Avery arrives in Victor's office. He tells her he wants to hire her as his lawyer. She didn't know he had a criminal case pending. He says he wants her to be his personal counsel - it's not Michael Baldwin's job any longer. Avery says she can't take the job since she's representing Jack Abbott. Victor tells her someone else can do that, and gives her until the end of the day to decide.

At the Chancellor estate, Jill makes Lauren and Michael feel comfortable. They tell her they won't bring Fen back yet. Lauren quizzes Michael about why he hasn't been working. Michael admits he was fired. Lauren and Jill are outraged and sound off. Michael says he'll apologize and Victor will see the error of his ways. Later, Lauren tells Jill she feels responsible for Michael losing his job. Jill thinks it will all work out.

Abby and Jack discuss Kyle living at the ranch. She thinks it will give him time to calm down. Jack tells her that Nikki decided to leave town to give him and Kyle time together - now he's got neither of them. Jack wishes he and Kyle could just talk. Abby wonders where Kyle gets his stubbornness from. She says she has to go, advising Jack not to let Nikki leave town.

Nikki approaches Kyle at Crimson Lights. He mocks her about picking up something for Jack. She tries to make headway with him, but he doesn't want to hear it. She apologizes for his mother's death, and implores him to be angry at her - not his father. He's irked when she says she's leaving town - he won't be going over to Jack's for father/son bonding anytime soon. Nikki asks what she can do. Kyle says if she can't bring his mom back, then nothing. Later, Eden approaches Kyle and upon hearing who he is, they compare notes on losing parents. She suggests he get a job to distract himself. He says he'll be back.

At Gloworm, Jeffrey asks Kevin if he'd take over the books again. Kevin refuses - his bookie days are over. Gloria appears, complaining about not being able to find a bartender, and about Lauren and Michael having to move out because of Daisy. Carmine enters. Chloe rolls her eyes. He asks for the bartender position, saying he can make any drink out there. Chloe, Kevin, and Jeff beg Glo not to hire him. Abby arrives. She and Chloe watch as Glo puts Carmine through his paces and ogles his butt. She hires him. Chloe and Abby carry on with business. Abby suggests they have Angelina perform at the gala. Chloe protests as Carmine listens. Nearby, Jeff and Kevin argue with Gloria about Carmine. She says ladies who lunch will stay to look at that body. Carmine gives Jeffrey his application, telling him he'd like to learn from him. Jeff's delighted to hear he can do the books. At their table, Chloe tells Abby she can get Angelina after all - she'll help to get rid of Carmine. Glo tells Jeff that Carmine will bring in the broads and the bucks.

Michael enters Victor's office. He asks Victor to forget he fired him, but Victor says there is no need for his services at Newman Enterprises. Michael asks for a chance to correct the mistake and reminds him how many years he's put his needs ahead of his family's. He tells Victor he never even asked about Lauren - he thought they were friends. Victor hollers that he cost him millions and shows him the door. Later, Kyle enters with an idea. Victor makes some sort of proposal.

Still at home, Jill tells Lauren if Victor doesn't rehire Michael it may be a blessing in disguise. She leaves the room, and Lauren gets a text from Michael that Victor's not changing his mind. Jill returns to find her gone.

Nikki greets Jack at home. She briefs him on running into Kyle - she reached out and got her hand bit off. Jack asks her not to leave town. Nikki protests, but Jack says Kyle is an adult and he'll have to face facts - Nikki makes him happy. Nikki reluctantly agrees.

Lauren bursts into Victor's office, and Kyle goes. Victor tells Lauren he gave Michael's dismissal a lot of thought and won't rehire him. Lauren rants at him about Michael's loyalty and resigns from the Newman board.

Avery and Michael meet on the patio at Crimson Lights. She tells him about Victor's offer. Michael tells her to take the job - she can step in and not screw up everything he's done. Inside, Kyle returns and tells Eden he got a job at Newman Enterprises.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jack asks Ashley what's wrong. She says Tucker's been lying to her again.

Tucker says to Genevieve, "I bid on Beauty of Nature too." She asks if he's going to renege.

Michael takes a call from Jill, who tells him there are two SEC agents at the house looking for Lauren.

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