At Newman, Victor tells Sharon they should go and be alone at the ranch.

At the Chancellor estate, Lily and Cane give Jill pictures of the twins to take to Australia. Cane embraces her, saying he'll miss her. Jill suggests they visit while she's there. Cane assures her he'll take care of things at work. Goodbyes are said, and Jill cries as they leave.

Ashley sees Tucker in bed with Harmony at their place. She rushes out with Tucker running behind, calling her name and grimacing. She slams the door. Harmony dresses and sobs that she's sorry. Tucker leaves.

Abby and Devon are together at her place to critique videos. They talk about how Tucker really came through. Ashley arrives. Devon takes off. Ashley tells Abby she was right all along about Tucker. She describes how she found him with Harmony. Abby gasps, "Devon's mom?" Ashley says she didn't do anything - just left. Abby says he's a rat. Ashley sobs as they discuss how much he fooled them all. Ash asks Abby not to say anything to Devon.

Tucker enters the Abbott house calling out for Ashley. Jack greets him angrily. Tucker assumes he knows what happened and blurts something out about Harmony. Jack asks what's going on. Tucker stammers that he had a lot to drink, and Harmony drove him home... Jack growls, "You son of a bitch!" Tucker leaves, with Jack vowing to tell Ashley to dump him.

Neil tells Sofia, at Crimson Lights, that he hasn't acted on his feelings for Harmony, except for a kiss. Sofia asks if he wants to be with Harmony. Neil says no, but he's glad the truth is out there. He reminds her they didn't get married because they were in love. Sofia says she's in love - she never would have betrayed Malcolm otherwise. She hoped he'd come to feel the same. Neil sighs. He tells her they can get past this, but Sofia angrily says the best thing a man can do for his child is to love the mother. She storms out as Devon appears. Neil tells Devon that he doesn't love Sofia as a man should love his wife. He goes on to say that he's unexpectedly developed feelings for someone else. Cane and Lily join them briefly. After, Neil tells Devon the other woman is Harmony.

At AA, Katherine and Nikki discuss her doomed relationship with Jack. Katherine thinks Nikki's feelings for Victor are also a factor. Nikki talks about all the times they've kept trying and failed. The meeting gets underway. Harmony arrives and stands up to share. She confesses that she did something horrible tonight, but she wasn't high, she fell into another old habit. She tells the group how she hooked up with a married man, and his wife caught them. She wishes she could take it back, but she can't. Suddenly, she notices Nikki and Katherine. Katherine tells Nikki she may know who Harmony bedded.

At the ranch, Victor has had the staff set up a romantic dinner. Sharon says she can't stay long because Faith is with the nanny. He says that's been taken care of. He gifts her with a scarf, and pours champagne. When she steps away, Nikki walks in and assumes the romantic setting is for her. Victor says she needs to go. Sharon appears. Nikki goes on the attack, saying Sharon's just doing this because Nick's remarrying. Victor hollers, "Say hello to Jack Abbott," as she leaves. Sharon kisses Victor and goes.

At home, Sofia gets a call from Tucker, who asks if she's heard from Ashley. He says she walked out on him because she came home and found him with Harmony tonight. Later, Sofia tells Moses everything will be fine with daddy.

Harmony enters the Chancellor estate with Katherine behind her. Jill snarks that she hopes they have a really good time while she's gone and heads upstairs. Harmony tells Katherine she wasn't with Neil. Katherine realizes it was Tucker, and tells Harmony to leave her home.

Tucker arrives at Abby's place and barges in looking for Ashley. Abby says she's not there, and tells him he's scum. Tucker says he's already said that to himself. He tells Abby if anyone should understand having too much to drink and making a huge mistake, it's her. Abby says he can't make it right.

Ashley arrives at the Abbott house where Jack has a strong drink waiting. She tells him she went home to fight for her marriage - so much for that. Jack's sorry. She says sometimes the only way to see the truth is to be smacked across the face with it. Jack says Tucker never deserved her.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Walsh says to Jill, "You'll want to help Lauren run the family business while she's in prison."

Daniel tells Daisy he's had time to think about their situation.

Paul says to Ricky, "Is that why you asked me over here? Because you want me to dig up dirt on Phyllis?"

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