In Kevin's room, Michael gives Kevin Colleen's prognosis. Although Michael assures Kevin that he'll stand by his side - legally - if something happens to Colleen, Kevin says he doesn't care about that, that he's just concerned for her wellness.

When Lauren comes in to visit Kevin, he asks her to give Colleen a message for him

Lily briefly goes to visit Colleen, but is chased away when the doctor need to examine her. When Lily goes to the hospital cafeteria and takes a seat with Adrian, she sees the picture that he drew of Colleen on a napkin.

Victor, Brad and Victoria arrive at Memorial and Sharon and Jack inform them that the doctor's are with her. Brad tries to go to her anyway, but Victor stops him, "Let the doctors do their work." After Sharon explains Colleen's condition, Brad cries, "How is this happening." When JT joins them, Brad lunges toward him, blaming JT for not watching over his daughter! The doctor comes out and halts the argument by letting Brad know he can see Colleen.

After Victoria and Brad enter Colleen's room, Brad places a kiss to Colleen's forehead, takes her hand, then sobs, "I love you so much and I'm so sorry." Brad goes on to admit that because of Colleen and Adrian, their nightmares of the past are over. "I was wrong about the guy. I would give anything for you to open your eyes and say I told you so, Daddy."

Although JT admits that Brad's right to blame him, Jack blames everything on Kevin! "Do you think Kevin killed Carmen?" JT asks, and Jack replies, "I think character is everything." Jack makes a reference to the 'whole Fisher clan.'

When Michael and Lauren try to visit Colleen, they're stopped by Jack who blames the Baldwin - Fisher's for everything! After Jack walks away, Lauren tells Michael that she needs to get in to see Colleen. "Kevin gave me a message for her. He's innocent."

Outside of Colleen's room, when Sharon tells Brad that she and Jack didn't leave Colleen's side, Brad hugs her and says, "Thank you. It means everything to me," as Vikki and Victor look on

Lauren manages to sneak in to see Colleen. "Kevin wants you to know that he's praying for you. We need you to wake up and tell everyone the truth."

At the tack house, babysitting for Michael, Phyllis succeeds in getting Summer and Fen to sleep. When Nick approaches, Phyllis comments, "Doesn't it make you wish we had twins?" Nick laughs. After he goes to take a shower, Phyllis finds a credit card receipt under Nick's wallet and makes a call to inquire about the item that was purchased. When Nick reemerges from the shower, Phyllis giggles, then gives him a gift: a picture of herself that Nick used to have on his nightstand. Appearing confused, Phyllis whips out the receipt and suggests that now it's his turn to give her a gift! Although Phyllis thinks that Nick purchased an art piece for her, he says, "It wasn't for you. It was for Sharon." Nick explains that he did it to 'keep peace' - kind of like how Jack built the nursery at Newman for Phyllis. However, Phyllis doesn't see it that way and is hurt to hear that Nick gave Sharon a figurine of a mother and daughter in remembrance of what would've been their eleventh anniversary. "I'm a mother with a daughter too." Phyllis states that since what would've been her and Jack's anniversary is coming up, maybe she should ask him to buy her something from Tiffany's!

Nick goes out, briefly, then returns with trimmings for a sundae in bed. He assures Phyllis that she and Summer mean the world to him, "You have no reason to be jealous." However, Phyllis says she's not jealous, only wondering 'What were you thinking.' Nick admits that he should've told Phyllis about the gift and says "Marry me - I want it to be legal in Wisconsin." He hands Phyllis a stack of wedding books, says I love you, then deciding to forgive him, Phyllis says yes!

In Vegas, Cane looks at the marriage license and says, "Wow, so we're really married?" Cane apologizes for not remembering any of it! Amber pulls Cane's rugby jersey over her lingerie and gives Cane a performance of how he acted during the wedding ceremony. Cane pulls Amber close and kisses her, then leads her to the bed.

After they make love, when Amber says, "It really was worth waiting for," Cane reminds Amber that she already said that this morning - when he woke up. However, Amber makes up an excuse for her statement. Although Cane says they made a mistake, Amber assures him that she married Cane to keep him in the country and says, "I'd be willing to stay married to you in name only, which means no sex." As Amber exposes 'some skin,' Cane can't resist.

When Amber comes out from taking a shower, Cane is nowhere to be found. After he returns, he gives Amber a gift: her own rugby jersey!

In Kevin's room, he talks to Daniel about what happened with Colleen and Jana's part in it, then admits that maybe he's getting exactly what he deserves for what he did to Colleen in the past. When Kevin says that Jana admitted to killing Carmen, Daniel says, "Colleen has to wake up! She could clear Devon!"

In the hospital cafeteria, when Daniel tells JT and Lily about what Kevin said, JT and Lily aren't so trusting and think that Kevin is guilty! However, Daniel stands by Kevin! After Devon arrives, Lily tells him that Carmen's ID was found in Kevin's wallet and says, "You'll be clear!" Although he should be relieved, Devon is worried about Colleen.

After Kevin gets a clear bill of health and is released, he's stopped from leaving by the DA, "Kevin Fisher, you're under arrest for the attempted murder of Colleen Carlton." As Gloria and Michael make their objections known, Kevin is read his rights. Suddenly, Devon approaches and demands that Kevin admit to killing Carmen! As the cops take Kevin away, Michael instructs him to keep his mouth shut! Devon lays into Michael and suggests that he's covering for his brother, then Jack goes to Michael and gloats!

As Kevin is being walked out of the hospital, Brad sucker punches him! It takes everyone to hold Brad back

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Phyllis wants answers from Michael concerning Shelia's arrival in Genoa City.

Jill finally comes face-to-face with Cane, knowing he's her son.

Mr. Kim remarks to Katherine on what an intriguing woman Jill is.