At Victoria's house, she and Nick discuss trying to have Sharon declared mentally unstable. Summer arrives - she thinks someone swiped her concert tickets. Victoria asks where she's been. Summer says at the ranch. Victoria volunteers to go there. Summer goes to the car. Nick tells Victoria he's concerned about Noah's reaction to their plan.

Tucker joins Sharon in Victor's office. He tells her that getting romantic with him would undermine everything she's trying to accomplish. Sharon tells him Newman's stock price stabilized - having his support gives her credibility. She gets a call from a finance columnist and makes sure he knows Tucker is with her. She hangs up and tells Tucker she's starting to enjoy the game.

Billy videotapes Genevieve and Victor in the bar. As she's questioning him about the name 'Christian' he suddenly needs to sit down - there's pressure in his chest. She realizes he doesn't remember his heart transplant and isn't taking his meds. She tells him to wait there. Billy approaches him and muses, "Well, look what I found." Victor asks who he is and what he wants. Billy asks if he's okay and calls for water. The nun appears and Victor says a woman was getting him medication. She muses about getting a doctor. Outside, Gen calls Tucker and tells him she found Victor and he seems to have amnesia. Tucker complains that Sharon has gone public about him backing her, and advises Gen not to rescue Victor - that may be playing right into his hands. Gen says she's concerned that he's not well. Tucker feels he could be rejecting his heart transplant. He agrees to arrange for his medication, but warns her he's not ready for Victor to come home. Later, Gen returns with the meds. Billy disappears. Gen gets the nun's permission to stay at the shelter and oversee 'Christian's' care. Outside, Billy leaves Victoria a message to call him.

At the penthouse, Michael digests the news that Phyllis and Ronan were having an affair. He tells Ronan to go. Phyllis tells Michael she has nothing to say. Michael warns her if she's sticking to this story, she has to tell Nick or he will. Phyllis calls Nick and asks him to come home. Michael says he'll check in, and goes. Later, Nick gets home and Phyllis tells him she's having an affair with Ronan. Nick doesn't believe her. Phyllis admits it's an alibi Ronan came up with for her for the night Tim died. Nick tells her to start talking. She tells him everything. Nick asks why she turned to Ronan for help. She says she didn't - he figured things out. Phyllis tells Nick they have to stick to the story. Nick says it's insane - he's not sure he can do that. He walks out.

At Crimson Lights, Michael bickers with Ronan about giving Phyllis an alibi. He wonders if he's considered that this could cost him his career. Ronan maintains it's the truth and tells Michael he's in love with her. Michael says he'll never believe they were together the night Tim died. Ronan says he'll defend it before a jury. Michael says Nicholas won't let him ride off into the sunset as a hero. Later, Nick finds Michael and asks how long he's known about the affair. Michael says he doesn't believe there was one. Nick tells him they were sleeping together. Michael wonders how he'll handle it. On the patio, Ronan spots Phyllis and tells her Nick is inside. Phyllis admits she doesn't know what Nick's going to do. They step inside. Nick and Ronan stage a confrontation. Nick hits him. Michael takes Ronan out. Phyllis thanks Nick.

Sharon finds Victoria at the ranch looking for Summer's concert tickets. Sharon says she hasn't seen them. Victoria suggests she go have an affair with a cabana boy someplace and leave off with the corporate intrigue. Sharon says she's good at it. They bicker. Sharon thinks Victoria's going over the edge because they've switched roles. Victoria reminds her of her own stay in the psych ward, and warns that she'll be bringing it up to a judge tomorrow. Sharon calls her a bitch. Victoria says it's her last chance to step down. Sharon says she's not afraid to stand up to her in court and shoves her. The box of stolen things falls and the contents empty onto the floor. Vikki smirks and confronts her about stealing again. "You'll be lucky if you don't end up back in that asylum."

At Gloworm, Tucker tells someone on the phone to be ready - Newman stocks are going to drop again soon and he wants to buy blocks of it.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Nick tells Victoria, "This hearing is what's best for Newman Enterprises and our family."

Sharon tells Tucker she's not crazy. He promises to do everything he can to make sure Nick and Victoria don't force her out of power.

Billy asks Genevieve what the hell she's doing with Victor in L.A.

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