At the courthouse, Nick and Victoria discuss Sharon's stash of stolen items. Nick says this hearing is best for all concerned. Vikki takes a call from Billy, who tells her there's a story developing in L.A.

At Newman, Avery advises Sharon to answer questions succinctly at the hearing. After, Tucker arrives. He tells Sharon not to get psyched out. Sharon insists she's not crazy. Tucker says he'll do everything he can to keep her in power.

At Victoria's house, Nikki glumly takes delivery of her things from Jack's house.

Cane arrives at Jack's house warning if Jack's plan goes wrong, he'll lose everything - they've leveraged beyond a reasonable level. Jack says he hears him, but everything will be fine. He orders him to submit the papers. After, Nikki arrives. Jack reminds her they're done. She makes an appeal, but Jack's having none of it. He says she cares about him too little, and it's too late. He mocks her for coming there because her mission to save Victor has stalled. "Go save him! Please!" Later, Cane reports back that all their resources have been sunk into Newman. Jack calls to start divorce proceedings.

Sharon's competency hearing gets underway. Her past history is brought up and then Victoria testifies about the stolen items she found yesterday. Avery counters that Sharon is exercising her legal right to act as CEO in her husband's absence. Sharon says someone put the items in the ranch to frame her. Nick joins the hearing. Nick testifies that Sharon's been mentally fragile for years. He talks about losing Cassie, and then says Sharon is not fit to be Newman's CEO.

Genevieve confronts 'Christian' about heavy lifting on the docks in the bar in L.A. Gen gives him his meds. He gets up from the table and Billy joins her. He asks what the hell she's doing with Victor in L.A. She deflects his questions about Tucker until he threatens to put a report on his website. Billy accuses her of preying on Victor because he has amnesia. Gen thinks Billy's a sucker if he buys the amnesia routine. Billy insists it's not an act. Gen says Victor loathes him, so why does he care? Billy joins Victor, who gleefully agrees to a round of darts. Billy looks pointedly at Genevieve. After, Billy tells her Victor obviously has no idea who he is. He calls her a mob wife without a fake tan and demands to know what she's up to. She counters that he must be up to something too, and wonders if Victoria knows he's there. Billy goes to make a call.

At Crimson Lights, Adam sees Abby reading something about Sharon. She's surprised he's not down at the courthouse trying to save her. Adam wonders why Abby's not there either. They bicker as they watch for updates, and then decide to go to the courthouse.

Abby and Adam arrive at the courthouse as Sharon is telling Nick off, and Avery says the judge is ready to rule. After, Victoria and Nick emerge. Victoria tells Abby and Adam that Sharon's out and she's in as CEO until Sharon undergoes a mental assessment. Adam waits around for Sharon, who asks why he's not popping champagne corks with his siblings. He tells her to walk away and spend time with Faith - she can't want this. Sharon shouts that he doesn't know what she wants. He brings up Tucker. She tells him to stay away from Tucker, and from her.

At Victoria's place, she, Nick, and Abby discuss Newman stock dropping again. Vikki insists it will stabilize. Nick says the hearing had to happen. Abby tells him dad would agree. Later, Vikki takes a call from Billy and fills him in. He decides not to tell her about Victor, when she gushes about being in charge again.

Nikki thanks Bonnie for letting her into the ranch and searches for clues. She finds fabric samples and is furious Sharon is redecorating when he's missing. Nikki looks out at the stars and talks to Victor - she feels he's not gone.

Avery and Nick discuss the hearing at Crimson Lights. He says this isn't who Sharon used to be, but he's glad they won. He thanks Avery for her help.

Billy returns to Gen's table in the bar and tells her Sharon was removed as CEO. Outside the bar, Victor looks up at the stars.

Tucker orders someone to buy up Newman stock as Sharon strides into his office and complains she has to go back to Fairview to submit to an assessment. Tucker says he wishes he could fight this for her. She realizes he thinks she should go. He picks her up and carries her to the bedroom. Later, Gen calls to say Victor really has amnesia. He tells her to stay put. He then answers the door to Adam, who's worried about Sharon. She appears, half-dressed and smiling coyly. "I'm fine."

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Victoria asks Billy to tell her about this story he's been tracking down - all the gory details.

Heather looks at the snowglobe from Niagara Falls and tells Daniel at least she has something of Ricky's to give her dad.

Avery says to Paul, "He recorded his murder of Rachel. Help me find this footage!"

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