Adrian and JT arrive at the coffeehouse, asking the patrons if they've seen Colleen. When JT gets a call from Lily saying she's had no luck locating Colleen either, he finally admits, "I'm beginning to think that Colleen's in trouble." After he hangs up, JT leaves a message for Brad. Adrian joins JT, with no information on Colleen, and suggests that they call the police. Although JT reminds Adrian that he'll be the prime target for questioning - seeing as he was the last to see Colleen - Adrian doesn't care.

Inside the old freezer, Colleen and Kevin savagely bang on the door screaming for help! Kevin starts hyperventilating, "I loved her! How could I have been so wrong?" Outside the door, Jana starts the place on fire. Suddenly, inside, Colleen and Kevin see the smoke coming through the vents!

In Adrian's parking garage, Jana walks over to Colleen's car and throws Kevin's wallet and ID underneath it!

Through all the smoke, Colleen begs Kevin to help her find some paper and a pen. "I can't die without telling my parents how much I love them." Suddenly, the smoke is too much Colleen and Kevin slide down the wall of the old freezer - to the floor. While Colleen feels guilty for the way she treated JT, Kevin expresses that he's going to die with people thinking that he murdered Colleen. "My mother's going to have to live the rest of her life thinking her son was a murderer," Kevin gasps. Seeing that Colleen is having a hard time breathing, Kevin wets a rag and places it over her mouth. "Colleen, please, stay awake," Kevin says. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry..." Suddenly, through Kevin's 'I'm sorries,' Colleen loses consciousness.

In the Czech Rep. Victoria looks over the map of the catacombs, as Brad and Victor put together their strategy for touring the catacombs: To look for anything out of the ordinary.

At the apartment, Devon tells Neil and Lily about Dru's outburst at Newman. Neil informs the kids that Dru thinks Carmen is alive, then says, "The DA has issued a DNA test. Hopefully, it'll give your mother some peace of mind." Devon brings up a scary possibility, "What if there's more to this?" He goes on to suggest that maybe Dru's losing her mind from all the stress. "Could be," Neil says, then explains that he has a meeting with Dru's doctor. "When I'm gone, don't leave your mother alone."

At Crimson Lights, Dru thinks back on numerous conversations with Neil about 'seeing' Carmen.

Before they enter the catacombs, a guide explains its history, as Brad, Victor and Victoria look around intently. As they enter the catacombs, they see a skeleton resting atop a tomb. Although the scene looks like the Grugeon Family crest, Victoria says, "It's not." Coming down the steps undetected, is Milan - the man who's been following Brad in an attempt to locate the treasures! Staying back from the group, Brad notices the code from the Reliquary engraved in a far wall of a tomb! After the guard pulls them back into the group, the man looks to the code on the wall and smiles

Back at Adrian's parking garage, while looking for clues, they find Kevin Fisher's wallet and ID underneath Colleen's car! After a few phone calls, they realize that Kevin may be missing too. "Kevin tried to kill her once," JT says. "We need to find her fast!" They put their heads together and try to find Kevin's car with hopes of finding Kevin and Colleen. JT makes a call to 'Car a Find' claiming that he's Kevin Fisher and that his car has been stolen. Suddenly, Adrian notices Colleen's license amongst the cards in Kevin's wallet.

Sitting in JT's car, they listen to the police scanner as they hear about a stolen car - Kevin's car - found on Union Avenue! JT races toward the location!

Dru arrives home and excitedly tells Devon and Lily that she's exposed David and Carmen and that Devon will not have to go to prison now! "I can't wait to tell your father Neil?" Dru calls out. Lily whispers to Devon, "I think mom's lost it." When the kids insist on running some errands with Dru, she assures them that there's no need to worry now that Carmen and David have been found out. Lily and Devon look at each other with worry.

At Crimson Lights, Neil explains to Dru's doctor how Dru thinks she's been seeing Carmen. "She also says that Carmen has been calling her, moving things around the apartment," Neil says, then also tells him about David Chow and the slashed tires. The doctor looks concerned and says, "The harassment that your wife has been receiving may be self-inflicted." The doctor goes on to say that the guilt of Carmen's death may be causing Dru to act out these measures. The doctor is adamant that Neil gets Dru to a doctor to have her tested for Schizophrenia. Suddenly Neil gets a call from the DA saying that the DNA results are in concerning whether Carmen is really dead or not.

When Neil arrives home, he tells Dru that the DNA test proved that Carmen is the woman whose body was found murdered behind Indigo. Dru refuses to believe it and shows Neil all the security devices she bought. "Next time she comes here, we're going to catch her red handed!"

After they manage to break free from the group, Victor, Victoria and Brad go back to the tomb and begin to break the seal Once they free the tomb open - and shine their lights inside - they are amazed to see the billions of dollars worth of treasures. Suddenly, a guard questions why they're there after hours. "You three are in a lot of trouble!"

JT and Adrian finally locate Colleen and Kevin and pull them from the smoke-filled freezer, racing to get them out of the building before it explodes!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

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Jill finds out that Cane is her long lost son.

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