As Daniel and Eden neck in Jimmy's Bar, Abby and Kyle enter behind Daisy and Phyllis. Daisy tells Eden she doesn't seem like the type to make out with a married man. Abby gasps, "No way." Phyllis asks Daniel if he's wasted - they need to talk. Abby tries to get involved, but Daniel tells her to stay out of it. Daisy tells Eden to stay away from her husband. Daniel, Phyllis, and Daisy leave. Abby rushes up to Eden with her mouth hanging open. Eden says there's no excuse for what Daniel did to her. They talk about how men are no good, and agree that Daniel has issues. Kyle asks Eden if she's okay - he'll always have her back. Abby realizes they hooked up and turns on Eden, who tells her, "Back off, bitch!" Ricky enters. Eden tells him to hurry up and clear out his stuff so she can go home. After, Abby tells Kyle that Eden is bad news. He grins that she's bad - in a good way. Abby grimaces. Kyle goes to hit on a chick. Eden returns and Abby insinuates that she's a slut. Eden asks if she's jealous. Abby says she gave Kyle a heads-up about her. Eden throws peanuts at her back as she goes.

Jack hollers for Sarge in the therapy room. Billy appears. Jack says his toe moved! He implores his foot to do it again. Billy goes to look for Sarge or the neurologist. The doctor comes and does some tests. Jack feels nothing. The doctor says it was all in his head. Jack glumly tells Billy he thought it was the beginning of walking again. Jack has a little rant, and Billy asks if he's going to give up now. He says, "You're Jack Abbott!" Billy thinks Sarge will get him to move that toe again, but Jack says it's time to get real. Billy says he won't give up on him. Jack is determined to be maudlin. Billy says he wouldn't have anything he has if not for Jack, and he'll kick his ass to the moon and back. Jack grins. He tells Billy he'll show Sarge how he moved his toe. Billy says, "Now you're talking." Jack asks Billy to keep it to himself. He tells Billy that Ashley caught Tucker in bed with Harmony - she'll need their help to get through this.

Back at Daisy's, Phyllis says they're talking - now. She tells her Daniel is never going to want her - not if she keeps him trapped here for a million years. Daisy asks how she knows. Phyllis says she played out the same scenario with Daniel's father. Daisy says, "I'm not you." Phyllis says Daniel will always want someone else. She tells her woman-to-woman not to do this. Later, Ricky mocks Daisy in the hall about what happened at Jimmy's. Daisy says Daniel will come around. She complains about Phyllis trying to say her situation is like her and Danny Romalotti's. Ricky asks questions. Inside, Phyllis tells Daniel he's getting this married annulled. Daniel says he's staying; it's best for Lucy. Daisy enters and Phyllis leaves. Daniel sleeps on the sofa. Daisy sits by him and whispers that she loves him enough for the both of them, and what happened tonight can never happen again. She steps away and he opens his eyes. Out in the hall, Phyllis fills Danny in by phone and boards the elevator. Ricky gets on, pushes the red button, stares at her, then smiles and starts the elevator again.

In Abby's house, Ashley listens as Tucker bangs on the door and calls her name. She opens the door and tells him she has nothing to say to him. He has a lot to say - most importantly, he loves her. Inside, he tells her he doesn't expect forgiveness, and that he hates that he hurt her. Ash says he was right - he's not cut out for marriage. He says she means more to him than anything in the world. Ash says it doesn't matter - nothing lasts in his world. She says they can't overcome this - not ever. Tucker thinks he can make things right again. Ashley says she's done. He says, "Don't do this." She yells, "You did it!" Tucker says if this is who he is, than she deserves better. Abby comes home and orders him out. Ashley tells him not to come back. They agree they hate him. They get into pajamas and Abby does Ashley's nails. Ashley thanks Abby, who suggests Ashley take Tucker's money.

Tucker arrives at Jimmy's and orders a bourbon. A blonde hits on him. He tells her he only wants to be with the bottle. Nearby, Kyle apologizes to Eden for Abby's behavior. He tries to flirt, but she blows him off and leaves.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Victor tells Katherine he's seeing Sharon again. She responds, "What in the hell are you doing?"

Devon, standing with Lily, asks Abby, "What did Tucker do to your mom?" She says, "He cheated on her."

Ashley assures Billy she's not going to have another breakdown. Billy asks how she can be so sure - he's worried about her.

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