Jack and Nikki sit with Lucy at the Abbott house and talk about how wonderful their kid would have been. Nikki tells Jack that Victor knows they're engaged. Jack says he'll have to tell Kyle now, or Victor will use it to come between them. Outside, Eden explains to Noah and Abby that she needs a roomie because of Ricky. Kyle offers to talk to Ricky, but Eden looks to Noah, who agrees to move in. They leave. Abby tells Kyle those people shouldn't be in the same town, let alone the same apartment. She accuses Kyle of liking Eden even if he won't admit it.

Lauren and Michael arrive at the Club to meet with the Mayor and a councilwoman. Nearby, Phyllis and Paul tell Christine and Danny that they were discussing Ricky. Chris is surprised when Danny shares that Ricky interviewed him and kept asking about Phyllis so he shut him down. Lauren and Michael join them and greet Christine and Danny enthusiastically before spotting the people they're meeting. They tell Michael that Walsh is leaving the D.A.'s office. There's a short list of potential D.A.'s to replace him, and Michael's name is at the top. They give until the end of the day to decide. After they leave, Michael says he likes the idea, while Lauren says, "No way in hell." Meanwhile, Paul tells the others that he's concerned Ricky is like Isabella. They all agree to notify Paul if they cross his path. Phyllis leaves to go hug Summer.

In Phyllis' penthouse, Ricky and Daisy search for something to use against her. Ricky finds an old business card for Dr. Tim Reid, Psychologist. Daniel arrives so they hide until he finds Lucy's pacifier and goes. Daisy tells Ricky she's leaving. He orders her to make a copy of the key before putting it back in Phyllis' purse.

At the apartment building, Ricky spots Noah and Eden going into their unit. Noah lets him know he'll be living there. Once inside, Eden tells Noah she knows he doesn't want to live there, but she's glad his is. Noah warns her not to be alone with Ricky - he gets a weird vibe from him. Noah also tells her he's fine with her and Kyle. She says they don't have a romance, but assures Noah she's not trying to get back with him either. They agree - what happened in Paris, stays in Paris. In his apartment, Ricky looks up Dr. Tim Reid on the computer and calls him. He tells him he's writing a book on Phyllis. Tim says he never wants to hear her name again and hangs up.

At her penthouse door, Phyllis digs for her key in her purse.

Daniel returns to the Abbott house and Daisy is right behind him. Jack says Phyllis left a while ago. Daisy wonders where she went. Phyllis returns saying she lost her key. Daisy loudly offers to help look and then pretends to find it on the floor. Later, Kyle comes inside and Nikki leaves him alone with Jack, who tells his son he and Nikki are engaged. Kyle hates the idea. Jack thinks they can make it work. Kyle says he'll never forget what she did. He goes outside where Nikki encounters him - he's tense but polite. She walks off, and Kyle tells Abby they should go elsewhere. Nikki finds Jack, who assures her he can love her and Kyle.

Still at the Club, Michael and Lauren bicker about his job offer. She angrily says it's a very public office - they'll be targets of every person he convicts - she's had enough. Michael says he dreams of locking Daisy up. Lauren says that would almost make it worth taking the job - almost. Daniel and Daisy enter and spot Danny, Christine, and Paul. Daisy is excited to meet Danny. Christine coos over Lucy. Paul and Christine go sit alone. He tells her he didn't mention Rachel's death to Phyllis or Danny. He wants proof first, and asks Christine for help. She makes a call and Paul thanks her. Just then, he learns there's been a fatality - it could be Craig Hunt! Across the room, Daisy tells Danny that Lucy is his legacy. Daniel tells her to lighten up, and then takes a call. Danny tells Daisy he knew a girl once who was just like her. She tells him not to compare her to Phyllis - she's making a real family for Lucy.

Phyllis talks to Nick over the phone from home. He agrees to bring sweets over. When she hangs up, she notices the file folder Ricky had out and says, "I didn't leave these here." She calls Daniel, who says he was digging around there.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Danny tells Daniel he has advice for him about his wife.

Tim Reid says, "You won't believe the things Phyllis did." Ricky grins, "I can't wait to hear."

Christine says, "There was a car accident, Paul." He replies, "Was it an accident?"

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