In Colleen's room, Adrian looks down at her through tears. "You're a fighter, Colleen." He pleas with her to pull through, then takes her hand and says, "You'll make it. You have to."

Outside Colleen's room, JT leaves a message for Brad to call him. "It's urgent." When Jack and Sharon arrive at Memorial, JT fills them in on Colleen's condition and how she ended up in the hospital, "Kevin Fisher tried to kill her." Jack is furious to hear that Colleen was trapped in an old walk-in freezer - again!

Jack goes to Colleen's bedside and promises to watch over her until her parents arrive. Jack begs Colleen to fight, "Don't give up, too many people love you."

In the Czech Rep., a detective arrives in the catacombs and tells Victor, Brad and Victoria how happy he is that they came upon the thief stealing the treasures and says that some of the pieces go back to the 1940's. Although Victor, Brad and Victoria act as though they are tourists who got lost in the tomb, and were merely doing a good deed by catching the thief, a security camera has taped their every move!

Back in their hotel room, Brad hugs Victoria and says, "I think they bought our story. It's really over." After Victor joins them to say the jet is ready, Brad thanks Victor for standing by his side, then repeats, "It's finally over." Suddenly, Brad gets a call from Sharon and she gives him the bad news about Colleen. "She's on a ventilator," Sharon says, then promises to stay with Colleen till he returns.

Just as they are ready to head back to Genoa City, the detective arrives and informs them that they can't leave, "You didn't tell the truth. The deadman didn't find the treasure, you did." Brad calls Sharon to tell her about the delay, then Victoria whispers to him that the authorities want to know how they found out about the treasure. After he hangs up, Brad, Victoria and Victor explain how they came about finding the treasure. When the detective wonders if they ever had any intentions of telling them about the treasure, Victor assures him that a man of his wealth has no need for such findings. Brad takes two steps toward the detective and says, "We need to get home now!"

When the detective won't let them go, Victor makes a call to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, then hands the phone to the detective. After the detective hangs up, he releases Victor, Brad and Victoria! "I've been instructed to let you return home." Again, Brad thanks Victor and shakes his hand.

At the hospital, Sharon tells JT that she talked to Brad, "They found what they were looking for. No more living in fear." When JT asks how Brad reacted to Kevin's involvement in Colleen's hospitalization, Sharon says, "I left that part out. Brad's going to get home as soon as he can." Just as JT begins blaming himself, Adrian joins them and admits, "Because of JT, we found Colleen just in time."

Sharon goes into Colleen's room, takes Colleen's hand and whispers that her father will be there shortly. Although Jack says he'll stay with Colleen, Sharon insists on keeping her promise to Brad. JT storms in and puts a cell phone to Colleen's ear. Brad's on the other line and says, "I love you baby, hang in there. I'll be there as soon as I can." Suddenly, a nurse comes in, forcing JT to hang up the cell. When Jack asks how Colleen is doing, the nurse says, "I need to find the doctor," then leaves the room.

Jack calls Brad and tells him that Colleen's condition is worsening, "Brad, you need to get home."

With Sharon and Adrian looking on, JT goes to Colleen's bedside, takes her hand and reminds Colleen of their lovestory, then says, "I know we've had our ups and downs, but our story isn't over. It can't be."

In a Vegas hotel room, Cane apologizes for wasting Amber's airline tickets. Although Amber is hurt that Cane didn't reciprocate her feelings, she hides her feelings and suggests that they take advantage of Vegas and have fun! When Cane goes out to get food, Amber calls her friend Ali and asks her to come to the hotel room right away.

When Ali arrives, she and Amber briefly catch up, then Ali asks, "This guy? He's really worth all this effort?" Amber says yes and tells Ali to 'hand them over.' Just before Cane returns, Ali hands Amber a couple of pills! After the introductions, the three share beers, then Ali and Amber decide to show Cane their 'moves.' With seduction in their eyes, the girls perform a sexy dance for Cane! When Cane comments about needing another beer to cool off, Amber goes to get him one. Before she hands the beer to Cane, she secretly slips a pill in it! Shortly after, feeling the effects of the drug, Cane stands up and starts dancing. After he says, "Wow, this is good beer," Cane passes out on the bed! Hurry up, help me get his clothes off," Amber screeches, as she and Ali frantically put Amber's plan into motion!

In a Vegas chapel, Amber is dressed in a wedding dress and Ali in a tux - with some shades covering her eyes - posing as Cane! In front of the minister, Amber and Ali exchange wedding vows and rings "I Ambrosia Moore I Ethan Ashbee" Finally, the deed is done, and the minister says, "I now pronounce you husband and wife!" Ali and Amber seal it with a kiss!

Back in the hotel room, Amber thanks Ali for helping her and Ali responds, "I'll come and visit as soon as you moved into that mansion." She throws Amber the wedding ring, then leaves. Amber quickly puts the ring on Cane's finger, strips down to her lingerie and climbs into bed with Cane. As he stirs awake, Amber says, "I'm so glad we waited until we got married." Cane looks confused!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Nick presents Phyllis with a proposal.

Kevin is arrested for the attempted murder of Colleen!

Cane is shocked to hear that he & Amber are married.