At Crimson Lights, Chelsea and Adam discuss Victor's offer to her. He warns her if she takes the money, her life will be dictated by 10 million Victor Newman dollars. She realizes she can't take the offer. He says he'll come with her when she breaks the news.

At the ranch, Victor asks Sharon to dinner in Chicago, but she says she's decided not to get involved with him. Adam and Chelsea arrive. Sharon awkwardly exits. Chelsea tells Victor to keep his money. He asks why she's not accepting his offer. Chelsea takes Adam's arm and says she has her reasons. Victor laughs, and then tells her to stay away from Victoria's child. Adam tells him he can't just order people around. Chelsea goes to the car. Adam tells Victor to think about how getting naked with Sharon will effect Nicholas and their kids. Victor orders him out.

At the penthouse, Phyllis and Nick decide to go find Daniel, but Nikki arrives. Phyllis leaves alone. Nikki tells Nick about Victor and Sharon's romantic nightcap. She complains that she thought it was all for her until Sharon appeared. Nick says he pities Sharon if these are the choices she's making.

Daisy pours Daniel champagne at home. They drink to their marriage. Daniel downs his glass and pours more. When Daisy checks on Lucy, Daniel fills her glass with his. Daisy drinks it and passes out. Daniel slips out. Phyllis hammers on the door and Daisy gets up. Phyllis realizes she's drunk. Daisy says she and Daniel drank champagne to celebrate their wedding night. Phyllis gapes as Daisy hiccups, "You're my mother-in-law!" Daisy says she'll be a good wife. Phyllis says she's delusional - her son doesn't love her. It's her wedding night and he's not even there! Daisy wants to find Daniel. Phyllis says she's not driving around with Lucy drunk - she'll take her.

At therapy, Jack tells Sarge he's ready to make up for lost time - besides it's a great distraction from his personal life. Sarge gives him extra dips for calling him 'Auggie'. Nikki arrives. She tells Jack about Victor and Sharon. Jack hopes seeing it will set Nikki free. Nikki complains about Sharon being on the prowl. Jack can't understand Sharon anymore, and thinks she and Victor deserve each other. Later, Jack is distracted when working out. Sarge says he's been there - personal problems can mess with your head. After they finish, and Sarge walks away, Jack gets a twinge. He calls for Sarge!

Nick and Sharon run into each other at Crimson Lights. She tells Nick she just had one drink with Victor. Nick says he hopes she can see what's ahead on the track and get out of the way before the train wrecks. Later, Sharon spots Adam and asks to speak to him alone. He tells her to talk in front of Chelsea. She tries to explain about her and Victor. Adam says it's messed up and then blows her off.

Kyle spots Eden at Jimmy's and gives her a bracelet she left in his room. She tells him she's hanging out there until her creepy roommate moves out. They sit down and talk about facing Mother's Day without their moms. Two girls flirt with Kyle. He ends up going bar-hopping with them and leaving Eden behind. Daniel appears. Eden hopes he's not going to marry Daisy. He says, "Not going to..." They move to a private booth and make-out. Daisy enters, followed by Phyllis carrying Lucy. They stare at Daniel and Eden.

Kyle is with his girls at Crimson Lights. Their chatter is bothering him. He decides to go back to Jimmy's.

Nick arrives at the GCAC, where Victor says he plans to see Sharon socially. Nick says he won't get involved and announces that he and Phyllis are having another child. They bicker. Nick tells him his thing with Sharon affects Nikki most of all - not that he cares. In the lobby, Nikki spots Sharon and says she's always wanted to be her and have her lifestyle. She mocks Sharon, saying Adam and Nick got tired of her, and Victor will too. Sharon reminds Nikki she was a stripper - she started on a pole and wound up in a bottle - why would she want to emulate that? In the dining room, Chelsea tells Adam how good she feels after turning Victor down. Nearby, Victor passes Nikki, who confronts him. He says he's seeing Sharon because Nikki was cavorting with Jack Abbott. Nikki says she's happy with the choice she made. Victor stalks off. Nikki joins Nick and accepts an invitation to spend Mother's Day with him and Phyllis. Nikki, Nick, Adam, and Chelsea all cringe as Sharon joins Victor at the bar and kisses his cheek. She's decided to go to Chicago with him.

Genoa City Spoiler for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Eden says to Daniel, "You married her?" Abby, watching with Kyle, says, "No way." Daisy says, "Tell her, Daniel."

Tucker hollers at Ashley from behind a door, "I'm not leaving until we talk. I'll stay out here all night if I have to."

Phyllis says, "He's never going to want you, Daisy." Daisy says, "How the hell do you know that?" Phyllis replies, "I played out the same scenario."

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