At Crimson Lights, Paul tells Christine he's off to meet Craig Hunt - he claims to have proof that Ricky's responsible for Rachel's death. Christine thinks Paul should contact the police. Paul wants to wait and see what happens with Hunt.

Ricky goes to Restless Style and bugs Phyllis's laptop. Later, Phyllis arrives to find Danny waiting. Ricky listens in and watches as Phyllis and Danny talk about Daniel. Phyllis says he's tied himself to that crazy person - it's the worst thing he could do. Danny says he can understand Daniel protecting Lucy. He wonders if this came to be because someone pushed Daisy too far. Phyllis says he must mean her, because he wasn't here. They bicker, and get into it about their own past. Phyllis says none of them were saints - including Christine. Danny wonders if Phyllis has really moved on. He leaves and Ricky hears Phyllis says she still hates that bug.

Daisy watches Daniel painting with Lucy at home. Daisy says she understands why yesterday was tough for him and hopes it can bring them closer. Daniel isn't ready to open up to her and grabs his jacket to go buy formula.

Genevieve meets Victor at the Club and tells him he could give a girl whiplash the way he changes his position. She lets him know that she realizes he's only talking to her out of self-interest - she can count on his lust for power. Victor says she needs him more than he needs her.

At the bookstore, Victoria tells Billy she hasn't yet turned in her resignation letter to Beauty of Nature. Billy's doesn't want her to end up on daddy's payroll. Victoria wants to see how things shake out. Victor appears. Billy goes. Victor presents John with the book, 'Goodnight Moon'. He asks Victoria to stay on at Beauty of Nature, but she says too much has happened. He says he misses her. She tells him not to push. Victor says he feels for her what she feels for John and hope they can work out their differences.

At home, Cane tells Lily if he doesn't testify against his mother today, they'll deport him. Lily vows to support Cane - even if they have to move to Australia. Cane says it feels wrong. He leaves, and Genevieve arrives. She tells Lily that she and Cane should just refuse to have anything to do with this whole investigation. Lily tells her there's one problem - Cane will be deported. She angrily tells Gen that she only cares about not being caught, and she's put Cane in an impossible situation.

Back at the Club, Genevieve approaches Christine and confronts her about what she's trying to do to her son. Christine muses that she wanted to play in the big leagues... Gen says she's going after an innocent man and his family. Christine challenges her to open her books for them and spare Cane this trouble; it will be sad if Gen takes Cane and Lily down with her. After, Christine runs into Danny. Victor returns to the Club to meet Gen, who says she's turning herself in.

Ricky visits Daisy and tells her to start sucking up to Phyllis so he can get dirt on her. Daisy calls him a weasel. Ricky tells her to get what she can from Phyllis's penthouse. He takes a call and thanks someone for the heads up. Later, Daniel returns to find a note from Daisy.

Cane meets Billy at Jimmy's Bar to discuss Genevieve. He fills him in on the Department of Justice investigation, and says he has to testify or be deported. Billy tells him to throw mama to the wolves. Cane asks if he'd do that to Jill. Billy says it's different, but isn't sure if he'd help Jill if it hurt his wife.

Phyllis opens her penthouse door to Daisy and Lucy. Phyllis says this is obviously a set up, but invites her in. Daisy says with Daniel helping out it's freed her and Lucy up for more visits to grandma.

Paul is waiting for Craig Hunt at Jimmy's Bar. Ricky shows up and sits down.

Billy returns to the bookstore where Victoria tells him she didn't give in to Victor. He says she made the right choice and they kiss.

Cane arrives at home and tells Lily that he called Christine to say he won't cooperate, so they're moving his deportation hearing forward. Lily is stunned. Cane says he can't be the one who brings down his mom.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Danny asks Christine if he can buy her a drink. She says, "Sure."

Ricky says to Paul, "You're not waiting for someone, are you?"

At the Memorial Day pool party, Abby tells Jack, who is looking at Kyle and Eden, that she didn't says anything because she wasn't sure Kyle would come. Nikki appears and greets Kyle.

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