevieve leaves her phone on Victor's table after making change. It rings when Nikki calls it - Victor peers at the phone. Gen grabs it and says it's an annoying friend. Later, Victor gives the pep talk about not giving up - they need to hire a lawyer. Gen's impressed. A guy steps out and reports to someone what 'Christian' is telling the guys. He says, "Okay. I'll deliver the message." He goes back inside and tells Victor if he doesn't stop causing trouble, someone's going to get hurt.

Summer complains about her mother to Fen in Crimson Lights. She says if her parents can do as they like, so can she. "Come on!" Later, Phyllis has a showdown with Billy at the counter over him possibly using Summer's name on his show. On the patio, Summer convinces Fen to try putting alcohol in their drinks. Ronan stops them. She says she's drinking because he's doing it with her mom!

Jack pays Vikki a visit at Newman. She asks what his intentions are in buying stock. Jack warns that one of her board members has amassed a lot of stock without notifying the proper authorities - McCall. He admits he has no proof, but advises her to keep a close eye on things. Later, Nick arrives and tells Vikki he's had enough of the situation with Phyllis and is worried about his kids - especially Summer.

Phyllis answers her door to Ronan, who has Summer with him. He says she's lucky he's not arresting her.

Billy and Jack discuss his Newman share purchase at the Abbott house. Jack says when Victor comes back, stocks will soar. Billy wonders what if he doesn't return. Jack says he always comes back.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Sharon tells the doctor, "I think that is Daisy Carter." Daisy says, "Daisy Carter Romalotti."

Ronan asks Phyllis if she's okay. She yells, "No I'm not! What the hell did you tell my husband?"

Nick says to Vikki, "How many times can a guy get kicked in the teeth before he's had enough?"

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