Daisy arrives at Ricky's apartment complaining about having to be careful. Ricky tells her he's going to see Tim Reid today and shows her an article saying he decompresses on the golf course and loves fine wine - that's his way in.

At the Club, Paul marvels at Craig Hunt, the guy who had proof Ricky killed someone, turning up dead. Christine argues it was an accident, but Paul thinks it's too much of a coincidence. Christine says they need facts. Paul says, "Let's get some." Chris makes a call and learns that Rachel died in her bathtub - overdosed on a sedative and drowned. Paul rants that it's exactly how Isabella tried to kill her. He gets frustrated, asking Chris how she ignore the pattern here. Paul tells her his gut says his worst fears about Ricky are true. Chris tells Paul not to pursue this himself - he should get the police involved. Paul tears up and tells her to stay out of it.

At home, Lauren and Michael continue to disagree over his job offer. Lauren cites the media and him working with felons as reasons not to pursue it. Avery arrives and learns of the offer - she thinks it's great! Avery goes on about how perfect he'd be for the job - it could be the most important work of his life. Michael sadly says he was thinking that too. Lauren tells Avery if she's so excited about the job, maybe she should volunteer. Michael says he wants Fenmore to be proud of him - he never used to care about meaningful work or honor. Avery goes, and Lauren tells Michael that she heard Avery - and him. He says he heard her too, and will be careful. Lauren says, "Nice to meet you, Mr. District Attorney." They kiss. The mayor comes over and Michael accepts. He says he wants to bring Heather Stevens back as ADA.

At Daniel's apartment, Danny takes advantage of Daisy running an errand to tell Daniel he doesn't see how he can maintain this marriage. Daniel says he can't risk divorcing Daisy. Danny advises him to get out when he can. Daisy returns. Danny visits with Lucy and tells them he'll keep in touch. Later, Daisy tries to seduce Daniel, who puts her off. She warns him if he likes seeing Lucy, that's not very smart. Daniel insists he wants to be with her. He kisses her. After they have sex, Daniel stares at the ceiling.

Ricky shows up at Tim Reid's door and tells him he should be interested in talking to him. Tim lets him in and complains that his life isn't what he used to be - he's a security guard now. Ricky says he can talk about Phyllis since he's no longer practicing. He pulls out a vintage wine and says they should chat. Tim says, "You won't believe the things Phyllis did." He tells Ricky she used him and pretended to care about him so he'd do what she wanted, but all she ever wanted was Danny. Tim rants about how Phyllis hated Christine. When he leaves the room, Ricky finds Phyllis's file in a box and steals it. Tim returns and regrets talking. Ricky goes. After, Tim realizes the file is gone and muses that the bitch deserves whatever she gets.

At the penthouse, Phyllis tells Nick about Daisy bringing Lucy by for another visit and coming to Jack's party. He asks why she left early. She tells him about Avery and Paul's warnings about Ricky. She says if Ricky the Reptile comes near her family she'll step on him with her stilettos. Nick wants to talk about wedding plans. They agree to have it in town, and keep it small. Danny stops by and tells Phyllis he owes her an apology - Daisy is way more screwed up than he realized, and she is right to want to keep Daniel away from her. Phyllis says Daisy is doing something similar to what she did to Danny, adding, "I hate her because she's the worst of me." Danny wants to stay united, and tells her to call if she needs him - he's headed back on the road. Phyllis brings up Christine, filling Nick in on the fact that she and Danny hooked-up. Danny grins awkwardly and says goodbye. Later, Avery arrives and Phyllis tears up as she asks her to be her maid of honor. Avery would love to. She cries and they agree it's going to be fun.

Danny finds Christine at the Club to say goodbye.

Paul runs into a happy Ricky at the coffee house. Ricky greets him and leaves. He goes home to peruse his file.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Victoria tells Sharon that she and Billy are building a life together - she was just the flavor of the week.

Avery tells Paul that Phyllis has crossed Ricky more than once - she may be in the line of fire.

Tim calls Ricky and tells him if he wants to expose Phyllis, look at Christmas of 1994.

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