In Michael's office he and Ronan argue about the night of Tim's death. Ronan says Beth's a flake. Michael says everything points to Phyllis and Kevin being involved and says Beth's planning to give an interview saying the D.A.'s office is involved in a cover-up. Ronan exits as Avery arrives. Michael tells her he can't argue about Paul's case right now and fills her in on Phyllis. She says Nick didn't mention an affair to her. Fen appears looking for cash, and then leaves. Michael tells Avery he can't believe Ronan's claims.

Kyle joins Eden at Crimson Lights and Chloe and Kevin enter with a photo of their new pooch, Bobby. Eden says she's addicted to Tag 'n' Grab. Kevin remembers he needs to check in with Phyllis and goes. Kyle and Eden tease Chloe about her perfect life before leaving.

At the penthouse, Summer notices some tension between Phyllis and Nick. Nick says he's just tired. Summer leaves. Nick tells Phyllis he doesn't think she's sleeping with Ronan, but he can't understand him doing all this for another man's wife. Phyllis can't speak for Ronan. Kevin arrives. Nick tells him he knows he helped Phyllis move Tim's body - he's sorry he got dragged into it. Once alone, Kevin complains about having to hide this from Chloe. Phyllis says it's horrible that Nick knows, and fills him in on Ronan's cover story. Kevin tells her Beth fingered him, causing Phyllis to worry that Michael's closing in.

At Tim's building, Beth gleefully accepts a package that appears to be from Tim. At the Club, Ronan gets confirmation by phone that she's received the package.

Summer joins Chloe at Crimson Lights and Nick arrives. Chloe ask him if Kevin got a hold of Phyllis. He says they're together now. Nick is sitting with Summer on the patio when Fen arrives. Nick offers to get them concert tickets. Fen is surprised he's okay with them hanging out considering his dad is D.A. Nick says he's okay with it. After, Fen grills Summer about her home life. She wonders why. Fen admits he overheard that her mother had an affair with Ronan. Summer takes off.

Ronan joins Phyllis and Kevin at the penthouse to tell them Beth just received a plane ticket and money she believes Tim set-up for her before he died. Phyllis says she owes him again. Kevin gets a call from Michael demanding his presence at the station. Ronan advises Kevin to deny everything. Kevin worries that Michael can read him.

At the Abbott house, Kyle tells Eden that he and Jack are friction-free when they avoid talking about Nikki or his mom. Kyle asks about her family. She says River is on the run, but he was good growing up. Kyle says his mom was too. Eden says her mom's gone too. She doesn't know what she'd do if her dad came back. Kyle admits he told Jack he'd like to be closer. Eden's glad. They kiss.

At the station, Michael tries to guilt Kevin into coming clean. Kevin insists there's nothing else and says he has to go home, but he appreciates him looking out for him. Later, Nick sits across from Michael. Nick doesn't want to discuss Phyllis or Ronan. They agree they hate every second of this.

Still at the penthouse, Phyllis gets an update from Kevin and Ronan asks about Nick. She asks why he's doing this for her. Ronan says she didn't kill Tim. Phyllis says Nick thinks there's more - he's risking a lot. Ronan says only if he loses, and goes. Avery arrives. She just saw Ronan leaving and grills Phyllis about her alleged affair. "What are you doing to Nick?" Phyllis says her marriage is none of her business. Avery warns if there's a cover-up Michael will expose it. Phyllis thinks she should be supportive and orders her out. Later, Summer burst in demanding to know if Phyllis is cheating on her dad.

Kevin arrives home and tells Chloe he hasn't been honest with her. He says he helped Phyllis move Tim's body. He explains his role but says it's going to be alright - Ronan is on their side. Chloe says the truth always comes out and leaves the room.

Nick finds Ronan at the coffee house and wants to talk about his motive. Ronan growls, "Because I want her - bad. How's that for an answer?"

Avery joins Michael in his office. He gets a call and tells her Beth won't be coming in - she's left town. Incensed, Michael says he's done being nice.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Sofia asks Tucker about Sharon in Fairview. He admits he's not sure how she's going to come out of this.

Sharon bangs on a door in Fairview. "Let me out of here! Let me out!"

Nikki tells Katherine, "I don't understand why he would stay away like this." Jack saunters past and says, "Victor's with another woman."

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