At Gloworm, Sharon tells Adam his bitch of a sister is turning Victor against her. Adam asks what she has on her. Sharon tells him she slept with Billy, and Victoria told Victor knowing he would freak out. Adam says he may have done the same thing if it would keep her away from his father. He thinks moving on with Victor is wrong. Sharon sniffs that she doesn't need his approval, and leaves. Bob from the Newman board approaches Adam and says he overheard - he agrees that it's wrong for Victor to date an employee and plans to ask for Sharon's dismissal. Adam tells him not to say a word or he'll reveal a secret he knows about him. Bob leaves as Chelsea arrives. She thinks it's great what he did for Sharon. Adam kisses her.

At Crimson Lights, Billy asks Victoria to join him at the Club. She says she'll meet him there. Inside, Kevin tells Eden that Chloe woke up with an idea that will make them lots of money. Eden wishes them luck. On the patio, Daisy looks at Ricky's laptop and realizes he stole Phyllis' file. He warns her it would be very stupid to tell Phyllis.

Jack works out at home and puffs to Sarge that everything is going his way. He can't believe he wrestled Beauty of Nature from Victor's greedy hands. Nikki arrives and Sarge credits her with helping to motivate Jack. He leaves, and Jack tells Nikki they're going to the Club to celebrate.

Victor boxes with his trainer at the ranch. After, he takes a call from a reporter. He tells him to get lost. Victoria arrives. Victor asks if she came to gloat. They bicker about Sharon. She says she wanted to open his eyes, but she came to talk about Beauty of Nature. She warns that Jack won't let it go easily now. Victor vows that Jack won't hold onto it. Later, Sharon arrives. She wants to discuss what Victoria told him. He'd rather just move on. They kiss and head upstairs.

Daniel arrives at the penthouse with Lucy. Phyllis is glad he brought her instead of the freak. Phyllis tells him she may know someone who can talk some sense into Daisy.

Phyllis and Daniel arrive at Crimson Lights, where she attempts to convince Kevin to try to talk sense into his sister. Eden approaches and says Daisy's there if Kevin wants to try. Phyllis sees Daisy with Ricky on the patio. She wonders what their excuse is this time. Daisy takes off. Phyllis tells Ricky she knows he's digging in her past. Ricky admits he's writing a one hell of a tell all - lots of skeletons waiting to be dug up. He asks her to work with him. She scoffs. He muses about her court-ordered therapist back in the day. Phyllis takes off. Ricky goes back to wondering why the name 'Sasha Green' keeps popping up. Inside, Kevin asks Daisy to talk. Daniel tells Chloe it won't work. In the corner, Kevin asks Daisy if she wants Lucy growing up in a house where the parents are miserable. Daisy says she didn't trick Daniel - he proposed to her. She is upset that Kevin won't forgive her the same way people forgave him. Kevin and Chloe leave, and Daniel asks Eden for a refill. Daisy returns with Lucy and talks with Ricky. He tells her not to worry about Phyllis. She spots Daniel with Eden.

At the Club, Billy congratulates Jack as he sits down with Nikki. Billy goes to his meeting, and Nikki muses that Victor will have to deal with his loss like a big boy. Jack has a ring brought in Nikki's sparkling cider. He's placing it on her finger when Victoria appears and accuses Nikki of doing this because of Victor and Sharon. Billy appears. Jack clarifies that he proposed a while ago, and asks Victoria to consider working at Beauty of Nature. She agrees to think about it. After, Jack assures Nikki that Victoria will come around. At another table, Victoria tells Billy her parents belong together. Billy's glad Jack got the win, and urges her to take the job as well. They agree they're back on track. Billy tells her he has to go back to L.A. tomorrow. She says she'll keep him up all night.

At Gloworm, Kevin and Chloe discuss Daisy. He feels he shouldn't give up on her - Michael didn't give up on him. They talks about their e-commerce idea - they need investors.

At the Abbott house, Nikki has a romantic scenario set up for Jack.

Tim Reid opens his door to Phyllis.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Kevin asks Genevieve if what she wants him to do is illegal.

Ricky finds Paul with Heather at the Club and says he didn't know they were having a family reunion. Paul says he didn't know Heather was coming back.

Tim tells Phyllis he's lost everything in his life because of her. She says, "I wouldn't be too sure about that, Tim."

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