Victor places flowers on Cassie's grave. Nikki arrives. He holds out his hand and she takes it. They talk about Cassie. Nikki says it makes you realize how short life is. Victor leaves Nikki alone after saying goodbye to Cassie.

Nick takes a seat in the chapel and says, "I miss you so much, Cassie." Sharon joins him. They talk about Cassie. Nick wishes he hadn't waited so long to adopt her. He also wishes Faith could have known her. Sharon cries. They talk about how Cassie would have been grown up by now and done college; making a life of her own. Sharon says if she'd never gone out that night, a lot of things would be different.

Noah chats with Kevin at Crimson Lights. He remembers Cassie doing her homework there. Noah tells Kevin today is the anniversary of her death - the day everything changed.

Phyllis stops by Daniel's place to see if he's okay - it's a tough day for him. Daisy appears and wants to know what's going on. Phyllis says it's nothing to do with her, but Daniel hollers that someone died on this date years ago and it was his fault. Daisy irritates them by asking questions. Phyllis tries to get rid of her, but Daisy suggests she take Lucy home for a while. After, Daniel tells Daisy that was nice of her. Daisy says they're family now, and tries to convince Daniel to do something. Daniel calls someone else to meet and takes off.

At the Abbott house, the maid steps on his foot and he feels it! Jack calls Sarge, who races over. Sarge pushes on his foot - Jack feels pressure. Sarge says it's time to order tests. Jack grins, "Bring 'em on!" Jack rants about it being the miracle he's hoped for. Nikki comes in and says it's the anniversary of Cassie's death. Jack tells Sarge he needs to be with Nikki. Sarge goes.

Noah visits Cassie's grave, and talks to her about how crazy their parents act - especially mom. Noah says he realized that confronting them only made things worse, and observes that Cassie doesn't have that tension anymore.

Nick arrives at the penthouse and Phyllis tells him Daisy suggested she take Lucy - she's not complaining. Nick says he saw Sharon today. Phyllis says that's good - they need to remember their daughter together. Phyllis says she never dreamed that they would end up this way. They agree they're not proud of the way they handled some things back then, but somehow they're exactly where they're supposed to be. Vikki calls to check on Nick. Phyllis says she tried to be there for Daniel too. They kiss.

Sharon arrives home to find Victor there with a lunch set up - it's Cassie's favorite meal. Sharon talks about how awful it was when Cassie died. She says she still misses her every day, but can now smile at some of the memories. Victor says she continues to bring happiness. Sharon wonders if Cassie would approve of them dating. Victor thinks Cassie would want her to be happy. He says he saw Nikki at the cemetery - Cassie brought them a lot of joy. Sharon asks if the chef could make more lunch. Victor arranges it and she starts making calls.

Kevin meets Daniel at Jimmy's Bar. Kevin gives Daniel a pep talk when he says he still feels guilty. Kevin agrees it was a bad decision, but it was Cassie's. They talk about Lucy and Delia. Daniel says it gives him a different perspective on what Nick and Sharon went through. Kevin takes a call from Daisy and Daniel leaves. Daisy grills Kevin on Daniel's whereabouts. Kevin warns her not to push him today. Later, Daisy shows up and wants to know what's going on with Daniel. Kevin says if Daniel wanted to open up to her, he would. Daisy won't let it go. Kevin tells her. Daisy wishes she could have comforted Daniel. If someone gave her the chance, who knows what kind of person she could be.

Daniel visits Cassie's grave and says it looks like she's had a busy day. He can't believe it's been so long. He ignores a call on his phone.

Nikki, Jack, Noah, Phyllis, Nick, Lucy, Sharon, and Victor gather at the ranch to remember Cassie. Sharon makes a toast and Nick says, "To Cassie."

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Paul tells Christine about someone who claims to have proof that Ricky is responsible for Rachel's death.

Phyllis says to Danny, "I wish it were for different reasons, but I'm glad you're here."

Billy advises Cane not to answer questions, saying, "Plead the fifth." Cane replies, "If I do that they're going to deport me."

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