Phyllis strides into Daniel's apartment, saying at least he's alone there without the freak. Daisy appears with Lucy and says Daniel insisted they move in. Daniel leaves them alone. Daisy taunts Phyllis about it being time to let Lucy go. Phyllis reminds her Daniel and Lucy are her family. She exits. Daniel returns and tells Daisy he's taking Lucy for a drive.

In the bar, Paul tells Christine his concerns about Ricky. Paul tells Christine what Melissa told him about Rachel and Ricky. She says it doesn't mean Ricky's like Isabella. Paul says there's nothing in Ricky's eyes - not a flicker of empathy. She points out that he hasn't hurt anyone. He replies, "That we know of." He worries that if Ricky killed Rachel, he could hurt others. Christine asks Paul what he'll do next. Paul guesses he'll investigate more. She warns him to be careful - if Ricky hurt that girl, they have to make sure he can't do anything like that again.

Ricky enters Eden's apartment and locks the door behind him. She is tense. He returns her key and asks where her new roommate is. Eden makes an excuse. Ricky says the friend hasn't materialized, and warns her not to go around getting others worked up about him being out to get Phyllis. Eden tells him to go. He does, but returns when Eden's out, letting himself in with a spare key.

Sharon spots Adam carrying Chelsea's box into his suite. They turn to look at her. Adam confirms they're moving in together. Sharon assumed Chelsea would be leaving town. Chelsea goes inside. Adam tells Sharon not to worry about him - he's not her concern; they're exes and there's nothing left between them. Adam tells Sharon he likes Chelsea. Sharon says he's trying to find a reflection of himself. Adam wonders what she's finding with Victor, but then promises to stay out of it. He tells Sharon goodbye and goes in to help Chelsea unpack. Sharon gasps. Inside, Chelsea and Adam joke. He notes she didn't ask about Sharon. She shrugs - not her business. They decide to watch 'The Outsiders'.

At the ranch, Victor asks Nicholas if he knows where his mother is at right now, then mutters that she's probably with Jack. Nick wonders why he cares what Nikki's doing when he's supposedly romancing his ex-wife, Sharon. Victor feigns disinterest. Nick goes.

In the therapy room, Jack proposes to Nikki. He says Kyle is trying to get beyond it and wants him to be happy - with her. Jack doesn't want to waste any more time. Nikki protests that marriage is a huge leap. Victor arrives unseen and listens as Jack proposes again. Nikki kisses Jack and says she loves him too. Victor grimaces and leaves. Nikki tells Jack she needs more time to decide about marriage. Jack continues his workout smiling.

Nick finds a hormonal, freaking-out Phyllis on the patio at Crimson Lights. She tells him to get rid of the flowers he brought and rants about Daniel's choices. Nick says he's an adult. Phyllis asks for a massive brownie. Daisy storms in and confronts Phyllis about asking Daniel to bring Lucy there. Phyllis says she didn't - he's not there - and makes a crack about Daisy's happy marriage. She tells her to expect more nights like this. Nick tells Daisy to go home and wait. After, Nick tells Phyllis he'll check things out at Daniel's, and goes. Christine arrives and has an exchange with Phyllis, who calls her a bitch under her breath. Ricky lurks and listens.

Victor paces the ranch. Sharon arrives. They embrace wordlessly. Victor gives her a gift and tells her to open it upstairs. Sharon says she felt like crying when she arrived, but now she won't waste her time on tears. When she comes down in her new gown, saying it's perfect, Nikki overhears and flashes to saying the same thing to Victor herself. She holds her heart as they kiss.

Eden arrives at the Club and tells Paul that Ricky moved out last night. She explains that she asked him to go. Eden tells him about the fake card from his mom and his anger toward Phyllis. She tells him how Ricky freaked her out just returning her key. Paul warns her to stay away from his son.

Back at Daniel's place, Daisy opens the door to Nick. She says Daniel's not back and not answering her phone calls.

Daniel is backstage at Danny's concert. He introduces him to Lucy and asks how Danny did it - how did he spend every day with someone he didn't love, just to be with him.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Christine says to Phyllis, "Calling me a bitch under your breath?" Phyllis says, "I should have said it to your face."

Danny tells Daniel that Phyllis was Phyllis, but he was his son and he wouldn't have traded it for anything.

Victor asks Sharon if they're wise in pursuing this.

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