On the patio, Nikki bickers with Katherine about whether Jack is in love with her. Katherine brings up Victor and Sharon and says some innocent bystander is bound to get hurt. After, Katherine watches Jack with Nikki and then reiterates to Nikki that he loves her. Nikki says it doesn't matter - they can't be together.

Kyle tells Victor, in his office, that he wants to get an overall view of Newman. Victor takes him on a tour. Later, Nikki arrives and confronts Victor about turning Kyle against Jack. Victor says Kyle asked him for a job and to stay at the ranch. Nikki mutters, "So you say." Victor hollers at her to go take care of Jack Abbott.

Paul approaches Ricky in the Club and makes nice. Ricky blows him off. Avery appears and Paul tells her he feels bad that Ricky lost his girlfriend. He tells her he's meeting the girl's best friend today, but didn't reveal he's Ricky's father.

In the coffee house, Eden tells Lauren and Michael that Ricky left, but Daisy is still there with Daniel. Michael says they won't move back until Daisy's gone. Lauren says they can't let her run their lives. They decide to get a new home and bring Fen back. Katherine appears, and they share their plans. Eden says goodbye, but Abby stops her. They insult each other and Eden exits.

At home, Daniel tells Daisy he thinks they should move. Daisy asks why. Daniel tells Daisy she shouldn't have to see Eden all the time - they can move into his place. Daisy agrees.

Daniel meets Lauren and Michael at Crimson Lights and tells them that he's moving Daisy into his place. Lauren grins. He says he's doing it for them. Avery arrives and gets up to speed. Daniel goes, and the three speculate on Daniel living with Daisy - his own circle of hell.

Eden exits her elevator and Daisy's in the hall. She tells her that she and Daniel are moving to get away from her. Daisy goes to pack and Ricky shows up, saying he has an offer she'd better not refuse. He notices her packing and decides he'll move in there. She asks why she'd go along with it. He says unless she does, he'll tell the court she had Lucy kidnapped to retain custody. Daisy protests, but Ricky tells her he had nothing to gain, and the proof can be created. She sniffs that he can have the place. Later, Eden is stunned to see Ricky moving into Daisy's.

Paul meets with Ricky's girlfriend's best friend, Melissa, at a college. He learns that Rachel, Ricky's girlfriend, was in foster care, and then on her own. Melissa says Rachel deserves justice. She tells Paul that Ricky wanted everyone to believe she committed suicide, but really, she kept trying to break up with him, and he'd get moody. The girl says Rachel finally ended it, and it looked like suicide, but it wasn't. Paul asks if she has proof. She doesn't, but says she never trusted Ricky - in her heart, she knows he had something to do with her death.

At Abby's place, she and Kyle bicker about him working with Victor. He insists it has nothing to do with his dad. Abby has two letters for him - B and S! She challenges Kyle to go tell Jack he's not looking to get even.

At therapy, Jack turns purple with effort as Sarge hollers at him to lift his butt into his chair. Kyle and Abby arrive as he finally succeeds. Jack makes introductions. Sarge and Abby disappear. Jack tells Kyle he and Nikki called it quits. Kyle feels like an ass - Jack's putting an epic effort in walking again, he shouldn't wreck his life over something he doesn't like. Jack says what matters to hm, matters. Kyle tells Jack to do what makes him happy - even if it's Nikki. Nikki arrives and Kyle takes off. Jack tells Nikki he's glad she dropped by, and professes his love.

Daniel's surprised to see Daisy at this apartment with Lucy. She says she packed up the essentials in the car - they couldn't wait. Daisy tells Daniel to hold Lucy while she makes a snack. Daniel tells Lucy, "Welcome home."

Katherine arrives at Victor's office and makes him chuckle by hollering at him to cut the crap! Victor says if Nikki wants to be with Jack, he couldn't care less. Katherine says Jack's in love with her - Victor needs to go to her now.

In a bar, Christine approaches Paul. He hugs her, and says he began wondering today, how much Ricky might be like Isabella.

Kyle returns to Abby's house and says he told Jack to see Nikki. She's proud.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Adam confirms to Sharon that he and Chelsea are living together.

Christine says Ricky's never done anything violent. Paul responds, "That we know of."

Victor sees Nikki kissing Jack.

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