At Jimmy's, Ricky questions Paul about hanging out in a bar and asks if he's waiting for someone. Paul says he is, but it looks like they're not going to show. Ricky smirks as Paul takes off. Outside, Paul calls Avery and asks to meet.

Danny and Christine greet each other at the Club. They get up to speed on why they're in town, and Danny buys her a drink. They discuss Daniel's situation and how much Phyllis hates it. Christine muses that karma's a bitch. She says Daniel's a good man - like his father. Danny asks if she's seeing anyone. Soon, they're upstairs in a suite kissing passionately and making love! After, they talk about how they were always good together. They start kissing again.

Daniel arrives at the penthouse. Daisy goes to change Lucy, and Phyllis and Daniel whisper about Daisy's motives for trying to get closer to her all of the sudden. Phyllis gets a call from Jack about the party. Jack says to bring Daniel and Lucy. Daisy returns and says, "What fun!"

Abby and Jack are party planning at the Abbott house. Nikki arrives. Jack says Katherine and Murphy are busy. Nikki says Vikki and Billy are too. Sarge calls and Jack invites him over, saying he can bring whoever he wants.

Kyle arrives at Eden's place and asks if she has plans for the day.

At Crimson Lights, Noah tells Devon and Roxy they're all invited to Jack's pool. Ashley appears and they exchange pleasantries. Harmony enters, but Devon steers her outside, and then leaves with the others for Jack's house. Sarge arrives and chats with Harmony, who thanks him for that day at Jimmy's. He invites her to join him at a cookout. She says she'd love it, but when she learns it's at the Abbott place, she is forced to decline, and explain why.

Phyllis, Daniel, Daisy, and Lucy are welcomed into Jack's house by him and Nikki. They go to join the others at the pool, where Abby is playing hostess. Devon, Roxy, and Noah coo over Lucy. When Daisy steps away, Abby asks Daniel why he brought her there. Jack is chatting with Phyllis when Kyle and Eden appear. Nikki joins them and Kyle greets her civilly. Eden spots Noah. Abby rushes over to tell Noah she didn't know Kyle would bring 'it'. Ashley tells Jack it's going to be a good day. She and Nikki go inside and chat about Kyle and Jack. Nikki defensively says she won't hurt Jack this time.

Paul meets Avery at the Club and tells her that Craig never showed at Jimmy's - but Ricky did. Paul is more concerned than ever. He tells Avery he has to find a way to get past Rachel's case files being sealed.

At the Abbott pool party, Devon tells Noah he'll fill him in about Tucker and Ashley later. They discuss Eden. Noah says he's fine with her and Kyle. Eden spots Daisy and complains to Abby about her being there. She then confronts Daisy about sub-letting to Ricky. Daniel is stunned. Daisy says he's never done anything wrong. Just then, Ricky calls Daisy. He tells her what she needs to do. Daisy makes an excuse and leaves, taking Phyllis's key on her way out. Phyllis gets a call from Avery and agrees to meet her and Paul at the Club. As she goes, Sarge arrives. He takes Jack aside to discuss his tests. Nikki hears, but they keep her in the dark. Eden overhears Noah telling Abby he's sleeping on a buddy's couch and says she needs a roommate. Daniel realizes Lucy's pacifier's at the penthouse and leaves her with Nikki to go get it.

At the Club, Paul asks Phyllis if Ricky ever mentioned an ex-girlfriend. She says he never talked about his personal life. Avery says they need to know more about his character. Phyllis says he's amoral, and she'll never trust him. Avery warns Phyllis to be careful. She goes, and Phyllis tells Paul he has access to anything at Restless Style. He admits he's worried for her safety. Just then, Danny and Christine appear together laughing and rumpled from sex.

Daisy meets Ricky at the penthouse. They go inside. Ricky tells Daisy to look for something that would humiliate Phyllis.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Danny says to Phyllis, "You told them that Ricky visited me, right?" Christine asks, "He what?"

Lauren and Michael learn there is a short list of potential DAs and Michael's name is at the top.

Ricky finds a card in the penthouse for Dr. Tim Reid, Psychologist. Daisy grins, "Grandma's still insane."

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