Sharon and Victor are having dinner at Gloworm. She babbles about learning Nick and Phyllis are engaged. Victor's eyebrows almost pop off. They assume Phyllis must be pregnant. She turns the topic to his grandson since Jack and Victoria just walked in with the baby. He says 'Billie's bastard' isn't part of his family. Sharon thinks that's a bad attitude. Jack and Victoria stare back across the room. "Better Victor than Adam... not a whole lot better," Jack groans. Victor walks over to announce that he wants to get to know the little boy. "One day you can tell him bedtime stories about how you used him to come between his mother and father," Jack snarks before leaving. The baby blows raspberries.

At the house, Phyllis and Nick are showing Summer all of her toys and reminding her about how great they are. She thinks they should pop out another kid to play with. They send her off for the night. Nick rubs the redhead's belly. She tells him what a gift pregnancy is. She's finally happy again. They continue going through the baby box and recollecting. She tells him how she loves him and says she isn't worried this time.

Adam paces around his room yakking on the phone until Chelsea shows up to take him out for dinner. They head down to Gloworm and spot Sharon and the others. He thinks they should leave but she tells him to get a table. As he walks over to thank Sharon for the birthday card, Chelsea checks on the baby. Victoria runs off with him. Victor asks Chelsea what's she doing and reminds her the baby is no longer hers. She and Adam leave. Victor is next to go and then Sharon pays the baby a visit. Victoria wants to know what her deal is and worries she might be latching on to her dad.

Nick and Phyllis head over to Gloworm. They bump into Sharon. Things are awkward but polite. The couple join Victoria and the baby. She fills her brother in about Sharon being with their father. He doesn't think they would cross any lines. Over at the bar, Phyllis orders a ginger ale so Sharon interrogates her. The redhead confirms that she is pregnant and tells Sharon that no one cares what she does anymore. Sharon takes the hint and leaves. Phyllis goes back to Nick and tells him they need to go because she's spotting.

Billy and Kyle are at his old bar having beers. Kyle talks about the wing of the house Victor gave him. Billie scowls. He warns him about the dangers of trusting and relying on the moustache. Kyle admits he took a job from Newman. Billie thinks he'll end up being another 'chew toy'. Kyle thinks he's a downer and chases after some women as his uncle heads out. He tries to impress them with his dart throwing. Jack shows up and challenges him. Ky doesn't want to talk and walks out.

Victor and Billy meet at the Newman office. Billy asks him to back off his nephew. Victor tells Billy-Boy this is none of his business. Billy accuses him of exploiting Kyle's grief and wishes he would learn his lesson. The mustache refuses to learn anything from a 'drunk, oversexed adolescent'. They bicker about Victoria. Victor trashes him and his 'debauchery'. He lists his failings until Kyle shows up. Billy takes him aside and offers him a better job but Kyle wants to stick with his plan. His uncle trudges out.

Chelsea and Adam go back to his room. She rants about Victor. He tells her she has to learn to live with the Victor sycophants. They tear off their clothes. After sex, they eat some chips. She gets a call from his dad. He tells her to get out of town and offers her ten million dollars. She tells Adam. He says he can turn ten million into a hundred million.

Jack pays Victoria and Billy a visit. Billy informs him that his son is now working for Victor. Jack fears his son will have to learn for himself what the Black Knight is like. Victoria admits that Victor visited their son tonight and acted sweet. Billy thinks they need to discuss boundaries.

Sharon runs over to Victor's office. She says he's one of the only people who don't think she's pathetic. She kisses him.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

"I want you to go," Neil tells Harmony.

"Am I interrupting something?" Nikki asks Victor and Sharon.

"Are you sure?" Jack asks. "I'm positive. I guess he didn't think it was worth mentioning," Ashley tells her brother.

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