At the Club, Jack leaves Nikki a message inviting her to dinner later, saying there is no pressure to answer his proposal, although a 'yes' would be nice.

At the ranch, Nikki grimace as she watches Sharon and Victor kiss. She runs out. Sharon and Victor notice the open door, but think Sharon left it ajar. Sharon thinks Victor has a lot on his mind. He wonders what she was thinking about when she arrived. Neither of them comes clean. He's glad she came there, but asks if they're wise to pursue this. Sharon partially understands the outsiders' opinions, but also wishes they'd get over it. Victor says he's giving her an out. Sharon's sleepy. Victor says they can decide another day. She's already asleep.

At Crimson Lights, Ricky eavesdrops as Christine confronts Phyllis for calling her a bitch and being immature. Phyllis tells her she should have said it to her face. When Phyllis leaves, Ricky makes nice with Christine, who looks leery. He tells her he wants to apologize to her for the things his mom did. Christine says he's not responsible. Ricky says he's learning who not to trust - he wants to compare notes on Phyllis. Christine's keen. They chat, but when it's his turn to share, he takes off.

Backstage, Danny coos over his granddaughter, Lucy. Daniel tells her Danny is one of the most incredible people she'll meet in her life. Danny says, "You fell for her, didn't you?" Daniel talks about realizing what Lucy means to him, and how he was set-up during the custody bid. Danny asks if Daisy is a danger to Lucy. Daniel says she's delusional and self-centered - he married her to keep Lucy safe. Daniel says he doesn't know if he made the right choice. Danny advises him to focus on what matters to him most - for him it was being his dad; nothing was more important. Daniel says it was doomed to fail. Danny tells him to own his decision and be confident - he's doing a tough thing for the right reasons. Daniel isn't sure he'll survive it. Danny thinks he can do anything. As Daniel goes, Ricky comes out of the shadows to 'interview' Danny. He zeroes in on his past with Phyllis. Danny concludes the interview when he asks about their custody battle.

Nikki meets Jack at his place. He can see something is wrong. Nikki admits she went to see Victor and he was dressing Sharon up as the lady of the manor. Jack chuckles. Nikki says if she could cut Victor out of her heart, she would. Jack admits he's hung up on Victor too - in a different way. Jack turns romantic, and asks if she can forget about Victor and marry him. Nikki loves him very much, and will marry him. They kiss.

At the bookstore, Daisy asks Eden if she knows where her husband is, but Eden ignores her. Daisy gets in her face. Eden mocks her. Daisy tells her to stay away from her husband. Eden scoffs that she wouldn't impose on their deep cosmic bond.

In the dining room, Paul looks at Rachel's suicide report on his laptop and makes calls trying to get information. He spots Phyllis and asks her about why she fired Ricky. Phyllis says it didn't get prettier after he helped write the Patty story - they believe he helped Daisy make it look like Daniel was an unfit parent. Paul apologizes for whatever pain Ricky's caused. Later, Phyllis gets a call from Danny, who says he met Lucy, and tells her he was interviewed by a Ricky Williams who seems to hold a grudge against her. Phyllis says even his own father is unnerved by him.

Daniel returns home and tells Daisy where he's been. She is upset that he didn't take her to meet her father-in-law, and says she was scared - he took Lucy from her. She wants him to promise never to do it again. Daniel tells her he won't leave - he's here for good. Daisy snuggles up to him and purrs that they're a family.

At Crimson Lights, Paul warns Eden to stay away from Ricky again. She says she will. Paul laments to Christine that he has to warn people about his son. Christine says she met him earlier and he set off every alarm bell she has - and he's fixated on Phyllis! Paul wonders if things would have turned out differently had he raised him. Paul says he's waiting to hear from a student named Craig Hunt.

Ricky, in a stairwell, takes a call and learns that Paul is asking questions about him. Ricky says he'll take it from here.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jack tells Nikki, "I'm about to beat everyone; Victor, Genevieve, the SEC, and guess what first prize is?"

Christine tells Cane he's making a terrible mistake. He says he appreciates the warning, but they're done.

Avery tells Victor, "This could be a disaster for Genevieve." He replies, "And a windfall for me."

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