In Kevin's car, Jana cries, "I was so afraid I'd never see you again!" She goes on to say she's in a lot of trouble and begs to Kevin, "If you love me, you'll come with me!"

Kevin is shocked to see Colleen after Jana leads him into the storage room. "We need to get out of here," Kevin says and tries to lead the girls out. However, Jana pulls out the taser gun and holds them back. "You're not going anywhere." She goes on to confess that she staged her own murder and that now she needs to kill Colleen and frame Kevin for Colleen's murder! "Jana, honey, what are you talking about?" Kevin asks in disbelief. "All I wanted was the inscription," Jana says. Jana admits to bugging Brad's house, stealing Vikki's jewelry, and that the man who helped her is her father. "The code will lead us to billions of dollars worth of treasures." When Kevin says, "You're not going to kill anyone, Jana replies, "You're right, you are!"

Kevin asks if she ever loved him, and Jana cries, "I do love you." She goes further to say that she never meant to involve him and that she was going to frame Adrian by planting the hair extensions and Carmen's ID at his place. "You killed Carmen Mesta?" Kevin asks. "I had to kill her, Kevin," Jana thinks back and explains how Carmen caught her with Victoria's stolen portfolio, and how she knocked her over the head! When Jana claims that she and Kevin are so much alike, Colleen comes to Kevin's defense, "You used him!" Jana explains that hidden in the catacombs are treasures worth billions!

Kevin tries to convince Jana that she doesn't want to do this. "Give me the gun," he says. However, when Jana doesn't budge, Kevin tries to rip the taser from her grasp, but Jana tasers him to the floor! Colleen drops to his side. "Are you all right?" Jana asks. When Kevin asks, "What do you care? You tried to kill me!" Jana says, "That's not exactly how it's going to happen." She tells Kevin that he's going to lock Colleen up - like he did once before. "How's Kevin going to die?" Colleen asks, and Jana informs her, "He's going to lock himself in too - by accident! Colleen tells her that no one will believe that Kevin killed her. "He's changed," Colleen admits. "I was just the last one to believe it." Jana says she's sorry, locks them in the room, then leaves

At Crimson Lights, Nikki finds Nick thinking back on his wedding to Sharon, which took place eleven years ago to the date.

In the Czech Republic, Brad hangs up the phone and informs Vikki that the catacomb tour is all set-up. Vikki's animosity for his relationship with Sharon comes out, "I'm sure you have Sharon on speed dial and have called with the information." Viki goes on to bring up all of Brad and Sharon's past encounters. "We were just talking!" Brad says. Vikki reminds Brad of his past secrets and says that he's the biggest liar she's ever known. After they share a speechless meal, Brad expresses to Vikki that the sooner they get this over with, the sooner they can put their lives back together. He takes her in a kiss

After they make love, Vikki apologizes to Brad for not trusting in him more. Later on, they go over the map of the catacombs

At the apartment, as Neil places a blanket over a sleeping Dru, she jumps up and insists that Carmen is alive and is out to get her! Neil chalks her visions up to stress and says she needs to rest. However, Dru continues to say, "I wasn't dreaming I've seen Carmen." While Neil tries to calm her, Dru gets emotional and cries out, "Carmen isn't dead."

Devon arrives home at Neil's request. He tells Devon that he has a meeting and says he didn't want to leave Dru alone. "Just don't tell her that I asked you to come home," Neil says. Devon assures Neil that he'll be there for Dru.

When Dru wakes up, she's happy to see Devon. While they're planning lunch, Dru hears the phone ring, answers it and finds no one on the other line. "It was Carmen!" Dru screams. However, Devon didn't hear the phone ring. "We saw her dead body," Devon tries to reason with her, but Dru sticks by her beliefs that Carmen wanted to frame Dru for murder!

Dru calls Michael and begs for him to put a tap on the phone. When Michael asks who called, Dru tries to convince him, "Carmen!" After Dru hangs up, she grabs her coat and keys, then leaves!

When Neil arrives at Michael's to hear about Dru's request, Neil suggests that Michael get a DNA test to prove that Carmen is dead! After Michael calls the DA, he tells Neil that William gave the okay for a DNA test.

In the Newman break room, Nikki is furious that Brad told Sharon about their trip to Europe. "Have you heard from them?" Sharon asks. However, Nikki refuses to give Sharon her 'private family details!"

After Nikki leaves, Jack brings Sharon a Valentine's gift - one that he can't wait to see her in later - then tells her about his trip, the senator's demise and their past zoning issues. As Jack gloats his success, Nikki comes back in and warns Jack to consult with someone who has political clout or to sell the land!

Later in the day, when Sharon runs into Nick at the coffeehouse, Nick thinks back to when Sharon had said her vows to him. When Sharon appears to have not remembered the date, Nick asks her to join him for lunch. Over some talk, Sharon spills the beans and tells Nick that Brad, Vikki and Victor are in the Czech Republic. Nick is furious!

At Indigo, over lunch, Jack asks David what it would take to get him back into the political scene. "Someone with integrity, someone I could trust," David says. "I know just the right candidate," Jack replies.

Nick goes back to Newman and confronts Nikki about Victor's trip. Although Nikki doesn't divulge the details, Nick warns her that he'll get to the bottom of it when Victor gets back!

After Sharon arrives back at Newman, Nikki snaps on her for telling Nick about Victor's trip! However, Sharon gives it right back to Nikki, then walks away.

Nick finds Sharon in her office and brings her a gift: A statuette of a mother and daughter. "We were married exactly eleven years ago today," Nick says. Through tears, Sharon thanks Nick for remembering. "You were very special to me," Nick admits, then takes Sharon in his arms.

A while later, talking to Sharon in her office, Jack and David are interrupted when Dru comes rushing in and accuses David and Carmen of framing her for murder!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

On their trip to the Czech Rep. Victor, Brad & Victoria enter the catacombs.

J.T. & Adrian pull together to find Colleen.

Neil gets disturbing news from a doctor concerning Dru.

Lily & Devon fear for their mother's mental state.