At Heather's place, Paul shakes his head as he, Heather, Avery, and Michael listen to Ricky say on the video that Paul made everyone believe he was depraved when he's the one with the problem. Ricky says he's scared of Paul's obsession. Avery says it's inflammatory - she'll fight it being used in court. Michael says he can't ignore it, and goes. Paul tells Heather that Ricky must have really hated him. Heather says Ricky forced Paul's hand and set him up. Paul asks, "Suicide by cop?" Heather apologizes for calling Michael. Avery and Heather whisper how bad it will be if a jury sees it. Later, Heather catches Paul sadly watching Ricky's 'revenge'.

At home, Billy tells Vikki it kills him to see her worry about her dad. Vikki says in her heart she knows he'll come back. Billy thinks maybe Victor is better off away from the company right now. Vikki says she'll step down when he comes back, but when he returns is something neither of them have control over.

At Crimson Lights, Jeff tells Chloe and Kevin to tell Chelsea her dad says hello. Lauren overhears and comments about him denying being her father. Jeff says they should be able to get past that. Gloria muses, "Sure. Now that she's rich." Glo talks about being proud of Michael. Lauren talks about how stressed he is lately. On the patio, Kyle and Abby talk about Sharon and hope Victor will kick her butt. They then discuss Kyle's awkward living situation with Jack.

Sarge and Jack discuss his progress as he works out in the Abbott living room. Jack credits Sarge for helping him and invites him to watch the game. Sarge declines, saying it's a tough day - he lost someone when the Trade towers went down. He goes and Jack calls Billy, leaving him a message to stop by - he's missing family.

Chelsea joins Adam in their living room saying she feels a little better. He tells her Chloe and Kevin are coming for a meeting. They agree to keep the pregnancy a secret. Chloe and Kevin arrive with champagne. Chelsea refuses to drink, saying champagne upsets her stomach. Chloe recalls that she drank it before. Chelsea has to go be sick when Chloe offers a snack. As Chloe and Kevin leave, she remarks that Chelsea must be hating mornings. Chelsea tells Adam she knows she's pregnant. Adam smirks - he doesn't think it's a big deal. She just liked it being their secret. A reporter calls about Sharon being in Fairview. Adam admits to Chelsea that he wants nothing to do with it.

At the Club, Neil and Harmony laugh about a bad movie they saw, and about work. Sarge enters. They insist on him joining them. Sarge talks about Jack's progress. Neil talks about seeing Lily go through chemotherapy. Sarge acts funny when Harmony asks if he has kids. "No. Just me." They discuss Harmony's past names. She says she's from Seattle. Sarge, from Pittsburgh, says it's strange she's from the Northwest. Neil goes to pay, and Sarge asks Harmony what she thought of Pittsburgh when she was there. She asks, "Excuse me?" He leaves.

Billy, Victoria, Kyle, and Abby all end up at Jack's house. He stands up and walks to welcome them. Jack says someone reminded him what is important in life today. They toast. Jack and Victoria discuss Victor going missing. Abby says they have to have faith he'll be back soon. Jack assure them he'll return. Billy thinks Vikki should stay in charge at Newman. He rolls his eyes when she says she'd happily turn over the reigns if Victor returns. They go, and Abby marvels over Jack's progress. Jack tells Kyle he wants to be closer.

Chloe and Kevin arrive back at Crimson Lights with Chloe making her case to him that Chelsea's pregnant. Gloria, Jeff, and Lauren hear. Lauren chides Jeff, saying he'll take advantage of it, and suggests he stay away unless he can give her something real. Jeff decides to buy a baby gift. Michael appears and tells Lauren things have gotten worse for Paul. She decides it's time to come clean about the gun. Michael warns he'd grill her on the stand - she cannot do this!

Back home, Billy and Victoria kiss and make love on the sofa.

Kevin calls out for Chloe at home, but she's left a note saying she's gone out. She returns with pizza and an odd-looking new dog!

Adam opens the front door to Gloria and Jeff bearing a teddy bear and congratulations. Chelsea grimaces. She tells Jeff to drop the act. Jeff gets sentimental and says she is on the right track now - no thanks to him. "Good luck to ya'." After, Adam tells Chelsea it was a tiny flicker of humanity.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Michael asks Ronan if he's telling him he doesn't believe Phyllis and Kevin were involved in Tim Reid's death.

Nick tells Phyllis he wants to know why Ronan would put himself through all of this for her.

Beth receives a package from Tim. Elsewhere, Ronan says into his phone, "Yeah. Did she get it?"

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