At Crimson Lights, Noah tells Nick he and Eden are just friends. Nearby, Eden tells Kevin and Chloe the same thing. Kevin tells Eden they need money for their website idea. On the patio, Ashley tells Katherine she reached out to Tucker. He calls and suggests they do couples counseling. Ash agrees to come over. Katherine says it's a start. Eden pours Katherine's coffee, and then suggests to Kevin that he ask her to invest. Kevin and Chloe talk with Katherine about their idea.

At Gloworm, Gloria tells Genevieve her card was declined. Christine says none of her cards will work - they're also seizing her house. Across the room, Michael asks Avery to take over his practice. Heather appears. Michael greets her, and Avery leaves. Heather tells Michael she's not sure how comfortable she'd be living in Genoa City again. Christine joins them and says she hopes it works out. Heather leaves, and Gloria and Jeff bug Christine about Genevieve's money troubles. After, Christine tells Michael that she is proud of him.

At the Club, Lauren tells Paul she has reservations about Michael's new job. Paul, distracted, admits he's worried about what Ricky might be capable of - he doesn't seem to have any conscience or compassion. Ricky appears. He and Paul have a tense exchange. After, Paul tells Lauren this is killing him. Heather arrives. She explains to Paul about Michael's job offer, but warns she hasn't accepted yet. Paul understands her reluctance to return to town.

In his doorway, Tim tells Phyllis to go away. She enters the apartment. She asks about Ricky. Tim plays dumb. He says he hasn't talked to anyone. She asks for her patient file. Tim claims to have gotten rid of it. Phyllis gives him her number and tells him to call if anyone asks about her - or else. Tim says he's lost everything because of her - there's nothing left to take. She says, "I wouldn't be too sure about that, Tim."

Genevieve arrives at Tucker's place asking for a loan. He says he doesn't need this complication right now - Ashley's on her way over. Ashley says, "Ashley's here." Gen goes. Ashley tells him she wants to believe that Gen came there looking to borrow money. He can see the doubt, and says this is what they need to work on. Ashley says she was wrong before - they can't get past this - she'll always be suspicious of him. Tucker thinks she's selling them both short. Ashley cries that she doesn't want to be questioning him, or for him to be somebody he's not. He realizes it's over. Ash says she'll be in touch.

Genevieve sits down at a laptop in Crimson Lights. Eden, Kevin, and Chloe notice, thinking she might be another investor. Genevieve looks something up online and seems very upset. Eden tells her Kevin Fisher, the owner, can help - he's a computer whiz. Gen does a search on Kevin and grins. She takes Kevin aside and says he's just the person to help with her little problem. He asks if it would be illegal. She shrugs and says no one would have to know - he could make a bundle.

Phyllis joins Michael and Christine at Gloworm. Christine quips, "That's my cue to leave!" She hustles on out and Phyllis tells Michael that she just saw Tim Reid and Ricky's writing a tell-all on her. She's freaked out. Michael stops her when she says she threatened Tim. He warns her to think before opening her mouth around him - he's the D.A. now. He advises her to go to Avery.

Still at the Club, Paul is about to tell Heather his concerns about Ricky, when Ricky appears. Heather tells him he thought he wrecked her life, but the D.A. wants her back. Christine enters in time to hear her say, "Brother or no brother, I'll never trust you again." After Paul's kids clear out, Christine apologizes to him for the other day. She thinks maybe Heather can help him get to the truth about Ricky. Chris says she'll be a phone call away. Paul wonders how dangerous Ricky really is.

Lauren fusses over Michael at Gloworm, and Avery returns. She agree to take over his practice. Heather arrives and says she'll be A.D.A. Gloria suggests they do the swearing in ceremony right there. Chloe and Eden arrive, saying Kevin is behind them. He arrives as Michael is sworn in.

Phyllis arrives at home and tells Nick she wants to get married right away because she's 'showing'. Nick's up for it. They agree to do it tomorrow.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Nikki tells Sharon, "You've managed to sleep your way through two generations of Newmans."

Phyllis calls Daniel and tells him she and Nick are getting married today - she really wants him and Lucy to be there.

Ricky tells Tim, "You're not a doc anymore." Tim replies, "But I know a sociopath when I see one."

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