After Adrian leaves his apartment, JT raps on his door calling out for Colleen. When there's no answer, JT leaves her a voice mail. "Where are you? I'm at Korbel's. Please let me know you're safe."

At college, Lily leaves Colleen a message wondering why she didn't come home last night.

When Colleen wakes up on the floor and sees Jana asleep in the corner, she calls out, "Jana, wake up." Jana rushes to Colleen and says that Adrian brought her there last night. "He's been holding me prisoner," Jana says. Colleen starts to cry, "I trusted him. I thought he loved me." Colleen tells Jana about finding Carmen's ID, a red hair extension and Jana's necklace at Adrian's apartment. "I've been right about him all along," Jana gasps! When Colleen asks if Adrian killed Carmen, Jana explains that he did it because of 'some art.' "She had this portfolio" Jana says. Colleen clarifies that the portfolio stolen was Victoria's! "We're never getting out of here," Colleen cries. However, Jana tells her not to give up and says that Adrian has an accomplice who's looking for 'some' inscription. Colleen tells her about the art pieces that Brad obtained and about the code, then says, "Adrian figured out the code!" Jana makes Colleen promise to fight with her against Adrian and his accomplice when they return for them!

Suddenly, they hear footsteps! When a man comes through the door, Jana charges at him, but the man stops her with a taser gun! He looks at Colleen and demands, "I want the code!" Colleen lies and says that she doesn't know what he's talking about, but the man warns that he'll shock her too if she doesn't tell me when he returns! The man leaves and Colleen runs to Jana's side!

When Jana wakes up, she asks Colleen about the inscription. Colleen tells her about the Reliquary and explains what they've revealed about the code! "I wonder what that means," Jana says. Suddenly, the man returns. When Colleen refuses to give the man the code, he threatens to hurt Jana if Colleen doesn't talk. "Okay," Jana screams. "I'll tell you everything she told me about the inscription!" While Colleen begs her not to, the man pushes Colleen to the floor and takes Jana out of the room!

Sitting at the coffeehouse, Adrian reads an article about Jana's disappearance. When Lily and Daniel arrive, they question whether he's seen Colleen. "Not since last night," he says, then leaves. JT arrives looking for Colleen and Lily tells him that Adrian hasn't seen her either. "Yeah right, her car is in his parking garage and he hasn't seen her?" JT shakes his head in disgust, then picks up the article about Jana's disappearance.

At the apartment, Lauren reads the article about Jana to Kevin, Gloria and Michael. When Kevin suggests putting up an reward, Michael offers $10,000 to start. After Kevin goes to make some calls, Gloria says to Michael, "We're never going to see her again, are we?" While Michael makes a call to Will, Kevin goes out to get some air. After Michael hangs up, he says that Will refuses to get a search warrant for Adrian's apartment. "No grounds." When Michael realizes that Kevin went for a walk, he goes after him!

Amber arrives at the coffeehouse and briefly runs into Jill. Katherine approaches them and tells Jill that Violet's brother has been found! When they're alone, Kay reveals that Violet's brother took Jill's son to Australia to raise him! Kay takes Jill's hand and promises to find her son.

Amber calls the airlines and books a trip for two to Vegas! After Amber sees Lily leave, she goes to Daniel for information on a good pawnshop. "I'm going to pawn my ring. I have my eye on a cool dress." Daniel gives her the name of a shop, then Amber leaves.

At Indigo, Cane calls the airlines to book a seat back to Australia and becomes irritated at the price of the ticket. After Amber arrives, she points a guy out to Cane. "I saw him in the paper! He works for immigration!" Amber takes Cane's apron, instructs him to sit down and goes behind the bar. When the man approaches looking for the manager, Cane acts as though he's a customer and Amber deters the agent's attention away from Cane. However, as Amber is 'walking the man out,' she hands him an envelope. When Amber returns, Cane thanks her for protecting him and expresses his sadness at not being able to find his mother. "I have to go back home," he says. Amber surprises Cane with an offer. "If we get married, you can still search for your mother." "You're really serious about this?" Cane asks.

When Kevin goes to Adrian's classroom, just as he's ready to bodily force Adrian to give him information on Jana, Michael busts through the door and stops him. "I'm begging you," Kevin says to Adrian, "Please, tell me where she is." Adrian assures them that he doesn't know anything about Jana's disappearance. Before they leave, Michael warns Adrian, "If you're hiding anything, I'll have you arrested."

After Adrian's finishing up his class, Lily approaches him with her concerns for Colleen. "Like I said, I haven't seen or spoken to her since last night." When Daniel comes in and informs Adrian that Colleen's car is still at his place, he leaves to go check it out!

Back at Adrian's, JT breaks into the apartment in search of Colleen. While snooping around, JT finds Colleen's earring. Suddenly, Adrian arrives home and catches JT in the act! "Where's Colleen?" JT demands! Although Adrian is furious, he insists that he has no idea where Colleen is! The two go to the parking garage together and try to figure out what's happened to Colleen.

Still at the apartment, Gloria and Lauren reminisce about their good times with Jana and their fears for what happened to her. Looking through Jana's stuff for clues, Lauren finds a certificate that proves Jana knew how to fight to kill! Shortly after Kevin arrives home, Lily and Daniel stop by and, through tears, Kevin tells them about the blood scene at the lake. In sorrow, Kevin says, "I'm going for a drive."

In the parking garage, just as Kevin gets in his car, he's shocked when Jana opens the passenger's side door and hops in!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Nick & Sharon reminisce about what would've been their 11th anniversary.

Brad & Victoria have an argument.

Dru continues to insist that Carmen is alive and out to destroy her!