At Michael's, William says that the blood found at the lake matches Jana's DNA. After questioning Kevin, he allows them to do a search of his apartment. When he returns, William asks about Jana's scrapbook and the novel on serial killers. When Kevin, Michael and Lauren express Jana's interest in Carmen's murder, the DA says, "I'll be in touch." Shortly after, Kevin rushes out the door to go after Korbel, but Michael manages to stop him!

At Adrian's, Colleen drops Carmen's ID and the hair extensions, then rushes out the door! When Adrian comes out of the shower, he looks around and says, "Colleen?"

In the parking garage, as Colleen's fumbling with her keys, a hooded person comes up behind her and puts a chloroformed filled rag over her mouth!

At Indigo, Cane and Amber continue with their flirting and Cane bets her that she can't put her phone down for one hour! "If you touch it, you go home with me," he challenges. Although it's tough, Amber manages to win the bet!

In their bedroom, Dru and Neil plan a romantic night in. As they're kissing, Dru hears a noise in the living room and makes Neil go check it out! When he returns and says it was nothing, Dru makes him look again. Out of mental exhaustion, Dru falls asleep and dreams that Carmen is next to her car slashing the tires! Dru sits up and sees Carmen in the bedroom doorway! As she screams Carmen's name, Neil tries to calm her.

When Adrian arrives back at his apartment, he finds the DA waiting outside his door to question him about Jana's disappearance. Although Adrian tells him about the fight he had with Jana, he refuses to let Will search his apartment!

At Crimson Lights, Paul shows Kay a picture of Violet Montgomery and says that she passed away shortly after Phillip died. Jill is furious and says, "What did you do with my son!" Shortly after, Amber and Cane show up. When Amber leaves Cane's side to say hi to Kay, she's shocked when she sees the file on the table about a Violet Montgomery and remembers Cane saying that that was the name of the woman who raised him! Suddenly, Cane joins them!

Somewhere, Colleen is lying unconscious on a cement floor with Jana looking at her in fear! Jana's alive!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Kevin begs Adrian to tell him what happened to Jana.

Amber helps Cane deter an immigration agent.

Katherine vows to bring Jill's son home.

Adrian catches JT in his apartment.