Sharon makes small talk with Noah at home. He wonders where she was all night. He asks if she's back with Adam. Sharon says she's been seeing Victor. Noah says it's not a good choice, but he won't give her grief about it. Noah says he'll roll with it.

At Newman, Victor tells Nick they've got issues surrounding Beauty of Nature, but he's not worried about losing the company. Victor mutters that he'll need to be in contact with Sharon, who won't be in today. Nick smirks, "Sure." Victor decides to address the elephant in the room. Nick doesn't want to discuss Sharon again, but admits he saw her at the ranch. He says he's worried about his kids. Noah appears. He says Sharon told him everything. Victor tells Noah if he has concerns he can talk to him about them.

At the Club, Chelsea tells Adam she got a job at Jimmy's. He grins, "Good stuff." As Chelsea kisses Adam goodbye, Sharon appears. Adam notices her and says, "Awkward." Chelsea goes. Adam and Sharon chit-chat about their respective relationships - they're both moving on. Adam admits he'd rather she wasn't with Victor, but if it's working for her that's what counts. Nearby, Sofia arrives with Moses and flashes to Neil proposing.

Katherine arrives at Neil's place and they discuss Harmony. Neil admits he and Harmony have feelings for each other. Katherine feels bad when he says Sofia knows everything. Katherine urges Neil to make a choice and stick to it this time - you either commit to a marriage or get out of it. Neil agrees. Later, Sofia arrives at home and Neil tells her he's been thinking about them. She says she's been thinking too. Neil goes first, saying she's a wonderful wife and he wants this marriage to work. Sofia points out that he doesn't love her. Neil is forced to admit he may never feel that way. Sofia hands him a document and says she's filing for divorce.

Harmony tries to talk to Devon at Crimson Lights. She says she's going to start fresh and try to get things right this time. He tells her not to bother with him. He knows she loves him, but loving her back? He can't go there right now. Harmony turns to go, but Devon stops her to ask about Neil. She says she never wanted to make trouble for him - she's keeping her distance. Devon tells her to keep it that way. After, Harmony gets a call from Katherine. She cries about Devon being mad at her. Katherine asks her to meet.

Chloe, Kevin, Kyle, and Abby arrive at Jimmy's. Chloe and Abby set to work on the gala plans. Kevin and Kyle grimace as they bicker. Abby announces that Angelina is coming back to perform. Chloe tells Kevin it's part of operation 'getting rid of Carmine'. The guys think it's bizarre. Abby calls Carmine and invites him over. Chelsea enters. Chloe snarks that they'd love her to join, except they don't want her to. Chelsea says she's there to work - they're welcome to go somewhere they like the service better. Devon arrives and gossips with the others about Chelsea working there. Carmine enters. Abby asks him to tend bar at the gala. Carmine wonders what her game is, but takes the gig. Abby returns to the table, where Chloe blurts, "You are so into him!" Adam arrives. Chelsea says he and Sharon aren't over each other. Adam insists he wants Sharon to move on - because of how he feels about her.

At the Club, Katherine tells Harmony she's spoken to Neil and has the full picture now - she'll support her any way she can. Harmony says she walked away from Neil straight into Mick - she wiped out all the respect she'd earned in one night. Katherine is pleased to hear Harmony didn't use, and invites her to move back in. They hug.

At Sharon's house, Victor says Noah seemed accepting of their relationship, but he's not sure he believes it. Sharon tells Victor she wants to be with him. They embrace, but neither looks happy.

Nick grills Noah at Crimson Lights about what he's thinking. Noah says people can't help who they fall for. Nick is relieved and proud.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Daisy says, "I'm Daniel's wife, don't I have a right to know?" Daniel tells her somebody died a long time ago on this day and it was his fault.

Nick and Sharon think of Cassie. Sharon cries, "If Cassie had never gone out that night a lot of things would have been different."

At Cassie's gravesite, Victor takes Nikki's hand.

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