At Gloworm, Michael asks Daisy who her imaginary fiance is - she says Daniel. Lauren scoffs, "In your dreams." Daisy tells Lauren not to freak out when she registers at Fenmore's. Kevin arrives and Michael fills him in. Michael tells Lauren that Daisy is obvious in her attempts to provoke her. Kevin thinks Daniel must be trying to protect his daughter.

On the patio, Paul and Avery discuss how no one can trust Ricky. Avery says he doesn't regret his transgressions. She tells Paul that she hired Ricky without the usual recommendation. She also tells Paul that a girl Ricky dated for years killed herself after he broke up with her. Paul feels bad and says Ricky is carrying around a lot of anger. They read the girlfriend's death report online and notice her best friend's memorial posts on her Faceplace page. Paul decides to find the best friend.

In the penthouse, Phyllis tells Daniel she won't allow him to marry Daisy. He says he has to, it's the only way to keep Lucy safe. Phyllis is upset that he's throwing his life away. He leaves. Nick arrives and Phyllis fills him in. She says she won't let this marriage happen. Nick understands that Daniel's looking after his child. Phyllis says she's looking after her child! Nick says Daniel needs support.

At Jimmy's, Eden tells Ricky his threat against Phyllis sounds serious. He says he was just venting, but Eden's creeped out, and tells him to move out - tonight. Ricky gets angry. Eden lies that she has a girlfriend who needs a place to stay. Ricky says he'll move.

Eden joins Lauren and Michael at Gloworm. She tells them she kicked Ricky out - he's demented. Eden tells them about the fake card from his mother and how he threatened to bring Phyllis down. They all agree he's not right in the head. Michael tells her not to go back to the apartment until he makes sure he's moved out. Lauren muses, "Crazy's busting out all over the place," and tells Eden about Daisy's claim. They discuss what Phyllis must think about Daniel's plan. Lauren urges Michael to go to her. After, Eden tells Lauren she can't believe Daniel would actually married Daisy - she's worried. Lauren says she should be - he is feeding into Daisy's dangerous delusions.

Kevin finds Daniel at Jimmy's. Daniel confirms that he's marrying Daisy and asks him not to give him grief. Kevin says he knows what it's like to marry a girl you don't love - he's here for him. Daniel says there might be something he can do...

Michael arrives at the penthouse and tells Nick and Phyllis that Lauren won't have to go to jail. Phyllis and Michael hug. He then tells her Ricky has it in for her. Phyllis says he's the least of her worries. They all discuss Daniel's proposal and Daisy toying with Lauren. Nick and Phyllis tell Michael they are getting married and are expecting. Michael is happy and tells them not to let the stuff with Daniel overshadow their joy. Later, Phyllis calls Danny to help her stop Daniel from marrying Daisy.

Daisy opens her door to Ricky, who wants to stay with her. She says it won't work - Daniel just asked her to marry him. Ricky laughs that he's clearly scamming her. He says Daniel hates her. Daisy says they had great sex. Ricky says it will come at a huge cost - Phyllis will make sure of it. As they argue, Daniel arrives. Ricky congratulates him, saying he really hit the jackpot. Daniel tells Daisy to stay away from Ricky, and then suggests they elope. Daisy wants a real wedding, but Daniel has a Justice of the Peace on standby and Kevin's in the car. Daisy tells him she loves him.

Michael rejoins Lauren and Eden at Gloworm, and confirms he and Phyllis made up. Michael vows that they'll all have each other's backs with Ricky and Daisy.

Back at Jimmy's, Ricky looks at an old photo of Phyllis and Danny, and muses, "Danny Romalotti. You're the guy with the answers I need."

At the Justice of the Peace's house, Daisy and Daniel tie the knot as Kevin looks on with Lucy. They are pronounced husband and wife, and Daniel kisses Lucy, not Daisy.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Victor tells Nick he's glad he came by, he wanted to talk to him. Nick asks, "About Sharon?"

Adam says to Chelsea, "If cash weren't a factor..." She interrupts, "Cash is a factor." He replies, "Only if you let it be."

Daisy tells Phyllis she and Daniel just got married, and says, "You're my mother-in-law!"

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