On the Crimson Lights patio, Avery and Michael discuss her working for Victor. Michael gets a call from Jill saying two SEC agents are looking for Lauren, but she's gone. Inside, Kyle ignores a call from Jack. Adam and Chelsea enter. Adam greets Kyle. Kyle tells him he's going to work at Newman. Adam realizes he's trying to get back at Jack, and warns that Victor's no prize either. Adam tells Kyle that Diane loved him, and wishes him luck with Victor.

In Victor's office, Lauren resigns from the Newman board and hollers at Victor about his treatment of Michael. Lauren storms past Nick. Victor tells Nick she resigned because he fired Michael. Nick is angry with Victor. Later, Avery appears and tells Victor she'll sign on, but she has one conflict of interest to deal with first. They discuss trying to void the sale of Beauty of Nature. Avery says a lot will depend on how Genevieve handles the SEC.

At Jabot, Ashley tells Cane he has to go to New York tonight on business. She takes a call from Tucker, who thinks she's avoiding him. After, she finalizes with Cane, who says he's sorry they may have lost Beauty of Nature due to his mother.

Tucker answers his office door to Genevieve, who is anxious to get him to say he gave her the money for Beauty of Nature. Tucker says it's fraud and he won't do it. Gen pulls an old photo out and says he promised to always be there for her. He reminds her that she left for Australia and never looked back. The SEC agents arrive. Gen leaves. Tucker tells the agents the sale of Beauty of Nature was legit.

Michael arrives at the Chancellor estate. He and Jill puzzle over Lauren's whereabouts until she appears. She tells the SEC agents she'll answer questions - as a former member of the Newman board. She tells them the sale of Beauty of Nature was done by the book. After, Lauren and Jill smirk over sticking it to Victor. Michael tells them Victor has already replaced him. Michael and Lauren have a close moment over her going to bat for him.

Ashley arrives at the Abbott house and tells Jack that Tucker's been lying to her again. She tells him about the ruse with Sofia, and says Tucker doesn't get that it's not okay to keep things from her. Jack says Tucker sounds more and more like someone else she was married to.

Ashley joins Tucker at the office. The SEC agents ask about Genevieve being there before leaving. Tucker tells Ashley that he told Gen he was no longer interested in Beauty of Nature. Ashley is pleased - until she spots the childhood photo Gen left behind and he admits they were friends. Ash is outraged that he kept it from her even when Gen was involved with their lives. Cane calls Ash - she says she's going to New York herself. Tucker begs her not to go, but she does.

Chelsea is at Adam's suite when Victor arrives. She goes. Victor tells Adam the SEC is breathing down his neck regarding the sale of Beauty of Nature - he'd like it to be ruled a wrongful sale. Adam says it wasn't. Victor thinks Adam should 'remember' something shady. Adam isn't interested in lying. Victor thinks he should atone for his sins. Adam says, "By compounding them? No thanks." Victor tells him to think about it and goes. Adam gets a call from the SEC agents. Chelsea returns and he fills her in on Victor's request. She's pleased he refused to be manipulated.

Jack wheels into his living room and finds Genevieve there calling him a son of a bitch and saying it's all his fault - the SEC are all over her. Jack shrugs that he was wronged and is seeking recompense. Gen vows to find a way around it. She storms out as Avery arrives. Jack smiles that they have them on the ropes. Avery tells him she's working for Victor. Jack wishes her luck and says he'll be fine.

Nick spots Kyle at Crimson Lights and invites him to come over for dinner. Kyle says he's living at the ranch and will be working at Newman. Nick's puzzled, but says he must have his reasons. The SEC agents appear to question Nick. Afterward, Eden teases Kyle about being popular. Kyle says it's strange to be back, but he won't be like Diane and rely on others.

Genevieve arrives in Victor's office. They discuss the SEC issue. Gen insist they won't find proof. Victor says she's naive.

Cane hangs up from Lily in his office when the SEC agents arrive.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Katherine asks Murphy where they're going. He says she'll find out when they get there.

Genevieve asks Cane how he handled the agents. Cane replies, "You're asking if I told them anything?'

Summer blurts to Nikki that her mom and dad are getting married again. Nikki smiles "What a surprise!"

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