In the Newman elevator, Nick and Phyllis talk about their wedding plans, then Phyllis says, "I can't believe Michael kept such a secret from us." Nicks reads the article in today's paper about the discovery of the Czech treasure, then shows Phyllis, "Like this secret?"

In Victor's office, Victor tells Jack that he's the right man for the senator's seat. However, Jack says, "I have no intentions of running for office."

After Jack leaves, Victor tells Nikki not to worry about their plan. "Jack Abbot will run for senate whether he likes it or not."

In the Newman break room, Jack confesses to Phyllis that he's realized that Victor Newman was the main wedge that pulled them apart! Although Phyllis is stumped by his statement, she warns Jack against going up against Victor. After Jack asks about Summer, Phyllis tells him that she and Nick are making their marriage legal in Wisconsin. When asked if he'll be there, Jack reluctantly agrees with sadness in his eyes.

Nick arrives in Victor's office with the morning paper and is furious that Victor and Nikki kept this secret from him! When Nick says he's sick of being treated like a ten year old, Victor replies, "You got exactly what you deserve!" Victor accuses Nick of neglecting his responsibilities ever since Cassie died, "Your work, your marriage" Nick brings up Victor and Jack's sting that brought down the senator and says, "I never thought I'd see the day when you trusted Jack more than your son."

Michael goes to the jail and assures Kevin he's working on his bail. Kevin begins to beat himself up for falling for Jana, then asks Michael the unspeakable: "You think I killed Carmen, don't you?" Michael briefly takes a call, then tells Kevin he has a bail hearing set for today. "Does that prove that I believe in you?" However, Kevin starts to give up hope and says, "It doesn't matter, Bardwell is going to get me on murder one. It's a good thing I have a liar for a lawyer."

At the hospital, Neil tells Dru that he saw the woman who looks like Carmen! "There's no reason for you to be here." Devon also gives Dru the news that all charges have been dropped against him. While Dru is hugging Devon, Neil is told that Dru can't leave the hospital and that her voluntary admission was 'changed' to an involuntary admission.

When the doctor arrives, he informs Neil and Devon that the doctor in charge feared for Dru's safety and changed the status of her admission. After the doctor refers to Dru as delusional, Neil says, "I saw Carmen too!" Neil assures him that although the person he saw wasn't Carmen, she looked very similar. However, the doctor thinks that Neil is just saying this to help Dru and says that his hands are tied, "It's up for the courts to decide."

Neil calls Michael who agrees to meet Neil at Newman before Kevin's hearing. When Neil leaves, Devon stays behind - not wanting to talk to Michael, "The guy who protected Kevin."

While Dru's waiting for Neil, a patient named 'Mary' gives Dru some tips on how to manage being locked up in the hospital. Dru is stunned to hear that Mary also signed herself in, "But they won't let me out. I've been here six months." When a nurse comes to give Mary medication, Dru tells them that she doesn't need it! Suddenly, two guards are at Dru's side and begin to pull her away. "Get off of me!" Dru struggles to get away.

When Michael runs into Phyllis at Newman, despite his pleas, Phyllis refuses to forgive Michael for keeping Shelia a secret. "Did Kevin know about Shelia?" Although Michael says no, Phyllis suggests that Kevin knowing about Shelia probably pushed him over the edge, "It's probably what made him kill Carmen!"

Devon goes to the jail and demands to know how Kevin could let him take the fall for Carmen's murder, then blames Kevin for everything that's happened to Dru! Kevin calls for a guard to take him back to his cell.

David joins Sharon at the coffeehouse where they talk about Colleen and Kevin, leading David to finally admit that Sharon was right, "Dru wasn't behind Carmen's murder." Sharon goes on to tell David that the stress got to Dru and that she's checked herself into a mental hospital.

Later, Sharon finds Nick upset at Newman and asks what's wrong. They talk about Victor's controlling ways and Sharon suggests that Nick just accept Victor for who he is. Nick gets a text from Vikki saying that Colleen's condition hasn't changed, causing Sharon to want to go visit Colleen. Before Sharon leaves, Nick stops her and says that he and Phyllis are going to make their marriage official. When Nick invites Sharon to the ceremony, although uncomfortable, she says she'll think about it.

Victor summons David to his office and asks him to back Jack in the run for senator! When David says he's no longer in that line of work, Victor bribes him with a double salary hike if he convinces Jack to run for the seat!

After leaving a message for Ashley, Jack calls Sharon and asks her to give him a call if there's any change in Colleen's condition. After he hangs up, Jack calls out to John, "I sure would like a visit - even if it's to tell me what a screw-up I am." Suddenly, John appears and reminds Jack that he's pushed everybody he loves away, "You need to do something that is genuinely good for other people." David comes through the door, pulling Jack out of his hallucination, and tells him that he should run for office, "It's a chance for you to do something genuinely good for the people."

Neil meets with Michael and tells him about the Carmen sighting. "What if Dru's be right all along," Michael says. "If Carmen's alive, then Kevin didn't kill her." Neil and Michael agree to work together to find the look-alike, but Michael warns Neil that Dru needs to be on her best behavior while in the hospital!

In Nick's office, Nick and Phyllis talk about the people who have betrayed them and agree they're glad to have each other.

Back at Newman, Jack suggests to Sharon that they go to Nick and Phyllis's wedding together! Noticing that Jack is in a 'better' mood since they last talked, when questioned, Jack replies, "I'll explain everything later." Jack leaves Sharon with a smile.

Michael goes to Kevin with news that he's been granted bail and assures him that they'll find Jana soon. However, Kevin says, "I will never allow this to happen to me again!"

Back at the hospital, the doctor informs Neil and Devon that Dru needed a 'timeout.'

In a room at the hospital, Dru is restrained and drugged in her bed.

Jack goes to Victor and Nikki and announces that he's going to run for the senate seat! "Jack, I'm so proud of you," Victor says. From behind Victor, John also tells Jack he's never been prouder.

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