At Crimson Lights, Leslie tells Genevieve she hasn't heard from the SEC lately, but got other bad news this morning.

Sharon wakes up at the ranch. She takes a call from Victor, who apologizes for leaving early and suggests she take a day off to imagine the kind of life they could have together. Nick arrives. He asks about work. She tells him Victor told her to take the day off. Nick starts to go. Sharon stops him and explains she fell asleep on the couch. Nick says, "You're not sleeping with my dad, got it." She stammers, "We're taking it slow." Nick accuses Sharon of doing what's best for her - not her children. Sharon concedes it will be difficult for the children but she'll help them navigate through this complex situation. Nick asks if she's spoken to Noah and tells her she's living in a fairytale land.

Jack and Nikki flirt at the Abbott house. Nikki wants to wait to tell people they're engaged. Jack agrees, thinking of Kyle. They joke about having forbidden encounters. Jack gets a call and becomes excited. He tells Nikki he's outwitted Victor, Genevieve, and the SEC - first prize is Beauty of Nature. He explains that a judge ruled his lawsuit can go ahead. He realizes Nikki is worried about how Victor will react. Nikki admits it, and marvels that Jack's not intimidated. Jack shrugs that she'll soon be his wife and he'll have everything he wants.

At the Club, Avery tells Victor that Genevieve's being investigated by the Justice Department. Victor muses that it could be a windfall for him. They talk about Gen possibly going to prison. Gen appears with Leslie. She warns the feds might investigate him too. Victor smirks that this is Gen's problem. Gen realizes he wants her to go down. She warns him she'll beat the feds. They spar. Gen says the playing field is never level with him. He smugly says he's just better at playing the game. On their way out, Leslie gets another call, but tells Gen it can wait. She asks Gen if there is anyone who can help her refute the feds' claims. Meanwhile, Avery rejoins Victor and tells him she's afraid there may be a big victory for Jack in his lawsuit against Genevieve. Victor realizes they'll have to help Genevieve to stop Jack from winning. Later, Nikki arrives and tells Victor she has news. He says he doesn't give a damn, adding, "You're going to marry Jack Abbott, aren't you?" Nikki stammers, "Yes, but..." Victor leaves. She says, "My God, that's why he's with Sharon."

Cane surprises Lily with breakfast-for-two at home. They make out and there's a knock at the door. It's Christine, who tells Cane the Department of Justice is investigating Genevieve. Christine wants to know how Colin made his money and what Gen knew about it. She warns Cane he must cooperate. Cane and Lily step outside, where he tells her he's going to go along with this to see how far they'll take it - he doesn't really have any information anyway. Lily leaves him alone with Christine. He tells her he feels she's investigating him as well. They discuss it. Christine warns that they will do whatever they have to do to get his cooperation - they could even take him down too. Cane takes a call from Genevieve and tells her to meet him in the park - and references his sister, Samantha. After, Christina hands Cane a subpoena and warns if he doesn't cooperate, they'll deport him!

At a coffee shop, Lily looks up the consequences for obstructing justice and worries about Cane. Jack appears and they discuss Genevieve. Jack says she brought this on herself. Lily knows - she just doesn't want Cane to go down with her. Jack learns that Gen is being investigated by the Justice Department.

Genevieve tells Leslie, in Crimson Lights, that Cane was trying to tell her something by referencing Samantha in their phone call. Leslie wonders if the feds got to him. Later, Avery finds Gen and says Victor sent her - things have changed.

At Newman, Nick leaves Noah a message saying he should call his mother.

Sharon is startled to find Noah waiting in her house.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Noah asks Sharon if she's back with Adam. She says she's been seeing Victor.

Chloe insults Chelsea at Jimmy's Bar, saying they don't want her to join them. Chelsea replies that she's there to work, not eat.

Devon tells Harmony that with regard to loving her back - he can't go there right now.

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