At the station, Ronan tells Michael that Tim died of a heart attack from Viagra and alcohol. Michael wonders if anyone helped him along. Beth is brought in and gets upset when they suggest Tim was seeing someone else. Michael asks about the encyclopedia salesman, which he finds strange on so many levels. She says the salesman wasn't actually selling anything and acted nervous. Beth describes the salesman to the sketch artist. Michael says it could be anyone. Ronan gets a call from the coroner who says the body was moved post-mortem.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin calls Phyllis in a panic about the landlady - he urges Phyllis to get to her before the cops. Chloe appears, saying he's acting weird. Adam arrives and bickers with Kevin about blowing the deal with Phyllis. Adam tells Kevin to get her - she's notorious and that means numbers. Chloe agrees. Kevin sweats.

At the bar, the nun asks Victor his name. He says to call him Christian, but won't tell her where he's from or what he's running from. She asks him about work. He says if he can't find any he'll move on. Victor heads out on a job hunt and when he returns, the nun has arranged for him to work at the bar.

At the ranch swimming pool, Kyle tells Eden that things are getting weird around there. He mutters that Sharon seems to want to boss him around, and then starts kissing Eden. Inside, Sharon welcomes a reporter in and thanks her for squeezing her onto the morning telecast.

At the penthouse, Phyllis and Nick discuss Tim's death. Nick says there will be an investigation, and suggests Phyllis come clean to Michael about paying Tim off. He says if it comes out later it makes her look guilty. Phyllis says confessing to extortion won't make her look less guilty - she can't do it. Nick gets a text to turn on the TV. They see Sharon giving an interview about taking Victor's place. Nick is disgusted. Phyllis says she always knew this is who Sharon was.

In his office, Tucker tells Genevieve over the phone that he's forwarded a photo of Victor at a blackjack table in Vegas. Gen's excited. Tucker warns her not to get sidetracked gambling. He turns on the TV and hears Sharon telling the reporter that there will be no reason for concern about Newman. He murmurs, "Darlin', you couldn't be more wrong." Genevieve calls back and says Victor was at the blackjack table with dock workers who took him to Port of Los Angeles. Tucker tells her his people have a Victor sighting in Arizona. She tells him she's going to L.A. and hangs up. Tucker calls Sharon and compliments her on the interview.

Sharon hangs up from Tucker at the ranch as Kyle and Eden enter. She scolds them for running around in swimsuits and being disruptive. Sharon reminds Kyle he's a guest and tells him to respect her. Kyle says she should respect the man who bought this house and his company. He tells her she's a joke and says he's moving out. Kyle adds that she can kiss the master bedroom and the boardroom goodbye when Victor returns. After, Kyle takes Eden up on her offer to crash at her apartment.

Phyllis and Nick enter Crimson Lights where Kevin and Chloe ask her about the job again. Adam wonders if Nick told her not to take it. Nick says he's all for it. Kevin leads Phyllis to the patio and informs her she's taking the job - he risked his ass for her and this is what he wants in return! Phyllis sputters, but Kevin goes back to the others and announces it's a done deal. Phyllis grins that Kevin convinced her it's a good fit. They look at the website. Kevin tells Phyllis her legal stuff will get handled and they'll all live happily ever after. Later, Chloe kisses Kevin for getting Phyllis on board.

Adam meets Chelsea at Gloworm. She hands him a box to open - inside is a positive pregnancy test. They kiss. Sharon walks in and witnesses the celebration. Chelsea notices her. Sharon congratulates them. Later, Adam tells Chelsea to forget about Sharon - things are finally coming together. "I love you."

Genevieve is outside the bar where Victor is, and phones Tucker. She enters, but doesn't see Victor who is wearing a ball cap. There's a different bartender who doesn't recognize Victor's photo. She calls Tucker back. He tells her to get to Arizona. Victor walks out.

Back at the ranch, Sharon starts throwing things, ripping down window treatments, and smashes a lamp.

Nick commends Phyllis for taking the job when they get home. She thanks him for standing beside her. They kiss.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Phyllis brings in a woman to thoroughly clean the penthouse. She tells her it must be immaculate and to do the rugs.

Michael tells Ronan there are security cameras in the public areas of Phyllis's building.

Billy says to Beth the landlady, "Would it help to talk about your friend? I'm here to listen."

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