At Katherine's, Paul tells Jill and Kay that he tracked down Violet's brother and that the man is going to be calling Jill soon. Jill begins to worry whether or not her son will be receptive toward her and says, "Maybe it's best if we just leave everything the way it is." Kay assures Jill that they will get through this together. Suddenly, Paul's phone rings, "It's Langley Ashbee." Jill takes the phone and finds out that the man raised Violet's son after she died, then hears that 'Ethan' is in Genoa City looking for his birthmother. Jill repeats the conversation out loud to Kay and Paul as Langley tells it, "He works at Indigo and goes by his nickname, Cane" Jill looks at Katherine and whispers, "Cane" After Jill hangs up, Jill and Kay talk about their encounters with Cane. "He's everything I'd want in a son," Jill says, then Kay replies, "Get your coat. We're going to Indigo!" However, Jill disagrees and says that she needs to handle this the right way. Before Paul leaves, Jill asks him to keep digging for Phillip's real parents. Kay again goes to Jill and comforts her with words, "Jill, believe me, Cane is going to be thrilled to meet you."

At Indigo, Amber gets on her knees and asks Cane, "Will you marry me?" Although Cane doesn't' want to get Amber involved in his visa expiration problem, Amber says that she already booked them a trip to Vegas! "To make the marriage real," Cane warns with a smile. "We'll need to consummate it." Amber appears not to have a problem with that!

In the catacombs, a guard questions Victor about the treasure, then leads Victoria, Brad and Victor out of the tombs. As they exit that part of the tomb, the three are mystified to see that the guard is nowhere to be found! After they realize that the guard was probably the man who bugged Brad's house, Brad takes out a map that he drew, as they try to find their way out. Although Victor and Brad argue about which way to go, they take Brad's path and run smack-dab into a locked door! "It was open before," Victoria cries. Being the smallest, Victoria manages to squeeze through the bars, then takes the map of the catacombs. "I'll be back with the Calvary. I'll be fine." After she leaves, Victor warns Brad that if anything happens to his daughter, he'll hold Brad responsible!

When Victoria makes it back to the tomb containing the loot, she sees the guard packing up the treasures. Suddenly, the man hears a noise causing Vikki to quickly hide in the shadows. After the man leaves - with as much treasure as he can - Victoria goes for help!

After Victor and Brad manage to kick the gate open, they find the guard stealing more treasures! As they head up the stairs to hide, the man hears them and follows! He stops Victor and Brad cold! With a gun aimed at Victor and Brad, the man refers to Brad as, 'Mr. Kaplan.' Suddenly, Victor knocks the gun out of the man's hand! After repeated punches, Brad knocks the man down the stairs! Victoria and the police show up

While Colleen is rushed into the hospital, JT and Adrian let her know they're both there, then give a cop the details of what happened. Gloria, Michael and Lauren show up and JT says, "Kevin tried to kill Colleen again." Michael, Lauren and Gloria come to Kevin's defense as JT rehashes what he thinks took place, including the bit about finding Carmen's ID in Kevin's wallet. Gloria steps forward and says, "My son is not a killer!" Not looking at anyone in particular, a nurse goes to JT and Adrian and says, "You can see your girlfriend now - one at a time." JT looks at Adrian and says, "You heard her - one at a time," then goes to see Colleen.

Holding her hand, JT tells Colleen that he'll always love her and that he's going to make Kevin pay for what he did. Unexpectedly, the sound of a machine going off erupts throughout the room and a nurse rushes in, demanding for JT to leave. "Colleen!" he cries.

In the hospital waiting room, Michael wonders if maybe Kevin did blame and hurt Colleen for Jana leaving him. Through gritted teeth, Gloria assures Michael that Kevin will wake up and explain everything. "Then you're going to feel horrible for doubting your brother!" Lauren rushes in and says, "Kevin's awake!"

In Kevin's room, Kevin asks about Colleen, then tells Michael, Lauren and Gloria that Jana tried to kill them and frame Kevin for the murder! Although Kevin explains what Jana told him, Michael questions why his wallet was found under Colleen's car? The information is news to Kevin and he goes on to claim that Jana killed Carmen. "See," Gloria says. "Kevin is innocent."

JT joins Adrian in the waiting room and informs him that the alarms went off in Colleen's room. When Adrian asks if she's going to be okay, JT says, "I have no idea." JT begins to throw blame at Adrian who yells back in tears, "Believe me, I wish I would've never left her out of my sight!"

At Indigo, Jill and Kay are informed that they just missed Cane. "I really need to know where he went," Jill pleads.

Back at home, Jill is disappointed to have found out that Cane had to leave on an emergency trip. Kay gets an idea and calls Neil to ask for Cane's phone number. Neil gives it to her!! Jill calls Cane

In a Vegas hotel room, Cane takes Amber in a steamy kiss, then goes out for beers. Amber leaves Daniel a voicemail and says that she's in love with Cane. After Cane returns to the room, Cane takes off his shirt and heads to the shower, "Feel free to join me." However, Amber doesn't...

When Amber hears Cane's cell ringing and sees Jill's number come up on the caller ID, she hides it in an ice bucket. "Sorry, Jill, this number is not in service today" Shortly after, Cane emerges from the bathroom in a towel and sits on the bed. From behind, Amber kisses him, then takes pleasure in massaging his shoulders. After Cane expresses his gratitude for what Amber is doing for him, she says, "I love you." Cane is blown away and says he doesn't want to take advantage of her. "I'm sorry," he declines. "I can't marry you."

Outside of Kevin's room, Adrian listens on as Gloria tries to tell JT what Kevin told her, but JT doesn't believe a word of it! "Because of Kevin, the woman I love is fighting for her life!" When the DA shows up, despite Gloria's pleas, JT hands over Kevin's wallet and says, "It holds all the evidence." William insists on questioning Kevin. After William takes a call, he says to Michael, "It looks like we finally solved the murder case." Michael insists on talking to Kevin before William's questioning.

When Michael goes in to talk to Kevin, he says, "I swear Michael, Jana set me up. If you don't believe me, ask Colleen!"

Adrian informs JT that the doctors said that Colleen's prognosis isn't good

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Amber strips for Cane in Vegas, then drugs his drink!

After Victor, Brad & Victoria are questioned in regards to the treasure, Victor puts a call in to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.