At Jabot, the SEC agents tell Cane he could be instrumental in helping them build a case against his mother. Cane blows them off. They tell him to talk to his wife and get back to them.

Genevieve visits with Lily and the twins at home. Cane arrives. Gen steps out to take a call, and Cane fills Lily in on being questioned, saying his mother's problems are now their problems. Gen returns and Cane tells her about the SEC agents' visit. She asks if he's furious, and how he handled it. Cane says he didn't tell them anything. She thanks him for protecting her. Lily says Cane wants to move beyond their past. Cane says they'll be talking to him again. Gen says he has no proof of wrongdoing.

At Gloworm, Jack tells Nikki that Kyle hasn't returned his phone messages yet. He's trying to respect his decision and give him space. Nikki reminds him that they agreed to slow things down for Kyle's sake. Jack says he's meeting Sarge. Nikki's delighted. She goes, and Sarge appears. Jack asks to work with him again. They bicker. Jack insists he'll do everything he asks. Sarge replies, "No shortcuts." Jack concedes that it may take years, but he'll do it. Sarge agrees to take him on, warning that he'll work until he's intense pain. Jack asks his real name. He sighs, "Augustus. After my father."

At the tackhouse, Nick tells Phyllis that Kyle is just trying to find his way - they understand that. Nick wants to tell everyone about the baby, but Phyllis says they need to let them know they're engaged first. They agree this marriage will stick. Nick says it's different this time. Summer arrives and they tell her they're getting married again. She asks,"Forever?" Nick promises. Summer beams. Nikki arrives and Summer blurts the news. Nikki smiles, "My goodness, what a surprise!" Phyllis takes the ring from around her neck and Nick kneels down, proposes again, and places it on her finger. They decide to celebrate with chocolate lava cake. Nikki gives Nick a withering look. Nick takes Summer to the stables, and returns to find Nikki waiting to ask if he's sure about another big walk down the aisle. Nick says everything that's happened has been building to this moment. Nikki wonders why they don't wait, it's not like Phyllis is pregnant. Nick's silence confirms it. He says he couldn't be happier.

Jill comes upon Kay and Murphy in the living room and teases them about still acting like newlyweds after three years. Jill gets a call from Phillip - he's getting knee surgery. Jill tells Katherine and Murphy she'll go down there - he actually called and asked her to come! She goes to pack, and Murphy tells Katherine he made them a reservation - she'll find out where when they get there.

Jill stops in at Cane and Lily's house and trades barbs with Genevieve. The twins wake up and Genevieve tells stories about Cane as a child, before leaving. At the door, she thanks Cane again. They hug. Jill notes that things have changed. Cane admits they've made some progress. Lily hopes it lasts. Jill says she'll never be fond of Gen, but she understands. She then tells them she's going to Australia to help Phillip. Lily takes the kids to bed. Jill and Cane hug. Later, Cane tells Lily the SEC will keep hounding him. She says if he stands his ground, they'll back off. Cane calls the SEC agent to say he has nothing to offer.

Murphy brings a grumpy, blindfolded Katherine into the diner. Pearl and Joe and her former customers applaud as the blindfold comes off. Katherine says it's where Murphy proposed to her! They sit down to catch up. Pearl drags Joe to the back to give the lovebirds time together. Murphy tells Kay how his life began again when she agreed to marry him - he feels blessed every single day. When the diner clears out, Murphy turns on the jukebox and they dance.

Phyllis arrives at Gloworm as Jack says goodbye to Sarge. She tells him she's sorry about Kyle. Jack notices her engagement ring and asks if she's marrying Nick. He guesses that she's pregnant when she turns green at the smell of fish. Phyllis admits it, saying it's amazing, especially after what the doctor told them. Jack is happy for her.

Jill and Genevieve have another run-in at Crimson Lights. Jill says she went to Cane's to tell him she's leaving town. She tells Genevieve she doesn't believe she means Cane any harm, but that doesn't mean she won't do him any damage - she always puts herself first. Gen says her audacity is astounding. Jill advises her to keep her distance if she really cares about Cane.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Victoria asks Sharon, "What's the deal with you and my dad?"

Chelsea tells Victor, "It's none of your business." Victor replies, "As of now it is."

Jack tells Kyle they can work through this if he gives it a chance. Kyle says there are certain things you can't talk yourself out of.

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