At Victoria's house, she and Nick discuss Sharon. Vikki says she's lost her decency, so if she loses her job or anything else, it's her own doing. Nick paces. He admits that he's worried about the kids with Sharon back at Fairview. Vikki says it's just brief observation, adding that Sharon is definitely unstable. She reassures Nick. Vikki asks if he's okay with her being CEO. Nick grins. "Have at it."

At Tucker's place, Sharon and Tucker rehash Adam appearing at the door. Tucker tells Sharon she needs to submit to the assessment at Fairview - to prove Nick and Victoria are wrong. Sharon's concerned about going back to where Faith was born - where she thought she died. Tucker tells a story of another woman, long ago, whom he visited in such a place. He says she walked out of there stronger than ever - as will Sharon.

In L.A., Billy comes upon Genevieve as she's leaving Tucker a message. Billy tells her to keep an eye on Victor while he returns to Genoa City. Gen takes some cash and agrees. Billy tells her to watch Victor - every move he makes, every breath he takes. Gen mocks him for keeping Victor from his family. Billy says there's no harm in keeping him on ice. Nearby, the nun questions Christian about his well-being. He admits he's afraid - he doesn't know who he is, and worries he may be an orphan. They look over at Gen. The nun says something is off about her. Victor argues that she brought him medication. Billy passes by and thanks 'Christian' for playing darts. Later, Gen asks Victor about helping her get a job in the bar. He wonders what she's really after. Gen says she just wants to hang out. He excuses himself. Tucker calls Gen and brings her up to speed, telling her to keep Victor away. She hangs up and Victor tells her Sister Celeste doesn't trust her. He warns her to stay away from her and the mission.

At the Club, Avery tells Paul that if there is a recording of Ricky killing Rachel, it will help him. Paul laments that it even exists. Avery says they can't change what Ricky did, or who he was, but they can keep Paul out of jail. They must find the footage. They debate if it could be on Ricky's hard drive. Avery goes over a list of Ricky's belongings - they realize Heather has them.

Daniel shows up at Heather's place. They start kissing and knock over Ricky's snow globe on the way to the bed. Later, Daniel gets a call to pick up Lucy. Heather suggests the sitter bring her there. Once Lucy arrives, they play on the floor. Paul enters. Daniel and Lucy step out. Paul offers to take Ricky's box. Heather says she got rid of it. Paul says it should have been his choice. He asks if there was a DVD or flashdrive inside, and tells her about the recording. She apologizes and he goes. Daniel and Lucy return. Heather says she messed up bad by tossing Ricky's things. Daniel spots Lucy with the snow globe. Heather thanks Lucy - she has something of Ricky's to give Paul.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon runs into Nick and Faith. She tells her daughter she has to go away for a few days. Sharon tells Nick she'll jump through their hoops, but Victoria shouldn't get to comfortable. Avery appears - Sharon has to go in an hour. Sharon says goodbye to Faith and leaves. Later, Daniel sits at a table, telling Lucy he know she misses her mom, but Heather's cool, and she likes them. He hopes she's okay with hanging out with her more.

At home, Victoria takes a call from Tucker, who asks if she's heard from Sharon. Vikki wryly comments on how close they've been. Tucker wants to know what the plan is once Sharon's off the bus. Victoria admits there's no lead on Victor yet, but she and Nick will run things until he returns. Later, Victoria gets word from Nick that Sharon is going to Fairview. Billy arrives. Victoria asks about the story in L.A. Billy starts talking about Victor trying to break them up, and how much she loves being on top at Newman. He says it will all be over when Victor comes back, but she'll forgive him anyway. Victoria doesn't understand Billy's anger. She admits she's proud to be able to forgive, and takes off upstairs.

Heather finds Paul at the Club and gives him the snow globe. He muses that Ricky took Rachel to Niagara Falls.

Sharon is admitted to Fairview and someone calls her by name. She is stunned to see Daisy!

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Nick and Victoria tell Tucker if he wants what's best for Newman to prove it.

Daisy yells at Sharon, "Sharon, tell them who I am!"

Avery tells Heather and Paul they need to put all of their focus on finding the video of Ricky killing Rachel - it may be Paul's only hope.

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