Paul and Ricky meet at Jimmy's. Ricky talks about his mother and how he worries he might be somehow like her. Paul acknowledges that Ricky has resentment toward him. Ricky says he wants to start over. He tells Paul that Phyllis fired him, and starts to prod for information about her. Paul realizes he wants him to dig up dirt on Phyllis. Ricky plays innocent. Paul angrily tells him he wants no part of whatever he's up to, and leaves. Ricky's angry.

At the ranch, Kyle tries to sneak Eden past the staff. As Eden hides, he tells the maid it's been tremendous being back at the ranch.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Chloe and Delia laugh at Billy when Baby John spits up on his shoulder. Billy wants to take Delia to see Jill, and promises to keep her dress clean. Inside, Kyle and Eden flirt while discussing fritters. Billy enters and sees them kissing. Billy teases Kyle about making new friends, and Kyle points out Billy's man purse. Eden hears Kyle say he's not serious about anyone. She tells him she's not interested in the whole friends with benefits thing.

Avery arrives at Phyllis's penthouse. Phyllis tells her she and Nick are engaged and expecting. Avery says it's wonderful, then gets a text - she has to go. Phyllis asks her to keep it to herself - Daniel doesn't know yet. Billy arrives with the kids and spots a maternity magazine. She admits they're going to be in-laws again. They discuss Ricky filing for unemployment and how creepy he is.

Michael argues with Walsh at the station about Lauren's charges. Jill is outraged that Walsh wants her to be a witness against her sister. Jill challenges him to cite her for contempt. Walsh shrugs that there are other witnesses. Michael says this crusade is about him not making a case against Nikki. Walsh vows Lauren will go to prison. Avery arrives to help. Lauren is upset, but Michael says Walsh respects her. Lauren agrees to let Avery try, and encourages Jill to go to Australia. They embrace. Michael walks Jill out. When they meet with Walsh again, Avery warns him that she will make it look like Daisy is trying to put Lauren back in the cage. Walsh agrees to community service hours. Lauren and Michael hug and thank Avery. Lauren goes to call Scotty and Michael embraces Avery.

Daniel goes to Daisy's place and tells her he's thought about their situation. He proposes. Daisy asks who put him up to this. Daniel says he sees the sacrifices she's made for Lucy and he wants to do the same. Daisy tells him to go. Daniel kisses her. They have sex, and Daniel apologizes for the things he's said, and asks to see Lucy before he goes. Daisy goes to get her up, and Daniel grimaces. She returns with Lucy and he says he'll be back in an hour.

In the park, Genevieve tells Cane she's grateful that he protected her by not cooperating with the SEC. Cane is still worried. He wonders if she's thought about cutting her losses with Beauty of Nature. Cane leaves, and Jill appears to confront Gen about not keeping her distance from him. They argue. Gen says she was a better mother than Jill ever was. Jill slaps her. They continue to trade insults. Gen tells her to sling all the mud she wants - none of it will stick. They proceed to have an actual mud fight. Cane and Billy arrive and break it up. Billy turns to find Delia playing in the mud! Chloe arrives and Billy tells her someday this will be funny. Jill tells Billy that Gen insulted her parenting. Billy jokes that only he's allowed to do that. They hug.

Eden finds Ricky at Jimmy's listening to dark, moody music, and tearing up the letter from his mother. He admits he wrote the card himself and vows to bring down that bitch Phyllis.

Daniel arrives at the penthouse, where she announces that she and Nick are remarrying and that she's pregnant. Daniel is stunned, but recovers. He says he has news too. He sits her down and says, "Daisy and I are getting married."

At Crimson Lights patio, Cane chuckles at the mud-covered Genevieve. She blames Jill, but Cane thinks she must have been provoked. He leaves, and Gen gets a call from Colin, who lets her know he's been released thanks to her. Inside, Paul asks Avery about Ricky's character. He like to know about his principles or lack thereof. Avery says he's amoral.

Michael and Lauren share a toast at Gloworm. Daisy appears. Michael tells her to leave. Daisy says she wants to register at Fenmore's for her wedding.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Paul says to Avery, "He will do anything he possibly can to get ahead." She replies, "And I help whoever stands in his way."

Ricky says to Eden, "What did you think I meant? That I was going to kill her in her sleep?"

Daniel tells Daisy he wants them to elope - now.

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