At the club, Victor informs Katherine that he's dating Sharon again. She coughs. "What in the hell are you doing?" she asks, assuming this is all about retribution. He slurs about things being over with Nikki but Katherine says their story will never end.

Billy and Victoria go home and yak about babies. He wants to go check on Ashley; they're sure she's having a 'bad trip' after witnessing 'the dirty-dirty'. Once he's out, Nikki stumbles in growling about Victor and Sharon. She finds it unbelievable. Vicki says it's horribly true. "This is just disturbing on so many different levels," she says. She worries if her mom will be okay. "This really stinks," Nikki states. Her daughter assures her that it isn't serious with Sharon and Victor would actually want her back if the world was ending. He shows up at the door and dismisses Nikki. "I was here first!" she shoots back. Their daughter thinks they're acting like children. They get worse. Victoria says she won't have a 'tizzy fit' but now she and her dad are even: they're both involved with people the other hates. She lectures both of them about how endlessly repetitive this is. Her parents furrow their brows. The baby cries so Victor holds him. He baby talks until Nikki leaves. His daughter marvels about how he can be infuriating and sweet.

At the Abbotts', Abby stutters to Devon and Lily until Ashley walks in. Devon wonders if something happened between her and Tucker. Abby gets in the way. Her mom mopes off. Devon won't let it drop so Abby sighs and explains Tucker did his mother. She ushers them out in shock. Upstairs, Ashley calls Tucker and asks when he'll be out so she can pick up her stuff. He wants to talk. When she gets off the phone, Billy shows up and she tells him about her morning 'to do' list. She assumes he thinks she's going to steer herself into 'the dark abyss' and assures him she can handle herself. Ashley worries she didn't bring enough to the relationship. He says what happened had nothing to do with her. Billy tells her a man can slip up and still love his wife. She doesn't think this is the same as what he did.

Billy goes home. He apologizes to Victoria again for what he did. He thanks her for forgiving him. She'll always see the baby as theirs. "I'll never take you for granted," he says. Billy worries that she might have blamed herself for what he did. He can finally understand why Victor hates him. Victor comes out of the other room. After he smugly walks out, Billy hopes he didn't hear what he just said.

Harmony walks into Crimson Lights and spots Tucker. She's about to walk out by he offers to go instead. Once he's out, Neil pops up. He explains that he told Sofia about his feelings for her. "You gonna give up a good woman for a homewreckin' slut?" she asks. He tells her it's not so bad. "I had sex with Tucker!" she screeches. Neil is in shock. She can't believe she changed her name to 'Harmony' when all she can do is destroy people's lives. Once she walks off, he turns around and sees Abby and Lily. They discuss the situation. After he leaves, the young ladies start discussing what might be going on with Neil and Harmony.

Neil meets Katherine at the club. She senses he's distracted. He fills her in and worries about Harmony's mental state. He hopes that Katherine can keep an eye on her. She explains that she gave her the boot. He says she needs someone to lean on. Later, she spots Nikki and asks her for some advice about Harmony. She feels like she's been too harsh on her and asks her to help make Harmony realize she's not alone.

Devon shows up at Tucker's office. "You're a low life skeeze, man," Devon says. Tucker has no answers, just regrets. Harmony shows up. He lectures them both for being 'full of bull'. Tucker makes excuses. Devon feels stupid for wanting a family. He declares he'll never be able to trust them and storms off. Tucker is sure he'll come around. Harmony isn't. As she cries, he tries to comfort her. Ashley walks in on them.

Neil joins Lily and Devon at Crimson Lights. He admits to his daughter that he has feelings for Harmony and told Sofia. He's wondering if he should ignore those feelings now.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

"You made me a promise when I signed him off to you. You promised that I could still be part of his life," Chloe reminds Billy and Victoria.

"You destroyed one marriage. You don't want to make it two. Stay away from Neil," Sofia tells Harmony.

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