At the tack house, Nick gets off the phone with Vikki, tells Phyllis about Colleen's prognosis, then says, "I know what it's like seeing your daughter lying there helpless." Lauren and Michael arrive to pick up Fen and tell Nick and Phyllis about Kevin's arrest. After Lauren and Phyllis check on the babies, the couples sit and Phyllis announces that she and Nick are going to make their marriage legal in Wisconsin, then looks at Michael and Lauren. "I want you both to stand beside me." During a toast, Phyllis brings up Shelia and expresses how scared Lauren must have been. Although Michael says that Shelia will never be a threat to any of them again, Phyllis is clearly still distraught.

While Nick and Phyllis are checking on Summer, Lauren tells Michael that they should tell Phyllis and Nick that they knew Sheila was in town. However, Michael warns Lauren that they can never let Phyllis and Nick in on their secret! "Too many lives are at stake," Michael reminds her. When they return, Phyllis starts to think back on what Shelia said when she implied that Michael and Paul tried to lock her up. Phyllis looks at Michael and says, "Shelia said you were keeping her captive. It's true, isn't it?" Nick seconds Phyllis's question, "Answer me! Yes or no!" Michael finally admits that he knew about Shelia and says, "I thought I was doing what was best." Although Michael and Lauren try to explain their reasoning for keeping the secret, Phyllis and Nick tell them to leave! "You didn't give me the chance to protect my daughter," Phyllis says. "I don't ever want to see the two of you again!"

At the apartment, Dru tells Neil she's going to prove that Carmen is alive - despite what the DNA test says!

David shows up at Neil's to give him a report. When Neil invites him in and goes in the other room to get David a file, Dru finds David in the living room and flips out! "See Neil, he's scooping out the place! I'm calling the police," she screams!

When Neil leads David out into the hallway, David says, "How do you live with a lunatic?" Lily, Daniel and Devon hear his every word as they approach the door.

Neil, Lily, Daniel and Devon go into the apartment and tell Dru about Kevin's arrest. Although Dru thinks Kevin's guilty, Daniel still stands by his friend. While Dru is preoccupied, Lily and Devon share in Neil's concern for Dru's mental state. Dru, Neil, Lily, Daniel and Devon leave to visit Colleen.

When they return to the apartment, Dru claims that a plant was moved, blames it on David and Carmen, then screams in tears, "Why don't you all believe me!"

Kay finds Jill in the living room calling Mr. Kim about a report. When asked if he'd messenger over the report, Mr. Kim agrees but warns Jill that it'll cost her a drink in the future! After she hangs up, Jill tells Kay how anger she still is with her for switching her child at birth! However, Kay reminds Jill that she needs to connect with her newly found son!

When the doorbell rings, Jill is shocked that Mr. Kim has delivered the reports himself, along with some soup - thinking Jill's reason for working from home was because she'd been sick. Jill invites him in, then gets a call from Paul saying that Cane has arrived back in Genoa City. Jill excuses herself to go upstairs. When she comes back down, she quietly takes her car keys and leaves Mr. Kim talking to Katherine!

Wondering where Jill has gone off to, Mr. Kim tells Kay about the phone call Jill received. Katherine realizes that Jill has gone to see Cane. Mr. Kim remarks to Katherine that Jill is a very intriguing woman - like her mother.

Cane brings Amber to his apartment, and she makes a joke about being carried over the threshold. When asked if she's serious, Amber says no, plops herself on his couch and says, "It feels so good to be home." While Amber is busy 'making herself at home,' Cane tries to tell her that he doesn't want her to move in. However, Amber saves him the trouble and assures Cane that she's not moving in. "I know we're married in name only," Amber says. Amber goes online and gets the info that Cane needs to make 'their arrangement' legal, then they go over all of Cane's 'likes' before Amber snaps a picture of him to use for her cell phone screensaver! "So I can tell all my friends how happy I am to be your wife."

While Cane is getting their luggage out of the car, Amber calls Daniel, tells him about her new marriage, and finds out about Colleen.

After Cane returns, Amber expresses that she should be getting home to her own place. Although Cane doesn't want Amber to move in, he pulls her in a kiss when she tries to leave!

Outside of Cane's room, Jill knocks on his door and says, "Hi Cane, remember me?" When he does, Jill asks if they can talk. Cane invites her in, then goes to put on a shirt. Suddenly, Amber prances into the living room in a towel and announces that she and Cane were taking a shower and that they just got back from Vegas. "We're married." Jill is shocked! When Cane rejoins them, Jill changes her mind about telling Cane he's her son. Jill makes up some excuse about needing a bartender, hands Cane her card, then leaves. Although Cane is stumped by Jill's appearance, Amber blows it off and acts as though she knows nothing about Jill's 'real' relationship to Cane! Shortly after, Amber leaves. "Good night Candy Cane."

When Jill returns to the mansion, she tells Kay, "Not only do I have a new son, I have a new daughter-in-law."

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Kevin is denied bail and charged with first-degree murder!

Dru accidentally hurts Lily after throwing a camera, leading Dr. Lynch & Neil to convince Dru to admit herself into a hospital.

Michael asks JT to locate Jana.

Sharon continues to stand by Brad's side.