In Crimson Lights, Billy tells Jack that Ashley insists she's much less fragile in the past. They agree to keep an eye on her just in case. Billy says he's lucky Vikki forgave him - they'll support Ashley no matter what she decides. Sarge appears and implies there may be something to the feeling Jack had in his toe. Billy goes, and Sarge tells Jack they'll continue to work hard.

Ashley interrupts Tucker from comforting Harmony. They both protest that nothing was going on. Harmony exits hastily. Ashley hollers that Devon must be thrilled his parents are getting back together. Tucker protests, saying Devon is disgusted with them. Ashley exits. Tucker throws things in frustration.

Nikki and Katherine spot Victoria in the Club. Vikki says she avoids bringing the baby there because of Chelsea. Katherine walks off. Vikki tells her mother it was heartwarming when Victor held the baby, but not enough to undo what he did. Vikki gets Chelsea's latest bill and mutters that she thought she'd be gone by now. At her table, Katherine calls Sofia over and they discuss Tucker's transgression. Katherine hopes he and Ashley can work things out. She exits, and Harmony appears. She admits to Sofia that she and Sarge are friends, and insists there is nothing between her and Neil either. Sofia says she's destroyed one marriage already and needs to stay away from Neil! Billy arrives and Victoria tells him she wants Chelsea gone. Billy suggests they talk to her.

Adam visits Chelsea's room, where she's looking for a job. They agree it's was drawn to business and the art of the deal at a young age. She says she's a dropout. He suggests she get her diploma and then go to college. Billy and Victoria arrive. Chelsea turns down their offer to help relocate, telling them she already declined $10 million from Victor. She reminds them they promised she could be a part of John's life. She smiles that maybe she'll know him when he's older, but they're raising him, and she can pay her own bills from now on. After, Chelsea asks Adam what she's supposed to do now. Adam suggests she move into his suite - no strings attached. Chelsea says she'll start packing.

Neil arrives at home and dismisses the nanny. Sofia enters, and Neil says, "You know, don't you?" You talked to Tucker." Sofia admits Tucker called her the night it happened. She also tells Neil she ran into Harmony earlier and put her on notice. She tells Neil that Harmony is not worthy of him - she is. She tells him if he doesn't realize it soon, it will be too late.

Katherine arrives at Tucker's place and says she's there if he needs her. Tucker laments putting Ashley through this. Katherine asks if Devon knows. Tucker says he was there earlier. Katherine urges him not to give up with his son. Tucker asks for his mother's help. Katherine says he'll need to address whatever issues they had before - that's what lead up to cheating. Tucker just wants Ashley back. Katherine advises him to give her space - he can't make her forgive him.

Harmony shows up on Ashley's doorstep and tells her Tucker loves her and waited his whole life for her - what happened was just a stupid mistake. Ashley disagrees it was a mistake - she made a conscious decision to sleep with her husband. Ash will never forget the image that assaulted her eyeballs! Harmony wants her to forgive Tucker. Ashley asks why she even came back - is this how she reconnects with her son? Later, Tucker brings the rest of Ashley's things. He tells her he's truly sorry, and loves her, then leaves.

Nikki enters Crimson Lights and Jack invites her to join him. She's worried that Kyle will come in. Jack doesn't want to live his life like this - he wants to be with her. Katherine arrives, and Jack wheels off to get coffee. Katherine tells Nikki that Jack's in love with her.

Back home, Victoria complains about having to promise Chelsea contact with their son. Billy says if Victor couldn't pry her out, what can he do? Vikki marvels over the amount of money Chelsea turned down and wonders if Adam turning over a new leaf was an influence. They hold John, and Billy reassures Victoria.

Harmony stops into Jimmy's and orders a ginger ale. A drug dealer chats her up. Sarge watches as he offers her a free hit. She declines. Sarge offers to go to a meeting with her.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Daniel tells Avery, Michael, and Lauren that a lot of people have suffered because of Daisy - he's just trying to make things right.

Ricky tells Daisy if she doesn't start to play nice, he'll tell the court she had Lucy kidnapped.

Paul tells Avery he's going to get more information on Ricky's old girlfriend - today.

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