At the coffeehouse, Lily and Devon tell Daniel about all the craziness going on with Dru. When Devon asks if they really think Kevin killed Carmen, Lily and Daniel have different opinions about Kevin's involvement.

When Dru arrives home, she shows Neil all the surveillance equipment she bought, then says, "I'm going to catch Carmen, then we'll see 'who's' imagining 'what'!"

Sitting at Colleen's bedside, a nurse tells Brad that she needs to bathe Colleen. After giving Colleen one last look, Brad leaves the room. In the hallway, Brad tells JT that he'll call him if there's any change.

As JT leaves, Jack and Sharon comment on how Colleen's situation is tearing up JT. While Jack goes to call Traci, Sharon approaches Brad. "I can't lose my little girl," Brad says, then accepts a hug from Sharon. Vikki strolls in just in time to witness it!

Later, alone in the waiting room, Adrian goes to Brad with flowers for Colleen. Brad tells Adrian that although he owes Adrian for saving Colleen, Brad doesn't want anyone else in the room with his daughter. "I'll call you if-when she wakes up," Brad says, forcing Adrian to leave.

When Vikki finds Sharon in the hospital waiting room, she thanks her for staying with Colleen while Brad and Vikki were gone, but insists that there's no reason for Sharon to hang around any longer, "Brad and I have everything under control." Brad walks in and Sharon leaves to go get coffee.

Jack joins everyone and says that he finally got a hold of Traci and that she's in Hong Kong visiting Ashley and Abby. "The Newman jet is going to pick her up." After returning with coffee, when Sharon declines to go back to the office with Jack, Vikki gets in a tiff and storms off to 'stretch her legs.'

In an integration room, Michael tells Kevin that the judge has denied bail and Jana has yet to be found.

The DA arrives at Crimson Lights and demands that everyone leave so CSI can conduct a search for evidence. When Michael, Gloria and JT show up, the DA wants them to leave, too, but Michael refuses. Michael says that JT is working for him, then pulls JT aside and asks him to find Jana Hawkes. Although JT believes Kevin murdered Jana, he agrees to look for her. "I'm telling you," Michael says. "Jana's not dead."

A technician goes to William and informs him that they found traces of blood spattered on the ceiling! William explains to Gloria that it's nothing personal, that they need to follow every lead. Gloria blames herself for Kevin's sufferings. After a detective pulls William aside again, he announces to everyone that the coffeehouse has officially been declared a crime scene!

Devon and Lily arrive at the apartment to find Dru setting up surveillance cameras. When the kids try to reason with Dru, she flips out because no one believes her about seeing Carmen and throws a camera across the room in a blind rage - hitting Lily in the head! Neil and Devon get Lily a rag as Dru rushes to Lily's side, "I'm so sorry, baby!" However, Lily screams that her mother needs help, causing Dru to cry in desperation, "I didn't mean it."

Against Brad's wishes, Adrian sneaks in to see Colleen and takes her hand. "I'm going to make sure we have many more moments to share." Adrian kisses Colleen's forehead, then says, "I love you, Colleen. I love you." Suddenly, Vikki comes in and tells Adrian that he shouldn't be there. Adrian leaves.

Alone, Brad tells Sharon that she should go home, "You have your own life. I'll call you if there are any changes."

Brad joins Vikki in Colleen's room and hears that Adrian had been in to see Colleen. Although Brad doesn't want Adrian near Colleen, Vikki suggests that he may help to bring Colleen 'back.' But Brad refuses

Daniel visits Kevin to offer his support, then gets a call from Devon with the news about Lily. Daniel heads to the hospital.

At the Winters, Dr. Arnold tells Dru that she needs a vacation and suggests that she check herself into the Genoa City Psychiatric Ward for her own safety. Although Neil backs up the doctor's idea, Dru screams, "I'm not going to some metal hospital!" After the doctor gives them some time alone, as Dru is looking at the bloodedly rag from Lily's accident, Neil persuades Dru to check into the hospital voluntarily.

When Daniel arrives at the hospital, Devon and Lily tell him what Dru did. "I'm sorry," Daniel says. "It's not safe around Dru." Lily and Devon worry for Dru's safety. Suddenly, the DA arrives and tells Devon that the charges against him have been dropped!

JT goes to the jail and accuses Kevin of being a murderer!

Back at the hospital, after Jack and JT talk about how long it'll be before Colleen wakes up, JT goes to Vikki who confides in him that it bothers her when Brad turns to Sharon. JT comforts Vikki as Adrian watches on, picking up on their connection.

The doctor goes into Colleen's room and tells Brad that her prognosis hasn't changed and that they need to run more tests.

Neil and Dru run into Sharon at the hospital and tell her 'the news.' Sharon admires Dru for being strong enough to 'get help.' Dru cries as she hugs Sharon. Before a nurse takes Dru away, Neil reminds Dru that she's a fighter, "I love you so much, Dru." Through tears, Dru reluctantly walks through the doors of the Psychiatric Ward Inside a room, Dru stares out through the glass.

When Michael and Gloria arrive back at the jail, Michael informs Kevin that Carmen's blood was found at the coffeehouse and adds, "They're charging you with murder in the first degree." Kevin snaps, "I didn't do this!"

Back at the apartment, as Neil is taking out the trash, he sees Carmen in the elevator as the door is closing shut! "Carmen?!" Neil says...

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Devon goes to Kevin.

Nick is furious at Victor & Nikki for keeping secrets.

After Neil sees Carmen, he tries to get Dru released from the mental hospital.

Dru gets into a fight.