At Newman, Victoria and Nick go into Sharon's office. He reminds her that Sharon's fall is not a done deal. She's sure the psych evaluation will disqualify her from her position. She sends out a company-wide email announcing he's been re-hired.

Gen calls Tucker and fills him in about Victor. He orders her to keep an eye on him and hangs up. Billy calls her and she fills him in about how things are going with 'Snidely' and the nun. He gets off the phone and joins Tucker at the club bar. Billy asks him about his 'chum', Sharon. Tucker thinks he should just be glad Victor is gone and no one is breaking his face. Later, Victoria and Nick show up with the paperwork to ditch Sharon. They urge him to sign. After he does, he wanders off. Billy finds Victoria and Nick. He listens to the siblings discussing investments. They abruptly run off and leave him behind.

Sharon is shocked to run into Daisy at the institution. They talk about how sane they are and Sharon fills her in about Ricky's demise. They discuss how they never know anything about themselves unless they've see it on TV. A doctor eventually interrupts and Daisy begs him to let her out. Sharon won't confirm her true identity. The doctor shows Sharon to her room. Tucker shows up and asks to see her. The doctor says he'll have to wait until she's released. He returns to Sharon and explains all of the testing she has to undergo. She tells him about how Victor's kids put a target on her back. She's been bullied all her life and has been set up. They recap the last few years of her life. There's only so much he can take in during one day so he leaves. She dreams about giving birth and losing her baby.

The doctor talks to Daisy in her room down the hall. She tells him about Ricky and her baby and how she tried going to the police. The blond insists that everything she is saying is true. "Let me go home," she begs. He has to check out her story first.

At the club, Paul looks at the snow dome that Ricky bought. He and Heather think it demonstrates something sweet hidden in his sick psyche. Avery pops up to explain that the trial starts in a few weeks. They head to Ricky's old digs to snoop around. Paul keeps playing with the snow dome and says no one who could buy something like it could kill their girlfriend. Suddenly, his eyes screw up. He smashes it in the sink and finds a flash-drive hidden inside. Heather and Avery think they should call Michael before he compromises the evidence even more. When Michael arrives, he pulls the flash-drive out of its plastic and plugs it into a laptop. It's a video Ricky left behind, claiming that if anything happened to him, it must have been Paul who did it.

In the bar, Victor gets Gen to check out some dude's busted arm. She thinks he needs a doctor. He can't afford it. Victor thinks the company should pay but the dude says it doesn't work that way. They already fired him. Gen asks the bartender for a job. He's not hiring. The nun thinks she should get lost. Victor is in the corner with the other workers trying to talk them into standing up to management. The sister rolls her eyes. Later in the evening, Gen comes back and has a drink. The evening bartender tells her the afternoon bartender is a 'dude with a darkside' and he has a criminal record. She calls the cops to tip them off and gets him arrested. Meanwhile, Victor is still having the same conversation. He tells his co-workers he has a plan. He wants them all to stand together and demand better working conditions or strike. Victor takes the injured dude to the hospital. A bald worker calls his boss to rat him out. Gen calls Billy to fill him in on the latest. As he gets off the phone, Victoria shows up at home and worries about her dad. Billy admits he has something to tell her.

In his office, Tucker writes a note to Sharon urging her to come back fast. He sends it off with some flowers. The flowers and card are sent back. She can't receive anything while under observation.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tuesday on The Young and the Restless:

"I also see straight through you," says Gloria.

"It's inflammatory and will never be allowed in court," Avery assures Paul.

"I have something to tell you about your dad," Billy admits to Victoria.

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